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(unknown member): The mind of a photographer makes the IMAGE. Not the media used. This camera produces astonishing pictures in the hands of a pro that has experience, reads a lot / poetry, novels, history, philosophy, thinks a lot and has experience and education of photography. Give a digital Leica for photographers of our era who plagiarize the same picture again and again and they shoot the same way ( also with a phone or DSLR or anything.)
In Finland this kind of cams are crushed after film is developed and remains are reused and reused and.... The only way to learn photography REALLY is to start with a VERY basic camera and try to really think why should one take this picture or that picture. Maybe start drawing first, then think again and then shoot two-three frames. Waiting for the results is exciting, much more than shooting with a telephone which makes all the pictures look the same instagramcrap.

Phill Dunn; you like sports ;)

"....but it doesn't take an economist to recognize the irony. In American sports -- our most bountiful source of metaphors for free market competition -- the norm is actually bright red, redistributive socialism: Fail to compete and reap the spoils. "

I love it ;)

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PatsyK: why no D750's?

thanks, it's the oil spot sensor camera ;) Remember reading about it long ago, but didn't care, not my choice of camera back then. Now on the other hand, have been shooting with d750's for two years, they have worked with no problems.

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why no D750's?

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more walking please ;)

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USGS use meters.. the feeling of satisfaction.

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quiquae: I fail to see the point. The resolution is terrible, the dynamic range is worse than Canon’s, and why the hell isn’t he using IBIS??


But other than that, very impressive work.

it was a joke..

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TheDarmok74: I love my RX100IV but would like some more zoom. Moderatly, to keep it brighter than 6.3 and even stabilized, I cannot imagine that shooting such a small camera at 360mm is going to give good results. Why not make a 1" 24-120mm camera? 5x zoom is plenty for me and I figure for most people who don't get carried away by numbers.

quick fix tip! Don't zoom past 120 mm!!!!

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Why, when a third-party lens maker duplicates a lens offering from canon/nikon/sony, do they often offer it in only the mount that was duplicated?

Something I miss in your post? Samyang makes nikon fit lenses..


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OhWeh: 'biting contrast and a traditional grain structure'

Great!! This is the Film, I have waited for! I'm so exited. I will sell my digital equipment and dust my old OM-2. The analog area rises again.

If you find irony, you can keep it ;-)

holy cow!

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Hmm.. Lots of this linking to other sites lately, whats up dprew? Are you going bankrupt?

Also, there are some form of light pollution in most of their photos?!

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photomedium: I am not an expert on Norway but I really can't tell the seasons at all.
It gets extremely boring for me after 1.5min.

spring - summer - fall - winter -spring
Not to difficult!? Do you want four different pictures and that's it?
A season has a beginning and an end, it's not just on and off!

Not getting boring at all. I feel the smell of each place, in mist, in sunshine, in the forest by the lake. I am lucky enough to have been in most of the places in the video, at some of them earlier today :)

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Mustafa: I'm probably going to be in a minority of one here, but although I can admire the technique, dedication and ingenuity involved, I find the constant special effects distracting and eventually unwatchable.

I don't like movies with over-reliance on CGI either. Sorry.

what special effects, Its real man!

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DDWD10: Here's why I think this camera replaces the K-3 series:

1) The K-3II has been listed as "discontinued" in several Japanese camera stores.
2) Price. It is priced like the K-3 series, at launch.
3) Design. It shares distinct design elements from the flagship K-1, particularly the dial-happy control scheme and the exaggerated pentaprism hump. The fact that it is missing a top LCD is hardly surprising given what Pentax did with the K-1, squeezing in a miniscule LCD among all the dials. There simply isn't room on a smaller camera for both.
4) Build. Weathersealed, magnesium alloy on the bottom, front and back with a polycarbonate top plate, just like the K-1.

Perhaps Pentax's internal market research revealed that very few of their users shoot action, so why expend R&D effort there? IMO, an action-oriented, high fps APS-C body would be writing checks that the Pentax lens system can't cash. Maybe that is their thinking as well?


Dual SD slot: Sequential Use, Save to Both, Separate RAW/JPG, Image copy between slots possible

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RedFox88: And no 4K??

The KP's video specification is relatively unremarkable (1080/30p) but it does feature a '4K Interval Movie mode'. This combines a series of 4K-resolution still images (3840 x 2160 pixels) taken at a fixed intervals to create a single movie file.

dprev hands on pic 6

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RedFox88: And no 4K??

I read somewhere that its possible to take pictures i 4k mode and put them together? Didn't see anything in the press release.

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DPPMetro: If I was on the fence between Pentax and Fuji, it would be a no-brainer to go to the latter.

And this is coming from a Pentax user that works and makes a living using them. The brand is becoming increasingly irrelevant as time goes on.

Why? I think the IBIS, sensorshift, gps, lenses seems cheaper, crazy iso gives pentax an upper hand?

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On article Feisty upstart: Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-T20 (357 comments in total)
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Autriche78: I have and generally love the X-T10.

But: if you have large hands, the back controls feel awfully cramped pretty quickly. So, I bought the add-on metal grip, and now have a different problem - my fingers can barely squeeze between the thicker grip and any of the larger diameter lenses that Fuji makes. So as much as I'd like to save money, I can't see myself purchasing another camera where ergonomics appear to be unchanged and not particularly large-hand friendly. The X-T2 feels much, MUCH better in the hand as I discovered at the local camera store.
So if you have large hands, and haven't tried holding the X-T10 before, do that before preordering the X-T20. After all, if you're not enjoying the feel of the camera, what's the point in buying it?

"It's rather disgusting Fuji purposely under designs the grip"???

For me the grip is perfect. I have no problem holding the cam fitted with a 50-230 with 3 fingers, 2, even 1? The grip is sticky!

If your hands are big, then get an extra grip. My hands are "normal" and they fit the x-t10 nicely.

If your gloves are to small, do you blame the manufacturer???

If you want to call anything disgusting, look at the smaller leica cams. (the panny lookalikes) NO grip, but buy a rubberpiece for 150$

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Neez: "Stick Halfway out" What, i'm looking at my laptop now, only about 5% of it sticks out. Just enough for you to push to release. That's rediculous and wifi transfer is incredibly slow, even with wireless AC which camera's still don't have yet. The problem is, camera's have too many bottlenecks to reach the theorestical speeds for wifi transfer.

the mac has a very small reader, I remember the first time I saw it, I had to ask wtp is this! At least halfway out! On all my laptops its mostly been 5% sticking out, if any. You culd but special mac-cards, or this an extra "hard-drive"

Guess they will not accept any "cheap" harddrive upgrades anymore. As they ever did or wanted to...

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wetsleet: the angle at which the panel presents itself seems optimised for latitudes where the sun simply isn't strong enough to make the idea work in the first place.

High latitudes ➡ sun for 20+ hours a day 6 months a year. and if you not plan to ude ur laptops full battery 2 times a day, it will slso work long into the shoulder seasons. I got 4 hours of sunlight now ;-)

While batteries are not that big fan of cold environnents, solarcells are! Research shows they work as well at 70 as at 60!


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