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On photo Mist & Me in the Smoke on the Water.... challenge (25 comments in total)
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flbrit: This is a top shot and it proves the voting system is broken. 7 people gave it 3.5. Shame on them. (and I looked at the other submissions).

A great photograph !
Perhaps the low scores are due to the poor chjoice of title in that "Mist & Me" infers that the entrant did not take the photograph !

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On photo Bianca Buitendag-7809 in the Surfing! challenge (12 comments in total)
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Old Greenlander: This light is stunning!
High class, that is!

That is an absolutely stunning shot ! I learnt she comes from tiny Victoria Bay just up the coast from here in Cape Town. Rated 9th in the world I see. (My photo taken near here came 7th). Well done ! Best wishes Mike

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On photo sailing home in the Storm challenge (8 comments in total)

The poise of the boat in this image is amazing, live action, in anticipation of dropping down into the next swell ! A dramatic picture ! (Regardless of the fact that I see you do create these images). Fantastic !

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On photo SKA_sarel_photowise-17 in the Light Painting challenge (13 comments in total)

Sparkey there are no breaks in the startrails !

Superb creation and capture !

Welkom Sarel !

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On photo DSC_0276 in the Expressing 'Sexy' challenge (2 comments in total)

and who is the character hanging in from the top ? Rupert the bear with shades !

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On challenge A flower (21 comments in total)

There are about 8 entries that are of only part of a flower. You can see most other entries were careful to see that the whole flower was depicted. The rules say that parts of flowers will be disqualified. If they were, then 8 others would be able to enter.

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On Challenge:9789 (8 comments in total)

Also interesting but unusual to see four entries from around Cape Town !

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On Challenge:9406 (21 comments in total)
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Buzz Lightyear: I guess as host you can establish any rules you want, but it just seems strange that super-zoom fixed lens cameras would be excluded. You feel like explaining why?

You did not say why. You've seen how good they are or what ?

Posted on Mar 8, 2014 at 19:48 UTC
On photo Azure's Window in the Fisheye - Landscape (non-circular) challenge (1 comment in total)

I see there are swimmers in the pool. Looking close up you can see what a lovely clear photograph it is. Regards Zooker

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On photo skotland og england 2013 (2) 391 in the Big Bend challenge (7 comments in total)

Brilliant !!!

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On photo Early morning at Prasat Suor Prat in the cambodia 3 of 4: Angkor Wat only challenge (11 comments in total)

Really struck by the wonderful composition especially at full size. Well done !

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On Challenge:7963 (5 comments in total)

I think you mean Boudoir !

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On Challenge:8049 (13 comments in total)

When I enter a challenge I always participate and score all the entries. The entry limit was only 35 I think when this challenge started. 200 images is too many to score. Sorry, I too am withdrawing.

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On photo Africas southern most lighthouse in the Lighthouse challenge (2 comments in total)

Africa's southernmost lighthouse is at Cape Agulhas !

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On photo Which way is up? in the Reflections challenge (10 comments in total)
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Mountainshots: Beautifully crafted fake reflection. Problem is, it defies the linear properties of reflection. But well done.

Linear properties of reflection ? The reflection looks correct to me. A reflection will not be a symetrical image but in this instance it will be a view from lower down from the water surface. That is why the top of the mast on the right in the reflection sits in a vertically shifted backdrop. Also on the left there is no reflection of the car park. Perfectly correct. From the advantage point of the camera you can see over the bank onto the carpark, but from the water surface you cannot see over the bank into the car park. Beautiful photo map1273 !

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On photo Which way is up? in the Reflections challenge (10 comments in total)

Can you explain what do you mean by that ?

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On Challenge:6734 (8 comments in total)

Hi Anis !

You say only natural light, but I see entries with artificial light ?

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Just as you posted your entry, South African champion bodyboarder was tragically killed by a shark in sight of your photograh.

At 12h41 on Thursday, 19th April, NSRI Gordon’s Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a man bitten by a shark .....

Story: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/331215/20120420/lilienfeld-championship-bodyboarder-killed-great-white-shark.htm
Paddle out tribute: http://www.nsri.org.za/2012/04/tribute-to-david-lilienfeld/

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