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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1638 comments in total)

"Canon allows you to select which region of the screen is active which means that, regardless of whether you shoot with the camera to your left or right eye, you can ensure that you don't accidentally enable nose focus."

Why don't they do what Apple did with the first iPhone, NINE years ago? Install a proximity sensor that turns off both the display and the touchscreen when the camera is pressed up against the face.

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On article Canon PowerShot G3 X: What you need to know (615 comments in total)
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Jose Urena: Such a large and protuberant lens in front of a compact camera? Not for me. If I buy a "compact" camera I want it to be compact, like the previous Canon GX models. If I don´t care about bulk, I´d take my "real" DSLR. I am not interested at all in this model.

The G3X with 24-600mm range is smaller and lighter than a DSLR with a fixed 50mm. To get this reach on a DSLR you'd need a mule to help you carry it around. Stop comparing apples to oranges.

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On article Canon PowerShot G3 X: What you need to know (615 comments in total)
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snapa: "Unfortunately, it drops the ball in performance in a number of key ways. With disappointing AF speed, sluggish cycle times and burst rates with RAW and RAW+JPEG modes, as well as below average battery life and lack of an EVF to name a few, the Canon G3X leaves a lot to be desired"

The last words in the conclusion.

Not a good camera at all!

This may not be the perfect all-around camera due to the drawbacks noted here. But it has no competition in a compact, well-built camera with a 24-600mm range. That is the main selling point. If that's not what you're after, this camera wasn't designed for you.

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On article mini Plaster Hand is a camera mount on a belt (44 comments in total)
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DWare: Surprised at the level of negativity? I think it's a neat idea and see it being useful, especially for lightning or astro shots and will take such little space. I like it.

It's a neat idea, but thinking back on situations where I would have liked a tripod alternative, very few would have offered a place to mount this belt.

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Image37: I always said that Aperture 4 would never appear, as soon as I heard that Apple was not going to continue with it I looked at Lightroom 5 and I have never looked back.

For me, switching from Aperture to Lightroom would be like switching from OS X to Windows 7.

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Lightpath48: Since 2007 I'd worked with Aperture almost exclusively, editing and organizing almost 12,000 raw files. The 10.10.3 upgrade with obligatory Photos app devastated me at first. Now I'm trying to make the fullest possible use of Photos, in parallel with Nikon's NX software. But a number of key Aperture 3.6 controls are just missing. What were they thinking? I'm not sure where I will go from here.

Lightroom sucks.

- Crappy, generic, non-Mac native user interface.
- Rigid modal workflows instead of a unified interface
- Terrible handling of paired RAW & JPG files
- Automatic sharpening of RAW images without user consent
- Unintuitive interface with over reliance on arcane keyboard shortcuts and hidden menu commands
- Crappy handling of stacked images
- Confusing and illogical concept of "folders"
- Slow performance

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stevo23: Aperture is a fabulous program. To compare the new program to it is just silly - it clearly isn't trying to replace Aperture. We can't even take this idea seriously.

No, it is NOT replacing Aperture. Aperture was cancelled without any replacement. Photos is the replacement for iPhoto.

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JIMMYCHENG: Very interesting comparison that highlights features like plug-ins and RAW fine tuning. I also wrote a blog using the beta version of the Photos vs Lightroom 5 and Aperture. The only thing that really bug me was the fact that they use the same old RAW image engine and as a Canon and Leica user, this isn't good enough as for Canon RAW files, shadows areas looks mushy when compares to LR. As for Leica's DNG, it's just horrible and I HAVE to use LR or ACR. Shame as I love Aperture and even now I've switched pretty much to LR for the past 6 months, I miss Aperture in many ways but unfortunately that it's not going to come back.

Aperture's RAW processing was always "good enough" for my needs, while Lightroom's user interface, workflows, performance, and DAM features are unacceptable.

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Scales USA: I see this as Apple's view of the demise of DSLR's in favor of the cameras on smart phones. They are right, sales of high end cameras are dropping, so Apple is just anticipating that their users will be making simple edits with their Iphone images.

Fortunately, there are other choices and for a few dollars, ACDSEE Ultimate 8 does everything and even has layers. I use Lightroom / Photoshop, but I have used ACDSEE for simple edits for years, in fact, since before the world wide web. I bought their flagship version last weekend for $49. Its quite capable and, like Lightroom, it has a database to keep track of your images.

My only gripe is that ACDSEE has been slow to update their RAW support for new camera models.

" the demise of DSLR's"

That's not a thing. For many consumers, perhaps, but pros are not going to ditch large sensor cameras with interchangeable lenses and lightning fast autofocus for a smartphone anytime in the foreseeable future.

