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EcoR1: For god sake dpreview, stop using the name "FE-mount". Now! There is no FE-mount, there is only E-mount. These lenses mentioned in this article are full frame E-mount lenses, not FE-mount-lenses. By using the non-existent name, you give impression to people that these lenses are somehow incompatible with a smaller sensor E-mount cameras like a6300. If you go and read some cameraforums you can already see that some people think that there are two different mirrorless mounts made by Sony. Stop confusing people!

Tell that SLR Magic who use this name in their press release.

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John McMillin: Glad to see they've finally solved the big-SLR weight problem.

As long as you need a rocket to carry it the problem is NOT solved.

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It probably was a mistake not to use a Sony sensor in the D5...

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mick232: the old firmware must have been pretty bad then and did by far not exploit the hardware capabilities

Granted, my initial comment was a bit provocative. You almost seem to take such things personal, though.

You should also get the numbers right. They improved it by 20% to 50%, not by 10% as you conveniently argue. Do you realize how unrealistic your estimate of "thousands of man hours" actually is? Put some facts on the table before you throw around such numbers.

It's fair to ship the improvement. They couldn't have done that without the USB dock, though.

So apparently what became possible due to the USB dock is to release the lens in a premature state and fix it later. Why finalize and optimize the design when you can do it later? It also helps to sell the dock, obviously. I am not sure I like that trend.

By the way: no need to educate me about software engineering. I work in that field.

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the old firmware must have been pretty bad then and did by far not exploit the hardware capabilities

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km25: The Nikon 105mm f2.5, that was a very sharp lens. This lens looks to be well make, at least in performance. I had a Leica R8 and there 100mm 2.8 micro. I had a picture very close to one you have here. I feel as if the Leica lens was sharper and had better out of focus the this lens, but not a great deal. seems like a nice lens. But so may companies are producing good lens now a days

no lens will give you comparable bokeh except the sony/minolta STF

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mosc: Really not trying to troll here (I know, great preface) but would it have been possible to hand the model a pencil or a lolly pop or something to replace the cigarette? I did notice and it did bother me. Sorry if this stirs trouble.

That is your problem, not the photog's.

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On article UPDATED: CP+ 2016: shooting the Pentax K-1 in Yokohama (377 comments in total)

We'll soon be seeing the big picture.

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Snikt228: What happened to the other 5 new FE lenses?

"A month ago Sony announced that 8 new FE lenses will be available til Spring 2016. "

Only see 3 new ones so far

The other 5 have been sold already.

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Rooru S: And of course, nothing for A-mount. How long will it take for Sony to stop being cowards to their legacy customers?

rishi sanyal, please do a-mount users a favor and start raising awareness using the publishing power of this site.

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Digitalis32: AF with a Leica lens? BLASPHEMY! BURN the AF loving heathens where they stand! and scatter their ashes to the winds!

when chuck norris focuses his leica, the entire universe will bend until proper focus is achieved.

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villagranvicent: Remember the Contax AX?? autofocuses by changing the lens-to-film distance. I wonder why nobody else followed that route.

because it requires on-sensor PDAF points which was not available until recently

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Sir Nick of High Point: This seems brilliant, and in hind-sight should have been obvious, given the way rangefinder lenses couple to the body. I'm surprised Leica didn't think of it first. Or perhaps they did, and there is some fundamental issue with the concept that I'm not seeing. Perhaps it's hazardous to the lens?

it requires on-sensor PDAF which is fairly new

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zamorac: TLDR after the first sentence. "Forever lenses" from a company that changed three lens mounts in the fast five years? Oh wow!

I am talking about full-frame.

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zamorac: TLDR after the first sentence. "Forever lenses" from a company that changed three lens mounts in the fast five years? Oh wow!

Indeed. Coming from Sony, this statement is utter mockery! Many an A-mount user would have loved to use their A-mount lenses forever, now they cannot even be sure if there ever will be a new camera with A-mount again. And don't tell me about adapters, this is just not the same.

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The statement "we want to make lenses that can be used forever" sounds a bit funny coming from Sony, who is just in the process of abandoning the A-mount and therefore preventing a huge number of existing lenses to be used on future cameras.

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ekaton: Size and weight advantage of mirrorless, where did you go?

which other 70-200 2.8 lens has a length (not focal length) of only 200mm?

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Eugene232: it is smart idea.
18% prices increase means Nikon will make 18% increase in profit.

you are not a business genius

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DualSystemGuy: One correction to the video section - you mention 4K is limited to 3 minutes, but that isn't a Nikon limitation, it's a limit of the FAT32 formatting standard that limits individual file size to a maximum of 4GB.

Also, video time is not limited when using an external recorder, which I imagine any serious videographer would have.

Both are very important caveats when presenting the limitations as disadvantages.

So why can the D500 record 30 minutes then?

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On article Nikon fills in the blanks on professional grade D5 DSLR (550 comments in total)
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goosel: WOW:

"Achieves focus in live view photography -> Automatic setting of adjustment value with a few button operations"

I have proposed such a feature years ago.

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