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MikeStern: Canon selling cmos sensors?
Pppfff. Canon should fix their own cameras before ruining other camera brands.

Canon has homework to do that others have done already, and that is releasing a competitive pro line of mirrorless cameras.

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Wow, newly equipped powerful memory!

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anticipation_of: "This amazing, revolutionary tool works perfectly fine and we could deploy it but we're not going to because our users don't want it badly enough."

You guys *believed* that?

I do, sounds perfectly reasonable. Even if you have a working pototype, productizing it is another huge effort. It is normal to re-prioritize based on where the highest interest lies.

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When you look at the shadow area around the boy's feet, do you also get the impression that the shadow is somehow moving?

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What makes you think I have never heard of the Surface Hub? We have them in several of our meeting rooms.

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Nivedita: "AF point coverage on the K-1 II feels quite limited by today's standards, especially given cameras like the a7 III offer 693 phase detect points with 93% coverage."

I really do not understand the comparison with A7 III in this aspect. Everyone knows that A7 III uses on-sensor PDAF and has larger coverage. Pentax along with other full frame DSLRs uses PDAF based on a dedicated sensor and in most of the full frame DSLRs, the coverage is not at the same level as Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras (Yes, I understand Canon has DPAF). But why would you bring Sony A7 III here as a comparison especially this is a DSLR and does not use on-sensor PDAF? I really doubt the Sony 36MP sensor used in K1 Mark II and a number of other cameras has on-sensor PDAF.

These kinds of remarks will make reviewer(s) as fanboy - rather than someone reviews a camera objectively

Nivedita, the only one who is a fanboy is you. You don't want your favorite brand's camera to be compared to a camera in a different technical category because it looks bad in such a comparison. Buyers don't care. They want to know what is available on the market so they can choose the product that fits them best, no matter the brand or category.

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If the drone crashes, there goes your $40.000 worth of gear...

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As the old saying goes... a photo a day keeps the doctor away.

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On article Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds (448 comments in total)

A smartphone has inferior hardware but superior software.
A DSLR has superior hardware/optics but inferior processing.

The first camera maker who combines the hardware/optics with clever processing wins.

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HeyItsJoel: Hold on. I'm gonna turn my laptop into a typewriter..

I just threw away my remote control. I will switch channels on the TV again.

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zsedcft: Photographers of the past would have would have sold a kidney to have a A7riii instead of their 35mm film cameras.

And how would they view the digital images in an era without computers? How would they get prints?

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That is just a glimpse of what is about to come. It is 100% irrelevant if there are still minor flaws or things to complain about. The proof of concept is impressive.

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Azathothh: Serious question: Imagine if i get a photo of someone famous in bikini, i then delete the private parts and the AI reconstructs the person naked. Is the AI a pervert or the guy who code it?

Neither the AI nor the coder is a pervert. That leaves us with...

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I do not see any lens contact pins. Will it be manual-focus only? How to stop down?

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No worries, when AI is doing things that concern you, there is other AI that comes to rescue: https://m.slashdot.org/story/340049

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Fox328: How can a D750 earn more points while staying behind in picture quality and video quality, metering and focusing accuracy, low light and high iso performance, performance, connectivity and value? In practice it therefore will get better in focus and sharper pictures and better video even under low light conditions. I think that's where it's all about. The D-750 only get slightly more for building quality, ergonomics and handling and the view finder/screen. Should the Sony not get a higher rating?

The D750 was released in 2014 and its score is in comparison to 2014 cameras.

If the D750 would be tested today, it would not get a score anywhere close to 90 points.

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2194 comments in total)

After years of looking at the studio test scene, today I realized that it contains an old Austrian "20 Schilling" bill. I used to pay with those when I was young.

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mick232: Why are Canon and Sony users worth 13 aperture blades, but Nikon and Pentax users only 7 (see specs of the macro lens)?

Someone created an entry in the table with two lines and separate values for two groups of manufacturers. This does not seem like a typo.

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Why are Canon and Sony users worth 13 aperture blades, but Nikon and Pentax users only 7 (see specs of the macro lens)?

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I think the chicken is quite difficult to discern. I wouldn't have seen if the article didn't mention it, and even then I had to look twice.

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