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Ordered the EF100-400/4.5-5.6L ISII USM yesterday for my R5. I believe the IQ is better and the build quality far superior. And a RF100-500L will cost 2 times what I have payed. Have I made a msstake??

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I had a 1965 Bonneville with very nasty vibrations but my friend had a 1968 Honda CB450 that could rew 8500 rpm the whole day and smooth as a turbine. I suggest Apple to talk to GoPro about rugged electronics. I have my on the cylinder (BMW boxer-engine)

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PIOT: The winner is > " THE ONE YOU HAVE"
Sony, Nikon, Canon and many others - all of them are extreme capable Landscape Cameras
No one will ever be able to tell you what camera you have used

Thank you PIOT,

I was just going to sell my R5 for the Z7II.

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With so many price-winning pictures through the years with the 5DMIII I´m sure a trip to the Galapagos today would be a `piece of cake´for this excellent camera.
(Half a year ago I sold my 5DM3 after 9 years and bought the R5)

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I will stick to my Voigtländer VC meter II, less is more ;) In silver the look is very `retro´and suitable on my Leica IIIG

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Another near `pad sized´ smartphone. Where to find a good small sized model??
I will stick to my old and thrusty Sony Experia Z3 Compact size 132x66mm (with case-mate) and 1 week battery life in Ultra Stamina mode.

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I don´t know about the Makina but have the Mamiya 7II and 43 - 65 - 80 - 150 lenses.
I like the camera and use it for BW landscape.

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Wow! 100 coments for this little niche-camera, good work Ricoh ;)

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Impressive! My very first Canon (A1) and lens FD50/1.4 SSC bought 1979 are still in working order.

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Have noticed that Ken Rockwell is `silenced´when it comes to inform about country of manufacture for Sony´s latest cameras. How about the A1, made in Thailand??

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Impressive camera, but I don´t need a Porsche RSR. I am fine with my GT3 rs ......( R5 )

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Sabud: Interesting, USD 1450:- for a travel tripod. Why not consider a camera with `on board-tripod´ .......R5??

Have three (3) Gitzo´s and one R5 but no tripods for `travel´ and yes I have used tripods during 50 years ;)

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Interesting, USD 1450:- for a travel tripod. Why not consider a camera with `on board-tripod´ .......R5??

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Didn´t se any EF 800/5.6L thermos (scale 1:1)

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Sad to see, the circuitry design-layout looks very old. Will Pentax survive the new generation mirrorless APS-C cameras replacing the Nikon D500??

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On article Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 sample gallery (103 comments in total)

I´m jealous, pls. Canon make a RF-ditto ;)

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Have 3 lenses from 7Artisans, 35/1,2 - 28/1,4 and 35/2. the two first are quite good but the 35/2 is crap. I wouldn´t buy this pancake. Have the 35/3,5 MS Optical Perar Super Triplet on my old Sony A5100 with excellent result.

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Have the Canon 5DMIII and Nikkor 28/2.8 AI-S but not together, great result tough ;)

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II coming October 14 (926 comments in total)

Remember the Df-countdown...............;(

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Sorry to hear, Have the new Tamron 17-28 /2.8 Di III RDX for my A7III. A great lens.

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