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Clint Dunn: That was painful to watch....

Imagine that video but without the girl in it......(shudders).

Link | Posted on Apr 17, 2018 at 22:40 UTC

That was painful to watch....

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Aaron801: I can sort of understand the appeal of spending so much for a rangefinder type Leica if you like to shoot with that kind of thing, use manual focus and like to use primes. I have a much harder time though of seeing the beauty of this SL system if you like to shoot with zooms though on a non-rangefinder camera and you want a more traditional type mirrorless design camera with AF and zoom lenses...

It seems to me that maybe this is the camera system for those who already use the M system, want to play around with stuff like zooms, AF and have still have too much money burning a whole in their pocket after buying their M kit...

Well...I can tell you why I bought my SL. I used to shoot rangefinders but they are useless for anything wider then a 24mm lens unless you use the add on EVF...
For me the SL is a great do anything camera, use it with my rangefinder lenses or use it with the SL lenses.

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Constantin V: sad, but predictable

@Hubertus - Fuji is a company that exists to make money....if these lines of film were profitable they wouldn't discontinue them.

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mosc: Do people actually own the SL? I can partially rationalize the M10 because the lenses are nice (and maybe you have some old ones worth a lot?) and the rangefinder is unique in the modern era but the SL? What advantage does it have over the A7 again?

I own the's the best camera I've ever owned. I shot Canon for years and also a Fuji X-Pro1. Is it overpriced?? Yes.

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weisman: $5500 for a slow variable aperture zoom... and their prime lineup needs something wider than 35mm.

I agree with you....but for wider options you can use Leica M glass.

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I recently broke down and bought a used 24-90 for my SL. The size/weight is ridiculous but the quality is definitely there. If you own an SL and only use it with M glass you are really only using 50% of the camera. I have M glass when size matters and the 24-90 when AF and speed does.

All that said, I cannot believe how big this 16-35 is for such a slow aperture. f3.5-4.5 and an 82mm filter???? The quality must be unbelievable if they needed to go this big for 'uncompromised' quality'. Also, I'm surprised that this lens is 'only' $5500...I actually expected it to be more.

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Some awesome pics here

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jaygeephoto: Three years from now on DP: 3-1-2020, LUMIX announces it's first full frame camera. Although it's clearly a rebadged Leica 24 SL, it's $2200 price is less than ⅓ that of the Leica's. Sloth like auto focus and confusing menus have been greatly improved over it's progenator.

I think what you meant to say is three years from now Panasonic gets out of the camera business and sticks to TV's.

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spikey27: The cheapskate is surfacing in me, but $7450 for a camera - and the body only at that? Ouch.
For that kind of money, I could be driving something.

This is Clint from your future to tell you that it's now 2018 and you can buy this camera for $ $500 less then a D5.

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Kareldar: What's the point to buy medium format camera and use it as a 35mm format camera?

Why wouldn't you??? Why not have choice? 30MP FF is still more then enough resolution. It allows you to expand the abilities of the camera.

Link | Posted on Mar 14, 2018 at 14:57 UTC

Way to create a solution to a problem no one's cared about since 2003.

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thanson: Are people still using film these days? Very 1990's.

@Arastoo - Naw, I'm not surprised...and it's less then you think. There's a reason film companies keep cutting back.

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pdxtrojan: “...the social internet’s single most famous tree.”

Umm, no. A few specimens in Lake Wanaka, the Portland Japanese Garden, and on the rim of Crater Lake beg to differ. I’d personally never even heard of this tree before this video.

That tree at Lake Wanaka has to be the most overshot tree in the last 5 yrs. People actually take photo tours to go take a pic of much for an original idea.

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Gavin Wade: This has to be one of the most meaningless product announcements.

It wouldn't be meaningless if you had lots of disposable income and liked the camera...,

Link | Posted on Mar 8, 2018 at 16:02 UTC

So pointless but so cool

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The processing makes a huge difference here...Ron's pic looks MUCH better to my eyes.

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If they actually built this 'perfect sensor' the crowds at DP Review would still complain about it.

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melgross: The only thing I can tell from those images is that the lens seems to have a lot of vignetting. Otherwise, I’m not as deliberately as pessimistic as the Nikon fanboys here are.

Vignetting....the least of my worries.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
A "new camera with improved tech" using a sensor from 2012? Sorry but you gotta be joking me.

When the original K-1 came out I already found ridiculous that after so much fanfare and expectation they built it around this old sensor, but that they now carry it over yet again for the mkII, is beyond hilarious.

There's a lot more to a camera then just the sensor. The bottom line is that even by today's standards a 2012 sensor with modern imaging pipeline is still top notch and capable of more then 90% of photogs on DPReview are capable of.

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2018 at 17:26 UTC
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