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vladimir vanek: Those copyright lawsuits go against good sense. One day, we can expect that a farmer will file interest of copyright because he planted a nice tree some years ago. Or Henry Ford will file copyright interest because someone took a picture of his car. Or you'll have to pay a fee for shooting a mountain creek to the owner of the land. (I think something like this is already in use in the USA - when shooting in a natural park or something.)
Everyone want to make easy money for nothing, or for "being" or "owning".

Well, some corporations do limit through licence third-party use, imaging or model reproductions of "their" intellectual property - sometimes even to the point of licensing such reproduction of vehicles that they only acquired rights to via company merger. And in England, commercial re-use of images of churches is licensed by the Church of England, or of some historical monuments by the National Trust.

The farmer with the tree is less likely. OTOH, if an artist planted a tree and called it an "installation", then that artist could claim copyright on the tree and licence it as an artwork...

But if you were going to put a stop to this sort of thing, first you'd have to eliminate all the lawyers...

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Swarbs: I owned the Olympus E-300 and E-3 and a number of lenses, flash unit, ect. The store where I purchased all of my equipment, Henry's, the major photographic retailer in Canada, stopped carrying any Olympus supplies, such as batteries or anything else. I felt betrayed by Olympus, so I brought back all of my equipment and traded them in for Canon (7D).
This is a shame as I really liked Olympus, but due to their lack of interest in the DSLR formate, I didn't want to wait till I couldn't have parts replaced or upgrade the equipment when new technologies are developed.
I can't understand why a company would throw it's customers under a truck like that!

When my UK supplier (Jessops) refused to even put an E-5 on order, despite still carrying Olympus compacts, I went to another supplier who would and did. Simples!

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On article Phase One launches Media Pro asset management tool (6 comments in total)

Well, the new version can't rotate thumbnails properly; it doesn't detect camera auto-rotate codes, and if you rotate a thumbnail, the full-size view is 90 degrees out of line; rotate that, and your thumbnails are wrong. Batch file rename doesn't work properly; the application can hang with most of the images renumbered, but then you can't complete the editing without shutting the application down and re-starting it, as it isn't handing off files back to the OS properly. Image import is very uncertain. These are just the problems I've found.

This is nowhere near as good as iView Media Pro v.1 was. They've had a year to develop this application since buying it off Microsoft. I thought these people were supposed to be producers of quality professional tools; increasingly, this is looking like a cheap rip-off produced by a bunch of charlatans. I was an enthusiastic user of the original Media Pro; I am rapidly becoming very disenchanted with what Phase One have done with it.

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