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Sony’s failed effort to enter the automotive GPS segment against already established competitors should be a cautionary tale here. After charging customers premium prices for GPS hardware and software (maps), Sony suddenly abandoned the effort without notice when apparently it did not make enough of a dent, leaving its customers with a bunch of expensive, but now useless stuff. I can see the same thing happening here. Buyer beware.

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This is a function of the same corporate philosophy that pervades Sony and crosses many product lines. Loyalty is a one way street with Sony, and it isn’t moving in your direction.

I used to prefer Sony products for all of my electronics needs. “Not no more.” I got over that in the last decade having been burned by Sony many times in large and small ways. Now everything I buy is manufactured by someone else, and the only Sony stuff I buy is preowned on eBay so I don’t contribute positively to Sony’s bottom line.

And did I mention how badly their customer support sucks and how much the company gouges its customers when they need parts and service (god forgive)?

When it comes to Sony, buyer beware.

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I started using prior iterations of this software (DXO Optics Pro) years ago and I have never hesitated to shell out for the next upgrade. I worked with LR before (and still do) but migrated most of my global editing to DXO because I found I was just spending way too much time per image in LR. In general, I found that I could get to where I wanted much faster with DXO. And I never really was happy with the results I was getting on high ISO images in poor lighting conditions, of which I had many. So when Prime noise removal first came along, that was a huge game changer for me. (Beware: PRIME noise removal will absolutely max out your system,. A high end CPU is almost mandatory.)

I doubt I will ever get rid of Lightroom. I do all my sorting and keywording there before I send my images to DXO. And then, after I make my edits in DXO, its back to LR and PS as needed. DXO simply does not match up to the Adobe products for local adjustments.

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I think I broke every one of these rules (well except I bought two great film cameras of their era) and I am happy as a clam. Yes there is always a chance that you buy a lemon, but if you are careful, choosy, and stick with reputable sellers, chances are you can pick up a pretty nice piece of kit for a song. And it is truly rewarding to master photographic equipment that was state of the art at the time.

You can take a bit more risk than the author is recommending. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Thunder123: Youtube user nails AF on the A99ii -

I have this camera and have no agenda here, but this video proves very little as far as I am concerned. The target is relatively slow moving. Nothing like what you would see at say a soccer match. Also he is wearing a bright yellow coat against a relatively dull background. Most importantly we did not get to see the results of what he shot. If you believe DPR, they nailed the focus point but still obtained out of focus images.

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Gon0S: Funny how all whinners are almost all few minutes, or at best few hours new accounts.

Someone have too much time to kill ? Did you only read the full review ? Do you know dpreview is not a console gaming forum where SONY fanboys are fighting against Microsoft's stared at by Nintendo's ?

All this rage is just pathetic.

And what Canon camera do you own?

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ttran88: First time I'm doubting a review done by DPR. Way too many users are experiencing the opposite of what DPR writes. Not saying that DPR is wrong but I'm really questioning the practicalities of DPR's review methods.

To me, it's pretty apparent that DPR reviewers never took the time to learn Sony's 4D AF system and their lack of satisfactory results is primarily attributable to their lack of familiarity with the system. Shame on DPR for blaming this camera for their lack of competence. Pay more attention to reviewers like pro sports photographer Davey Wilson who make his living from this camera and knows intimately how to set and use its AF system.

DPR used to have credibility in my eyes but now I think it has been exposed as the shill it is.

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rz350: Note to Rishi. Don't upset the Sony fanboys. They want you to dump on Canon and Nikon. To say that Sony has put out a camera that doesn't focus better than the other brands is utter heresy. Sony fanboys have to justify their choices. Having read these forums for far too long I have seen othere cameras flogged for having poor af and other users of those cameras rushing to the defence of said cameras. Like I said, fanboys must justify their purchases. After all, it isn't about the results, it is the equipment that you use that makes the difference between a sucessful photographer and an unsucessful photographer.

a99II owner here. I don't want or expect DPR to dump on Canon or Nikon. I recognize and respect that the D5 and 1Dx are fine cameras and class leading. The a99II is an upstart with capabilities that Sony has no history of achieving in full frame. All I expect is that the camera get a fair shake from a detached reviewer who has the courage to call out what is obvious to everyone. This is a truly fine camera at an unbeatable price point. Sony has knocked it out of the park with this one. Shame on these cowardly reviewers for not setting aside their obvious bias in order to rate this camera fairly and accurately.

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On article SLT strikes back: Sony a99 II real-world sample gallery (237 comments in total)

If you are going to take photos in the most beautiful city in the world with the best camera in the world, what is left for the competition?

Of course, these are just the (unbiased) views of a happy a99II owner working in and living next door to Seattle.

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