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  • The distortion/correction thing is an innovation. Leica wanted a light and compact form factor with a usable focal length. Your approach would have resulted in a larger, heavier, and more ...
  • Perhaps, but in this race to minimize/maximize specs, manufacturers often lose sight of what defines a good product. Canon is certainly capable of making great cameras. But in practice they...

  • With the Leica Q, you're basically getting high end Leica glass with the camera thrown in for free. So, from a Leica fan's perspective, the Q is something of a bargain. I remember reading a review ...
  • The amount of unjustified hype surrounding this camera suggest to me an unprecedented marketing push (paid?) by Canon on publications like DP review.

  • All modern cameras do some degree of image processing. Why should you care, so long as the results are great? in fact, the processing on the Q is so good that the out of camera JPEGs often need ...
  • To a masochist, or someone who always shoots in Program mode.
  • While both cameras are capable of excellent results, only one is a pleasure to use.
  • I find it amazing that camera and software makers still struggle with a feature (panoramic photo stitching) that Apple perfected on the iPhone's camera app 7 years ago.

  • This is the most underwhelming feature demo I've ever seen...The difference is barely noticeable, and only when comparing results side by side. Way overhyped.

  • Which is a shame, because they've knocked it out of the park with their image sensors. But everything else about Sony cameras irritates me enormously. To be frank, one of my first digital cameras ...
  • Exactly. The Leica Q has been on the used market in the $3200-3500 range for 2-3 years now with little sign of decline. I assume that value will see a drop whenever Leica releases a significantly ...
  • My comments are being misconstrued. I'm not claiming that any camera is an "investment" in the classic sense of the word. My issue is that I don't like the current offerings from any of the camera ...
  • > you "lost $300 less" by buying a similar camera from Sony Neither Sony, nor any other manufacturer, makes anything remotely like the Leica Q. If they did, I would have already bought it.
  • Each one just as bad as its predecessor when it comes to build quality, control layout, and software user interface design.
  • The Leica Q is almost 4 years old, yet used models still go for over 70% of the original sale price. Can you say the same for cameras from Sony and others?
  • The fixed lens is what made the Q's smaller form factor and lower price possible. Anything full frame with an interchangeable lens will be as big and expensive as an M10. Leica could make such a ...
  • That strategy has worked wonders for Leica and Rolex as well. Example: I bought a pre-owned Rolex in '95 for $1850 and sold it last year for $4500 after wearing it virtually every day since I ...
  • I never said you should be a new Leica. But then that same advice applies to most any brand or product if you're concerned about getting the most value for your money..
  • All cameras are expenses rather than investments. Some depreciate faster than others. Look at the used market prices for older Leica digital cameras. Example: The Leica Digilux 2, a 5MP camera ...
  • "Investment" is perhaps a poor choice of terms. What we're talking about is the fact that quite often, more expensive products have a lower total cost of ownership over time due to superior ...
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