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Sell it quickly before an even older one is discovered.

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Strange video. Nerdy photographers, weird talking, a girl photographer that looks better than the model but struggles with the camera, some mediocre results particularly in sets 3 and 4.

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Theo Ghefner: This should be a lesson to Nikon, move faster and continue to be the best choice, it's time.
My plans to upgrade to Nikon did not change.

Where are you coming from, if going to Nikon is an upgrade?

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LDunn1: I bet Sony were disappointed that the A9 didn't win Pro camera of the year to though!

There is no category "pro camera of the year".
There is only "pro DSLR" which the A9 cannot win, as it is no DSLR.

The A9 won "camera of the year". Enough said.

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MartinDixon: My experiences with Adorama and BH go back to 1983 as a student at SVA. One was located on 17th St. and the other around the corner on 18th St. I never saw them as competitors. I thought they were working together since most prices only varied by a few dollars. We poor students were sent there because no one could touch their prices. No one in the entire country. I don't know what they did or what monopoly they owned but they had the best prices hands down. They might have been the first to offer gray market equipment. But I'll never forget the deadpan sales people who took your orders. No matter what you bought, no matter how many thousands of dollars you spent, you would get the dry, "is that all?" question. As if spending $5,000 - $10,000 on gear at one shot was boring them to tears. A very funny memory. Oh well. I have a good rapport with the guys at Adorama. Some of them actually make photographs. But Lens and Repro was the best before being bought out by Calumet. Oh well...

Perfectly normal answer. What do you expect? They sell thousands of items and for each of them customers could have 100s of different questions. Sending you to the manufacturer is the best they can do for you, even if you don't realise. They restrict their answers to questions of warranty, as that is their responsibility.

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Kaso: Meanwhile...


Sign At Swiss Hotel Orders Jewish Guests To Shower Before Swimming

That swiss sign was simply a naive and innocent action by someone who didn't understand the racism in it. They observed a certain group of guests to behave in a certain way and tried to address them in an unfortunate way.

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Jonathan Crilly: The list of awards seems incomplete -

Canon 6D mark 2

Sorry, couldn't resist....

The camera already won the best camera award...... in 2012.

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QuarryCat: it should be clear, that the manufactures pay for the prizes.
It is just marketing - nothing else.


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Sdaniella: who is waiting for this news today? (2017-Aug-16)


no... it's an educated guess ... (not real)

I am waiting for: "The new Nikon D850 - I am the dusk of an old era"

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Kaso: "Canon beats Nikon to get . . ."

This is a sick and immature title.

There is no brand X beating brand Y. This is an "article" (!?) about this year's EISA awards -- period.

Well, it's like saying that Japan beat Hungary at the soccer championships, without saying that Brazil won the title!

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Sony: 6x
Canon: 3x
Fuji, Tamron: 2x
Sigma, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Eizo, Huawei: 1x

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Gesture: Enough with the swirling bokeh. Experts will let me know, but wasn't the Biostar one of the budget lenses of its era?

Look at Ebay prices for Biotar 75/1.5. It never was a budget lens. Sold mine for a huge profit a while ago.

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bobbarber: If he said the things he's alleged to have said, then he shouldn't be a professor.

It's one thing to be a little gruff, and another to use language like bit***s when instructing students, or commenting on people's appearance, etc.

That said, these are just allegations, and also, there isn't much information about the process. Was he counseled at all, or did it go straight to "Gotcha!"

When I taught in high school there was a well-loved teacher, an older man, who was in his last year before retirement. He called a student an a**hole in front of thirty other students. Long story short, they kept him on. Looking back, it was probably the right decision. I think even the student involved came around to support him.

Everybody blames lawyers for our litigious society, but it's all of us. Everybody is trying to make a case, all the time. This kind of language is problematic, but were any solutions other than dismissal tried? There are other approaches out there.

Why can't he be a professor? You can become president after having used stronger language than that.

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I wonder what would happen if he grabbed them by the pu..y.

News: photography professor fired for following the president's recommendations.

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eddie_cam: Hmmm ... where's the meme with the laughing Spanish guy describing how much the 6D Mk II sucks? Haven't found it yet ...

You can watch this one instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJBq0z2Vmu4

Pretty much the same thing.

This one is also nice:

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1104 comments in total)

Nothing to see here. Move along!

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Hopefully the built in virtual studio features <insert favorite brand> cameras for maximum image quality.

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In my company, the marketing department runs ad campaigns. The actual product is defined by product managers who are part of engineering.

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TN Args: The DPR article and Dell website are equally shy about mentioning its screen resolution...

They do mention it: QHD

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Mariano Pacifico: Nikon never recovered from the "earthquake". Sony's news is about its dominance in sensor not about their camera.

Sony lost in cellphone war ... portable music player ... stereos ... computers ... purchase of Nokia and so many lamentable business decisions.

Sony leaves markets when the products are no longer sophisticated enough to require a big player but can be designed by basically anyone. That is true for all of your examples.

But pro cameras, gaming consoles, image sensors etc. won't be designed overnight by a newcomer.

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