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Stefan Hundhammer: Nasim Mansurov from photographylife.com wrote an interesting answer to this:


And I think he has some very valid points there.


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aramgrg: What the hell, dear Sony, at least present yearly numbers. If we were to measure the sales of Pentax in FF market after K1 and you'll get infinite increase.

You won't get infinite market share.

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mick232: Nothing to see here, move along. Innovation happens elsewhere these days.

Smartphones and mirrorless.

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (396 comments in total)

Nothing to see here, move along. Innovation happens elsewhere these days.

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majorpaul: No matter what Sony says or does, the zombies will keep repeating: "A mount is dead!!" meanwhile some of us enjoy using the best camera in the world, the a992 :)

The only zombie who keeps repeating that seems to be you.

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holin: Next time, ask about the firmware. Why they can't give even relatively simple new features for old, expensive, cameras, say, like Fuji does? And no, I don't count the a7 mk2 uncompressed RAW support as one (unhealthy number of high profile exposures on the issue) or the a6000 XAVC-S support (a6300 was delayed too much).

And also, why is their firmware updater so retarded that it bricks people's cameras or does nothing aat all, ie. it's too complex (compared to de-facto updating by copying new firmware on the SD card).

holin: the answer to your question in paragraph one you give in paragraph two. Adding features increases the likelihood of new issues, which requires another fix to follow. It brings both cost and risk. It's not unusual in software/hardware development to have new features in the next version only. Existing versions only get fixes.

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Clyde Thomas: I own two a99II's, three a99I, two a900, two a7RII, one a7II, and nearly every lens Sony makes both A and E. I've owned and sold countless others since a700 and NEX7.

Fix a99II video overheating... Like they finally did for a7RII after four firmware updates. Can't even think about a99II for video any more. Too unpredictable. Identical to a7RII overheating with earliest FW. I just spent $7000 on bodies and grips, just to watch them overheat... again. So sick of Sony overheating. They lost me as a flash customer because of overheating. It's the only thing I can count on. I KNOW it will happen... every time.

Fix a99II crippled video AF only working in P mode locked to f3.5. DON'T SAY "...by providing great A mount bodies with no compromises compared to the E mount..." Mr Nagata. Sony intentionally crippled AMount video AF a great deal, by limiting modes and settings. I can hack my lens and prove that any aperture can work. 70-400/5.6 also works.

Sorry. All true. FIX IT.

Can you also guarantee that it works on all lenses, rather than one hacked lens? Because that is the actual requirement Sony is facing.

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Amarillo Toby: The rear camera will be a full-frame DSLR-killer and the front camera will be an APS-C DSLR-killer.

Only if you place a full frame camera in front of a medium format camera on a table.

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Karroly: The sample pictures presented here have a ridiculously low resolution. Maybe there will be some more time flowing before we can see convincing results on high-res images...

I can't think of any reason why the approach wouldn't work for higher resolutions.

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On article Re-make/Re-model: Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 Samples (202 comments in total)
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DanielFjall: This lens is only going to increase in value.

Agreed, value couldn't be any lower, it can only increase.

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mick232: Wow, Zeiss gives us a 135/2.8! If this were 1950, I'd be impressed.

No, but my 135/1.8 is.

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Wow, Zeiss gives us a 135/2.8! If this were 1950, I'd be impressed.

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fyngyrz: Lossy image saving methods are fairly described as "image damaging methodologies."

Other than use as thumbnails.... ugh.

No. Modern media wouldn't be possible without it. Video compression in satellite TV and streaming is also lossy and based on similar algorithms. There simply wouldn't be any Netflix, YouTube or HDTV if non-lossy compression had to be used.

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falconeyes: Guetzli is named according to the #GoogleSwissMade series.
It is from the Lab Google Research Europe, located in Zürich, Switzerland and employs 2000 people, the largest Google lab outside the US. It is planned to be grown to 5000 people.

Just a little background info for the kind readers wondering about the name which is Schwizerdütsch actually.

Albeit smaller (350 people), the more famous US research lab in Zürich is IBM set up in 1956. It produced one Nobel price.

I'd really liked DPR staff to provide that kind of complementary info. It is easy enough to find ...

And how is that relevant? You did not explain what the word means.

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daleeight: No significant loss of quality? How about loss of color or other? The image on the left shows a little green bar for the highlight near the bottom of the eye, and the Google one has no green tint. So what else does it do different? Yeah, it is a tiny area, but it is a difference.

That is why they actually say 'no significant loss of quality'.

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TheDarmok74: The obvious question being if they Put it in the S8.

I think the answer is at least as obvious as the question.

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keepreal: IMO Sigma would have done better to produce a smaller aperture version up to Art standards, but weighing in at no more than about 600 gm and costing half as much.

Unlike goactive, I sold off my D300 and bought a D610, keeping the full frame lenses I had bought while still using film. I also bought the AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED as I mostly like to shoot landscapes very wide. Had a suitable shorter focal length lens been available, I probably would have bough that instead. Perhaps the Irix 15mm would have done.

I will be keeping my Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM Mk I. Testing it on the D610 last week I found that it was even across the frame and was already performing close to its optimum even at full aperture. Mine is quite sharp and has negligible distortion. On the D300 it was only so-so.

Manufacturer presents new lens X - someone says lens Y should have been presented instead. This is probably the billionth occurrence of that.

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GRUBERND: it's nice how the speed _CURVE_ in the graphics tries to reflect the reality of such standards, all talking about theoretical limits (remember "USB2: Up to 480Mb/s"?) which hardly any device ever reaches even under lab conditions.
although i dont think that was the real intention behind it. ;-)

What else should they show? Real-world devices don't exist yet and anyway would always just show one specific sample.

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HaroldC3: Next up, 1000 kamakaze drones. How would you stop them all?

Send strong jamming signal on drone control frequency.

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solarider: Shot from another angle. Impressive, it must have been all computer controlled.

I wonder what happens if someone sends a strong jamming signal on the frequency used to control the drones.

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