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  • Commented on article Video: Leica M10 First Look

    You are a true pioneer, make no mistake. I await your photographic memoirs and adventures with eager anticipation. 'Rams and sheep: how I, sheep 2981 followed all the leaders'.

  • What I adore about the sheer lack of wisdom in this comment is that 11others agree (thus far).

    This is a perfect example of why most people have to be sheep, work for other people, and dismiss...

  • You can use your M glass on the Sony a7 with an adaptor.

    I would explore the a7 range myself, owning both the a7R and the M240, the SL has never once appeared on my radar, the M10, however.......

  • Why do you value zoom lenses when fast, tiny primes are the bedrock of the M system?

    The SL lens above is the same weight and size of other systems, so do not confuse the SL and the M in this...

  • Commented on article Video: Leica M10 First Look

    What would Munro's life be like, even for a month, were he to invert his negative approach to life in general, to not always take the low road and settle for the lowest common denominator and up...

  • Rubbish! Composing is not in the slightest difficult unless you get very close to the object in which case you have to compensate in which case use liveView.

    You are aware that Leica make lenses...

  • On the contrary, I sent my M240 back to Germany last week:
    They don't know me from Adam, I am not a Magnum Photographer for example, so I am thrilled, as well you might imagine!


  • "an obsolete focusing method”

    I have no need of Auto ISO, I know how to manipulate a camera and lenses to get the very (?) best from them. Similarly, the tiny size of the Leica lenses are so much...

  • As hard as adding the requisite question marks which end all such sentences, at a guess Folies.
  • Thank you. Such a contrast to Folies' response below!
  • Taj: You have to laugh, your post couldn't be more wrong, but not everyone can be open minded and also get to go to the ball.

    Why do you think so many professionals earn their livings with Leica...

  • Rich: "Although I haven't seen a direct side by side comparison, the Leica would be huffing and puffing to keep up to this new Canon lens."

    So, you haven't tried the Leica lens on a Leica body but...

  • I've looked on other sites but can't find these answers. 1) - what's the longest exposure on the Fuji, I think it's just over an hour on the 'bad? 2) - what's the fastest flash sync' on the Fuji as ...
  • ... and the point being?
    It's a fixed 35mm lens.
    It would smoke your set up any day for most of what I am many others take daily, of that there is no debate, including close-in shots of...

  • It's on version 2, so I believe the answer is, "plenty".

  • The point being that Sony do not consider the shutter on the a7R to be good enough to give it a year's warranty, which you'd normally expect. is that the case on this or even other similar Sony...

  • Commented on article Nikon Df Review

    WOW. The PRICE!

    With a 50mm f1.8, not even the f1.4 lens.

    I've owned since 1986: FA, FM and the FE, then several of F90ish bodies for film, then digitally the D2H (the best ergonomically...

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