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Black & White only camera might sounds crazy in this digital era where most people only concern about Megapixel and colour saturation. Anyway, I think this is a grand maneuver by Leica to create a niche market, and squeeze more money from enthusiasts. I kind of admire Leica puritanical approach to photography.

Some people might turn up their nose and think this is another rich enthusiasts toy but let's come to see it as a way to preserve the simple joy of making picture, even simpler in monochrome. Well, if you can afford one. 8-)

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The backdrop is definitely made of fibreboard and rather poorly constructed on uneven ground, you can see light peeping in from bottom left corner. Very possibly a makeshift emergency hospital. It's very hot outside and pretty obvious from the perspiration on his body. There are other man lying on mat to his left and right.

Remind me of Pieta which Philz mentioned before.

For those who are culturally challenged, it's not a ninja drab, it's called burqa. Go and look in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burqa

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RusVolley: Hey FUJI! Don't forget about fast telephoto primes! 150mm f/2

Definitely agree with frosti7, 90mm (equivalent) upward is better suited to DSLR. I think most X1-Pro users will stick to prime lens (to keep it rather compact, inconspicuous, and fast) or short zoom, like the 18-72mm coming out later.

The 3 initial prime lenses are pretty spot on to me. Although Fuji skirted around 35mm equivalent prime so as not to cannibalize it's own X100.

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Carsten mentioned the importance of UV filter. I thought modern digital sensor is less susceptible to UV light and does not benefit much from UV filter. Any comment on this?

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Since the X1 Pro is an APS-C type. I would love to see a head-to-head review of Fuji X system vs equal mainstream DSLR system, perhaps Fuji X1Pro w/ 35mm f/1.4 vs Canon 7D w/ 35mm f/1.4L or cheaper 35mm f/2.0 vs Nikon equivalent.

Even better if there is a comparison with Leica M8 with 35mm Sumicron or 35mm Zeiss.

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