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Superka: NOT Supporting Windows XP, Windows XP 64. VERY NICE! I do have very powerful computer, but I HATE WINDOWS 7 for using 1GB of RAM, instead of 250MB as Windows XP 64. Neither of my 12 GB of RAM are unnecessary.
I feel that Adobe and Microsoft both force us to use this awful and stupid Windows 7. There are much more complicated software, supporting Windows XP 64.

Do you have any clue how windows 7 memory management works? By your comment you are clueless if you believe windows XP works better than w7. If you really have 12gb of ram and a very "powerful" computer you are wasting it with xp and specially with the pos of x64 they did with XP.

Windows is allocating more processes to your "12gb" of ram to make it faster, in XP they are allocated to the memory pool you have in the HDD which is slower.

So I would recommend you learn a bit how your OS works instead of spouting non-sense in the internet.

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