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I've always wondered why there is many 'I had it' before a product hits the shelves. Lots of beta-testers on dpreview maybe?

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milkod2001: Canon must be really desperate that it comes up with some old tech acting it is doing something revolutionary.

Wonder where are those pros walking with new Canon FF mirrorless cameras and testing. Would like to see some more about that if that is actually true and not some another marketing blab.

I'm afraid you're spot on. Many of their compact cameras have been using Sony sensors. They are trying to squeeze every dollar out of their aging sensor fab (very costly to upgrade).

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I like my phone as a phone because it has a good quality camera. So yes, I WILL buy a phone simply because it has a better camera.

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Ideally there should also be a 16mm and a 300mm. A quintuple-camera phone is all I need for day to day use - in good light.

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What a bargain, they even throw in a drink and a burger.

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When everyone hops on the bandwagon I can see the price go down substantially in the not so distant future.

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On article Video: Canon shows off its new 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor (217 comments in total)
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pannumon: Comparing this to a 9-year old Canon Flagship model that is marketed to do 1080p does not make much sense (does 1D mk IV in practice shoot OK 720p?). And that 120Mp video does not look very sharp at pixel level either. It's probably kind of OK when downscaled to 8k, except the frame-rate makes it totally unusable.

What does this all tell us about the company?

Yeah, I wanted to be even a bit positive, but I failed.

You are absolutely correct. Any sensor maker can cram lots of pixels into small area. Heck Sony's sensors for iphon8 will be 600MP if cut into APS-H size, what does make Canon? Did Sony bother to pull a stunt like what Canon just did? Nope they were too busy making cameras and selling sensors. It only shows Canon's marketing attempt that's all.

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Marty4650: Those first two covers aren't bad, but the graphic designer who created that third cover probably had to pay $5,000 to get the job. The photo isn't bad but the layout is horrible and cluttered.

No professional designer would put text on a polka dot background. So I'm assuming they paid plenty to get the job.

You’re a real gentleman. I think all of them look horrendous I don’t even know where to start. A high school kid with some taste can do a much better job.

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Thanks Laowa I've become a lovah of your products after owning the 12mm Zero-D.

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On article Canon EOS M50 Review (1296 comments in total)
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cgarrard: My first impression "Looks like another boring digital camera."

Canon's leading the followers' pack. And who makes the 24mm sensor for them? Sony? Apparently its dimension is different than 80D's 24mp sensor and much closer to Sony's 24mm APS-C sensors.

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'Guys guys stop buying those Sonys, we'll give you mirrorless Rebels soon... they will be crippled as usual so you still have to buy our eos Cinema cameras, but hey you don't have to change system!'

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Ebrahim Saadawi: Ha, I think I am the onpy Egyptian on DPReview. I get now why I shouldn't blindly believe, be moved, by everything I read on the web. Let's just say there are way more, dimensions, facts that are on real ground versus black/white web articles.

Not defending the regime, just not blindly trusting the story either. Not when a major, multinational, islamic, globally known terrorist-ranked organization is hopelessly pushing for publisizing similar stories every single day.

But I'd believe it happened, I'd also believe it not to have. Really. It's that bad of a political situation.

@Ebrahim Saadawi Given so many staged/foreign powers sponsored 'protests' going on every day in all corners of the world, I really don't think one can tell what's reality and what's propaganda, who's photojournalists and who's fabricators of lies. Like some Hollywood celeb once said, 'if you don't watch TV you're uninformed, if you watch TV you're misinformed.'

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This guy is... your future smartphone:

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How long does the paint glow last in the darkness? At 2AM when the life-changing shot happens you can't find your camera because the glow had faded? They should have used tritium and market it as Ever-Ready Tactical Leica and sell it for $150,000. They can also throw in a bargain at $50,000 to refill the tritium in 10 years. You're welcome Leica.

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'Canon is willing to cannibalize DSLR sales with mirrorless cameras' - Translation 'Sony's mirrorless has been cannibalizing our DSLRs'

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On article Sigma announces nine full-frame E-mount Art primes (368 comments in total)

Wonderful move on Sigma's part. Hope those native FE mount lenses have distinct AF advantage over their Canon mount counterparts and MC-11 combo.

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FlyinDoc: The thing I appreciate most about Sony is that they do not go backwards. They do not intentionally cripple their cameras (save for the lack of log in A9). They could have reduced the fps, the AF coverage, AF points, video options, anything with this, but no, not Sony. They just throw in all the tech they have, at a lower price point next time around.

You may complain about ergonomics, size, quality of sealing, colours, whatever, but you know, you know they are the ones pushing the industry forward, innovating and getting us excited about the future of photography. Another home run, Sony, bravo.

The Japanese Kanji 'Sony' means 'New Force' (or 'Innovation Force'), that's indeed who they are.

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Holscen: Canon’s tag line for this flash should be “take your passion... make it happen “

Not sure what that flash saw in the first gif, but you can tell it was suddenly aroused.

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entoman: Excellent news. The "ultra macro" 25mm will be on my shopping list if it's optical performance is good enough.

I don't understand why dpr describes it as "weird". The conical barrel is clearly designed to enable the lens to get extremely close to the subject without casting shadows. This makes it MUCH easier to light subjects and to judge the effect of lighting by using modelling lamps.

It gets my vote as best product so far this year.
Thank you Laowa.

You're absolutely correct, I don't see what's 'weird' about this lens. Is it because they never imagined that this could be done? It's quite a bit thinner than Canon's MP-E, that makes it a little bit easier to lit the subject. It only weighs less than a third of the MP-E too. If its optical quality is anywhere near that of their 12mm Zero-D they've got another winner (and buyer).

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Sacher Khoudari: Ugly name, "Lexar" was sexier.

But I hope they succeed! We all rely on robust and fast cards :)

Totally agreed. 'Prograde' just doesn't sound pro enough. That diaphragm in the O is also terribly lame. The branding sucks but I hope their cards are superb.

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