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Coyotos: In 2007, as a photo enthusiast, I switched from PC to Mac just because I was amazed by Aperture possibilities (and now -commercially speaking- I and my family have the full family from iMac to iPhone, iPad, iPod...). Actually with Aperture I could do everything necessary for me without needing Photoshop. Today, not even mentioning my anger to have been "betrayed" and forced to adjust to a new strategy to save my files, I am not feeling confortable about staying with "Apple for the masses". Using Aperture and FCP X as a coherent photo-video platform, I fear FCP X could be abandoned for the same reasons as Aperture, even if it doesn't look like this today. I don't know what they are thinking at Apple but my first decision after this Aperture story was to cancel my purchase of a Mac Pro. The second one will be to migrate to DXO Optics Pro 10 for photography and probably to Adobe Premiere for video. I am not an Apple slave anymore and I am even considering to come back to Windows.

Anyone whose livelihood depends on Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X should be very nervous right now.

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JMCO: Lightroom has never been the only option. As probably mentioned in comments here, I think the best paid alternative to Aperture now is Capture One Pro. If you only shoot Sony, it is a no brainer as it is free. You can also just BUY COP not rent it like LR.
COP also had a way to move a collection from Aperture *or* LR over to COP before Adobe did!
Regardless, for the poor photographer, the software that came with your camera or that you can download for free ain’t bad either. Nikon Capture NX-D with View NX-i are quite nice now. But, the organizing is done in NX-i with editing in NX-D and, basically, it is only for Nikon files. But, maybe accessing your family photos only in Photos is better anyhow?
Like it was said, Aperture is still working. I use mostly plug ins to edit in it so, I’ll keep using it. But I do admit, the image organizing is still confusing. I moved to all vault but now, I think I’ll need to go back to referenced because of its demise. I have no idea how to do that!

Capture One has great editing tools but its DAM features and interface are way behind Aperture. Also the $300 price tag is steep.

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jehany: This new "Photos" software must be a joke...
Aperture was just fine for me and I believe I will be forced to go back to LRoom.
I really don't get this move and as dhpceo said in the Forum:
"Apple is moving into the masses and Steve is turning in his grave!"
It is maybe time for Pro. photographers to look for new Pro. providers...
What a pity :-(

What's most infuriating about this is the way Apple played dumb as its customers asked whether Photos could replace Aperture. It is crystal clear that they completely abandoned Aperture users and that the new Photos app was meant solely as a replacement for iPhoto, and a dumbed down version at that. This product is targeted entirely at "iPhone photographers" who lacked the interest or ability to manage their own photos. Everyone else be damned.

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DavCal: I have been very happy with Aperture but clearly Apple is no longer interested in supporting the professional sector - look what they've done to Final Cut Pro - so I will take my money elsewhere to a developer who is. For me that means Lightroom….should have gone there in the first place.

That's a bad example. Final Cut Pro X is vastly superior to its predecessors. Users revolted when it was released because a) it had a completely new interface and b) it lacked certain key features they needed.

Fast forward a few months and Apple added the missing features while most pros conceded that the new UI was way more efficient once you let go of your old habits and got the hang of it. Meanwhile, the new UI was far easier to learn for beginners.

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(unknown member): I accidentally accepted the upgrade to PHOTOS and was panicked that it replaced my iPhoto on my selected Apps bar. Forcing myself to overcome my anxiety, I plunge-on, half-heartedly, and was impressed by the various options for organizing my photo files. I notice very strong similarities to a database (Access) app I wrote for a client 20 years earlier. . . I'll definitely explore more of PHOTOS.

Meanwhile, I restore the iPhoto icon back on my apps bar . . . for my wife to be able to view the recent shots from our two-week tour.

Photos may be a suitable replacement for people who found iPhoto too challenging. For anyone who used Aperture, the two products aren't even on the same planet. There is no way that Photos can replace Aperture.

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Regan in DR: Capture One! I refuse to be a slave of Adobe. Affinity Photo is finishing it's beta and is actually designed for current Mac systems, not adapted as PS has been for the past couple of decades. It's supposed to be about $50 when released. Capture One is a bit spendy, but if you do tethered shoots, it's incredible in saving your post processing. No subscriptions involved and you don't get disrupted if you lose connectivity.

From what I've read, Capture One is an excellent editor but a lousy choice for image management compared to Aperture.

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mcrae221: I have been a happy Aperture user for four years, and was planning to use it until it no longer worked. Just recently I noticed however that my NIK Software plug-ins are no longer saving the adjusted images to my Aperture library. I see that NIK by google appears to be offering a free witch to the plug-ins for Lightroom, so that may be what I need to do. What a pain!

NIK plug-ins still work fine for me.

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Skeumorphic user interfaces are sooo three years ago...

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freediverx: What is the purpose of increasing the resolution on smartphone displays beyond the point where it can be perceived by the human eye from normal viewing distances?

This just adds cost, battery consumption, and processing overhead without providing the user with any appreciable benefits. Typical of a company focused on fooling gullible buyers with meaningless specs instead of focusing on solving problems.

"The Experia Z5 is best experienced with a jeweler's loupe..."

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