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  • Aperture uses a library and it's fast. No new patented technology required. What Adobe needs is new leadership that focuses less on the bottom line and more on the user experience. But of course...

  • No, China's business model only rewards blind complacency with the government, coupled with unbridled corruption.

  • I strongly support women's rights and agree that they're underpaid and put up with a lot of crap—especially in the tech sector.

    But executives like Fiorina and Mayer exemplify everything I hate...

  • It's nice that Smugmug is ostensibly focused on photography but they're not exactly known for their innovation or sense of style. Hopefully the Flckr acquisition will improve SmugMug rather than...

  • "Flickr loyalists had hoped that Yahoo's then-new CEO Melissa Mayer would be able to 'make Flickr awesome again"

    Anyone who had any faith in Yahoo or Marissa Mayer should have their head examined....

  • "Why deny their customers that feature?"

    Because Adobe is not—and never has been—a user-focused company.

  • Aperture performed great with large libraries running on processors from several years ago—mostly on hard drives instead of SSDs. Again, this is just a further indictment against Adobe's terrible...

  • There's a large and growing population of end users who can't stand Adobe software and are hungry for alternatives.

  • What you describe is beneficial for the companies that develop software, but detrimental for he end user. Companies like Apple focus on ge end use, while companies like Google and Adobe only focus...

  • Lightroom isn’t slow because it uses a database/library. It’s slow because all Adobe software is ridiculously bloated and poorly architected.

  • Which DAM/editing software do you use for your Fuji files?

  • Subscription, coupled with Adobe's infuriatingly poor user interface design and sluggish performance. I refuse to use (let alone pay for) software that looks and feels like a web application.

  • Try it with Fuji files and then report back.

  • Image editing features are only half the story. Any Lightroom/Aperture alternative has to offer impeccable DAM features.

  • Not to mention the lack of support for hardware graphics acceleration. That's ridiculous for any image editing software, particularly one ostensibly designed for professional work.

  • I can't stand when software developers ignore naming and UI standards and try to come up with their own nomenclature fo everything.

  • Image editing is only one part of the equation. What we lack today are good alternatives to Lightroom in the realm of digital asset management software with rich, elegant, and fast interfaces. My...

  • Not using a library suggests to me that it will perform like a cow. Having a library/database system has huge advantages.

  • I disagree. I can't stand Adobe, and I am dying for a good alternative that offers stellar editing AND DAM features. I'm still angry about Apple abandoning Aperture.

  • I understand the physical constraints that it it impossible to shrink the G3X further. I mentioned its size only to remark that you're not getting much in the way of portability in return for the ...
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