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ProfHankD: Everything is going to be moving to stacked sensors and no mechanical shutter, but it's a lot of fab to get there... probably not enough fabs until 2023. It's interesting that everybody had been talking about non-Bayer RGB stacked pixels (same word, very different meaning) for years as what's next, and almost nobody is saying that now.

I agree fire-sale-priced DSLRs are likely in 2022 because it's easier to get parts (largely from stock). As for 100MP FF, that's not really a huge win because most FF lenses don't resolve that... but it would mean almost never seeing moire, and some sensor tech that isn't ready yet (e.g., QIS) would want much higher pixel counts.

Interesting article by Roger Cicala on this point:


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Rahul_Sharma: I tried shooting a waterfall on long exposure with following settings:

1) ISO 100, min possible
2) f/16, narrowest
3) shutter speed, 1 sec

But the image was all washed out...i could see only white colour..

Any recommendations?

If you Google 'Sunny 16 rule', you will get something like this, which is from Wikipedia:

"On a sunny day set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to the [reciprocal of the] ISO film speed [or ISO setting] for a subject in direct sunlight."

For example:

On a sunny day and with ISO 100 film / setting in the camera, one sets the aperture to f/16 and the shutter speed (i.e. exposure time) to 1/100 or 1/125 seconds (on some cameras 1/125 second is the available setting nearest to 1/
100 second).

So your 1 second shutter speed hugely over-exposed the image.

You will need to Neutral Density filter.

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Aberaeron: I strongly suggest you eat more fish and broccoli

Excellent choice too!

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On article Opinion: Camera names are getting ridiculous (706 comments in total)
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Aberaeron: I strongly suggest you eat more fish and broccoli

Especially at the Harbourmaster Hotel!

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mzx: Nice camera, aside from shameful crippled 1.74x crop in 4K. If you want to sell me a cripple - i'd rather buy something else.

@ mzx

What size sensor does one of the most advanced video cameras on the planet use?


Hint - Super 35

Hint - 27.03 x 14.25 mm

How does that compare in size to cropped 4k video on Z5?

Hint - 35.9 x 3840/6014 by 23.9 x 2160 /4016 = 22.9 x 12.9 mm

Not so bad after all?

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nameless0ne: Lovely camera. Dual card slots -- lol, Z6/Z7 is now non pro bodies ahahaha

@ breakfastphotographer

My understanding is that many video users only store their video content on one card, even when two are available. So it makes sense to have at least one high-speed card for storing videos.

For e.g. wedding photographers that wish to save images on two cards, UHS-II should keep up with most normal requirements as the second card alongside the CFExpress card, and keep the overall costs down.

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moga: In the text DPreview tells the EVF has 3.69 million pixels and in the specs it's written 2,369,000. Which one is?

3.69 million pixels - I checked on the Nikon site.

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Hi Barney, I think there is a typo on the Viewfinder resolution: 2,369,000. Should that be 3,690,000?

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bluevellet: Two lenses I'd be interested in, though I am not sure about the image samples released.

The 20mm looks a bit long, even by Nikon Z prime standards, but I like it focuses closer than other Z primes.

The 24-200 looks like a great travel lens, but it's a pity it doesn't go up to 300mm. At least it starts at 24mm.

The MTF chart shows good resolution out to APS-C corners.

If used with a Z 7 and cropped to APS-C, that will give 300 mm at 20 mpixels.


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s1oth1ovechunk: Looks like it only has 200 cycles maybe?

Maybe that's the tradeoff of this technology? More energy density for fewer cycles?

As an extreme example of the longevity of Lithium-Ion batteries:

"Similar to an electric vehicle, Li-ion in satellites must also endure a lifespan of 8 years and more. To achieve this, the cells are charged to only 3.90V/cell and lower. An interesting discovery was made by NASA in that Li-ion dwelling above 4.10V/cell tend to decompose due to electrolyte oxidation on the cathode, while those charged to lower voltages lose capacity due to the SEI buildup on the anode.

NASA reports that once Li-ion passes the 8 year mark after having delivered about 40,000 cycles in a satellite, cell deterioration caused by this phenomenon progresses quickly."


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Nabilon: @dpreview
it would be nice to be able to filter the gallery by lenses, for example, only display images with the 16-50, etc. Right now, it's difficult to evaluate the quality of the lenses, as they are all mixed.

Thanks 2eyesee, good tip, I'd certainly not known that previously.

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cosinaphile: this will be the last D[x] camera....the next will be a pro mirrorless in about 5 years after the launch of the D6

HowaboutRAW, while it might be true that "Shutter noise is not a factor when covering a firefight or a sporting event, other than perhaps fencing.", there is little doubt that noisy shutters will some day be banned at press events.

There's been a few classic sessions where the speakers could hardly be heard at all through the incessant clatter of DSLR shutters... e.g. Obama and Trump for one.

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On a photo in the Panasonic S1R pre-production sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)
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TyphoonTW: Weird, at f2.8 I'd expect both eyes to be in focus. The front one is clearly out of focus.

When viewed at 100% the maximum print size is huge. On my monitor, it is 136 inches.

If you enter print size as 136 inches into the Cambridge in Colour online depth of field calculator, with 50mm f/2.8, 35 mm sensor size, and focus distance 2 metres, then depth of field is 0.02 m, ie 2 cm, or less than one inch...


(Need to click on Advanced Settings to be able to change the print size)

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AlexisH: Decent lineup, if the optical quality will be there. Looking forward to the dxomark lens reviews.

As noted in one of the other posts, dxomark seems to swept up with smartphone reviews.

I'm expecting Cameralabs, Lenstip and ePhotozine to come out with Z-mount lens reviews a long time before dxomark. Cameralabs already well on the way with their Z-mount lens reviews - 24-70, 35 and 50 all completed...

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rubank: For the size, weight and price this is very unimpressive.
The 50/1,8 G holds up well in comparison (at a different level of size/price).

You may find this video useful. Highlights some of the differences between the 50/1.8 S and the 50/1.8G.


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panther fan: Did I miss it, or does this first impression review completly omits AF-performance?

This is a First Impressions review. There are several topics that are covered in the full reviews that come after Image Quality.

- Autofocus Performance
- Autofocus usability
- Video
- Conclusion

You will have your opportunity to comment when the full review is published.

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On a photo in the Nikon Z6 sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

The details say Lens is Nikkor Z 24-70 F4 S, but the EXIF says 50 mm, ... f/2.8 ...

The other shot with the same dog used the Nikkor Z 50 F/1.8 S. Maybe that was also used for this shot?

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JackM: Barney. 5pm in London = midnight in NY?

... 1pm Tokyo means time will be 5 am London...

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ImageQuality: A useful rule of thumb is that if you can see the individual pixels on a screen, the resolution is too low.

1080p = even Stevie Wonder can tell the difference.

2160p = most viewers can still see 'em.

4320p(8K) = maybe sufficient.


4k is about 4000 pixels across..

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Chris2210: Will this 'nigh-con' ever become available in the UK? Personally I'd love to see more nigh con, especially after this Thursday.

Seriously, how does that pronunciation originate? It's knee-con in Japan, surely?

My wife wrote a thank-you to some friends for their excellent Scottish-themed birthday party. One of the games was to guess the origin, type and brand name of several different unmarked bottles of whisky; but she wrote it as 'whiskey'. Puzzled, I looked it up. 'Whisky' is the Scottish spelling. 'Whiskey' is the Irish spelling. My wife is Irish...

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