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Leo G

Lives in United States CT, United States
Works as a Wood Craftsman
Has a website at http://lrgwood.com
Joined on Dec 28, 2003
About me:

Plan? I'm suppose to have a plan? I just wake up in the morning and GO FOR IT!

Picked up D70s for taking pictures of my finished and installed woodwork. Photgraphy is a hobby for me.

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  • Replied in BBQ warning
    Just close the lid and contain the fire.
  • Replied in Jill Stein
    I might be ok with this if she threw in a couple of hillary win states.  And if the states that she didn't pick were just enough to switch the election results.  Seems to be a little bit to ...
  • So if you have insurance already you are still going to get the tax reduction?  Why is that fair?  It's already bad enough that the ACA force someone to have insurance even if they can't afford ...
  • Hillary Clinton Loses 18,422 Votes in Day 3 of Wisconsin Recount
  • To bad the elections are determined by Electoral Vote instead of popular vote.   That's why she lost. And there's lots of evidence that illegal votes from California may have skewed those numbers ...
  • Because going through layer after layer of diplomatic double talk is always the best way to solve a problem...puleeze.  This is the way things get done.  Two top level people getting together to ...
  • We are using the press.  Just not the one that is slanted against us.  We will use the press that supports us, just like you got the left leaning press to support clinton instead of having a fair ...
  • We have never voted for a president by popular vote, only the electoral college. Landslide electoral college win for Trump.
  • You mean the outdated election process that has elected all of our presidents including your messiah?  It just amazing how much worse climate change has gotten in 8 years.  Funny how it coincides ...
  • The department of education should be dismantled down to the bare bones.  The people of the states should have most of the power to determine how the children in there districts get educated ...
  • Once the vote is cast it is now anonymous.  There is no way to see if it was legal or illegal.  Even if you could prove that 3000 illegal votes were in the system with 100% accuracy, you could ...
  • Replied in Wake up
    That's the one's they know about.  If you find one, there are probably dozens that you didn't find.
  • This isn't why they are doing it.  It has nothing to do with actually having the beast win the election.  It's just about impossible for her to flip all three states, which she would have to do to ...
  • The votes are the votes and nothing more.  It's all anonymous and there is no information as to a legal or illegal casting the vote.  Even if you could prove there were 4,356 illegal votes with ...
  • You mean like the butt hurt snowflakes that rioted and burned down towns did?  Just remember that the right believe in the 2nd amendment and won't take lightly to having the election stolen.
  • To bad the election system we use is based on the electoral college and not popular vote. So now the left needs to figure out how to steal the electoral college votes.  And don't worry, that are ...
  • Go ahead and check out the count.  I'm sure you'll find the dems cheated quite a lot even though they still lost. And look at it this way.  For a party to claim so viciously that there was ...
  • I have a magic sock drawer.  No matter how many socks I use, it's always full.
  • Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to ...
  • Replied in But... he won
    We live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy.
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