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QuarryCat: I never liked the portrait with the peering eyes - i don't like the artificial green background - but I love his other, even more realistic picture with the hands and the living eyes - thanks a lot for showing it here!

Artificial? Saturation slider?... Take a look at his work. He often moves people into soft light and next to colorful walls to add dimension to a pic.

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Mr Fartleberry: It's not like it's not a good photo (you do know why it was used?) but the never-endless promotion makes me puke.

Let's move on, this didn't win the second world war. And there are far better photographers that those that worked for NG.

How many times has Amazon (aka DPR) plugged this old old shot this year?

Get real people.

I met McCurry a few weeks back and he was an extremely humble and nice person. It's not so much him that keeps talking about the pic but the general public- it's just something very much associated with him. He has exceptional skills and has hundreds if not thousands of great pics, but for some reason people have latched on to this particular photo.

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If this is Nikon's plan for developing the system, I'll take it they're throwing in the towel in the ML market. It's a soft landing if you will, for us V1 owners-- technically they're not discontinuing the system, but then again they're going so niche that they may as well.

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retro76: Something I can't quite understand is dpreview's remarks regarding the JPEG engine - the colors look odd to me, kinda artificial with a slight color cast - detail looks ok, but I see artifacts / smearing - not clean like other SLRs. I dunno I haven't used a Fuji, but I have a tough time understanding the appeal to the images. Maybe I am missing something ? I see quite a few other comments where people also are disappointed in the samples.

Fuji definitely has a color cast, a bit to the blue side. I love it in some images and dislike it in others. But it is there, no doubt.

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lancespring: The UN clearly needs to punish China for its blatant destruction of the earth's environment. The Chinese are the world's worst criminals when it comes to promoting Global Warming, which threatens the lives of everyone on our planet.

Yet another clear indication of the corruption and lack of morality that exists within the Communist Party leadership in China.

Something worth considering-- the US is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Seems a wide variety of political systems contribute towards the problem.

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