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Len5742: Would DPReview like to revise the headline here?

Did you really have the shots to prove it?

Standard click bate.

"You would have never guessed what the new Fuji can do. Click here to find out!"

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John McMillin: When I last bought a Fuji medium format camera, there was an easily discernible improvement over 35mm, easy to see in 11x14 prints. That's not so true anymore. I'm so satisfied with the detail and tone from my FF Pentax that I can't imagine the use of additional detail. I'm not cropping 50mm to 200mm, but I could.

You're right, my $250 Fuji GA645 is fantastic.

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(unknown member): are you crazy to post pictures of people smoking ?

Man, you're right. I'm totally jonesing for cigarette now. I've never smoked, but now I want to.

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Johannes Zander: This is great!
But when will something like this be available for Nikon lenses?

Nikon is now making lenses that have electronic aperture control, so it's possible.

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Maybe someone will make a case that can take your NEX and make it look like the Lunar

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jmmgarza: Sony could use some good Hassy/Zeiss lenses.

It's called the Zeiss lenses that already mount and AF on the Sony bodies. =/

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Oveerik: What about image stabillizers? SONY has them on all lenses I put on the cameras (A900-A77)! No stabilizer is stone age!

My NIKON stays at home (D700, 20,24,35,50,55,85,105,135,180mm all whithout stabilizer)!

Looks like you need to sell it and buy Sony. Bu-bye

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