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Klindar: I switched to Paintshop Pro from Photoshop (CS5) when X4 was announced and have never regretted it. I need imaging software on more than 2 machines simultaneously and the Adobe prices are insane even if you can live with just 2 machines supported per license (yes, I know about the license transfer mechanism but it's a nuisance and is limited to a small number of uses). Paintshop does everything Photoshop does at a tiny fraction the price and IMO the user interface is far better. All my plugins work perfectly and I much prefer the Scripts to Actions, in part because you can edit them as plain text. I do agree with the complaint they are slow providing RAW support but I tend to use the camera manufacturer converters anyway. Also, for faster file handling we could use a 64 bit version. It has always puzzled me why Paintshop isn't more popular given its capabilities, pricing and the way Corel has gotten serious about support but guess there's no accounting for brand loyalty :~

I've flirted with Photoshop and Photoshop elements, mostly just because everyone else did, and wasted big bucks in the process. I've had Paintshop Pro since v3 and although some releases have been worse than others, particularly when Corel first took over from JASC, the experience has generally been good. X2, X3 and X4 have all been superb and i supect X5 is fine too. I find I have everything I want from Photoshop available in PSP (including using add-ons like Exposure) and in general it is easier to use as well.

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