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Fujifilm is an innovative company that did not choose the easy conventional way to create their cameras .They could have consider using proven conventional Sony sensors in their cameras and sustain their business well with these sensors like many other camera makers do nowadays and avoid risks they live today.However Fuji chose the innovative and risky way.In x-10 they did it well but soon understood that the great image quality of that sensor was accompanied by a sideeffect ,the ORBs.Obviously they are now in a very hard position because of this problem.If we look with a customer's perspective we can easily accuse them and obviosly we are right.However if we look from companies perspective this is actually a very hard situation to manage.Yes Fuji did something wrong but because of their innovative POV and their willingness of reaching better image quality made me look tolerable to this matter.I do not want to see Fuji fade out from the market because of this failor.

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"By re-shaping the photo diodes, the EXR-CMOS sensor displays a 30% reduction in digital noise ."
How does reshaping the photo diodes on a backlit sensor increase the S/N level that much, when the photo diodes on backlit sensors supposed to have maximum light collecting area already ?

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I suggest Fuji to consider making a second version of this f770 model with a faster 5x lens (f :2,8-4 is more then enough for this type of camera).

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It would be an interesting camera with a 1" image sensor . 1/2,3" seems pointless.

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