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On article Throwback Thursday: the Canon PowerShot G1 (110 comments in total)

This looks like a nice addition to Canon's line-up of compact cameras. Sure, it may seem a bit old-fasioned but that is just the style they choose. Looking forward to seeing it my local camera store as soon as it gets released.

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Richard Schumer: Just because this makes no sense to me doesn't mean it makes no sense to someone else, but I have basic questions which have no answers. In no particular order:

Why "copy" a Leica SL? This is a pro product, not one with wide appeal, and with few novice-friendly features.

What's in it for Leica? Are they about to change their business model and become more like Porsche Design? How much will their involvement raise the price of this product?

Will the New Zenit lenses be autofocus? If not, they will be behind the rest of the world. If they are, will they work on the Leica SL?

Who owns Zenit? Is there a source of skilled labor or will they use specially-trained locals like companies do in Vietnam and in Thailand? If the latter, is Russian labor as cheap? or as good?

This just doesn't sound do-able to me. Will someone enlighten me pls.

Right, they are a second world country.

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Sounds like the Hasselblad Lunar and Stellar approach, that were basically Sony cameras with a Hasselblad logo.

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If Nikon will go mirrorless it must be full frame.

Ex falso quodlibet sequitur.

He should have said that Nikon is working on a full frame mirrorless system.

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Mark Turney: It’s still Android 🤢.

Right, the OS that has 80% of the market.

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Badbatz: Yeah, a list of natively supported OS would be cool.
Considering that Win 10 64 bit pro and enterprise support "only" 512 GB RAM, the HP product must be aimed at the new Windows 10 for workstations Microsoft is about to release, with 2TB/6TB RAM support and many other goodies.

This computer is designed to accept 24 128GB modules. That gives you 3TB.

By the way, one HP 128GB DIMM seems to be priced at $6000 - no typo.

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Save for a few hipsters, this won't catch the attention of many. It's 2017, not 1987.

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3TB of RAM will cost about $70.000. Sounds nice on paper, though.

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princecody: Can't wait for the Ken Rockwell review ☺️🙂

There is no review yet, just a link to B&H.

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ozy82: Until Sony is not making their own lenses and not offering after service by themselves, they are not a Photo Company and I will stay away from their products

I was referring to ozy82.

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LessMirrored19: Sony : the power of imaging .....

The power of imagining. Remember: vision is everything.

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ozy82: Until Sony is not making their own lenses and not offering after service by themselves, they are not a Photo Company and I will stay away from their products

It seems you aren't well informed.

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alextardif: "Vision is much more important than profit"... said no sane business, EVER.

Side note... 5th year in a row (since I started) at my local air show, me and just one other guy were shooting Sonys. I'm with A7Rii + FS5, he's with A99ii bodies. Just the two of us out of the 40-50 photogs with the usual CaNikon kits. However, a dozen folks this year also brought out their new Olympus and Fuji sets and every one of them said they're gradually moving that way. Most are just hoping the big fancy primes will continue to be released for mirrorless, which of course they will with time.

One could argue, for example, that Apple's success is based on a very clear vision by Steve Jobs. Going for short term profit with a horizon that ends at the next quarter would have kept them from making the long term investments that led to a revolutionary phone technology.

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Yveske: So buying a faster computer will not make conversion any faster? Handing off your files to someone else while you continue shooting is out of the question? Strange way of thinking in my opinion...

Cameras have specialized image processing hardware that may well process it much faster than even the fastest PC which does the processing in software. I don't know about the actual performance in this particular case, though.

On the positive side of things: you don't need to buy a new computer!

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panchorancho: What a joke! Panasonic will kill this camera with an 8k GH6! Sony is going the way of Samsung, down the drain!

Consumer gear will NOT kill this $40k pro camera.

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daddyo: She needs to be stripped of more than her awards. That is a great image, and I hope the actual photographer sues her for every penny she has.
Her attempt to claim innocence is beyond absurd.

Sue her for every penny she has? In the US, maybe.
Jesus, she stole a photo - she did't eat his children. Keep it reasonable. You don't want to ruin a person's life for that, do you?

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rpm40: What is that thing in the top? Is the kid swinging a bird around?

Oh, and the con artist's "new work" is terrible.

To me it looks like a monkey.

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Charles Chien: Instead of stripping the awards to the Swiss photographer, they should have given the awards to Thai photographer Sasin Tipchai. After all, it's his/her photo that "won" the awards regardless who submitted it.

It would create a precedent that subsequently requires them to always give the award to the creator instead of the submitter and hence determine the true creator, and also to give the award to someone who didn't enter the competition nor agree to its terms. They probably don't want to open that can of worms.

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Najinsky: I'm not feeling inclined to criticize harshly. The story lacks some detail for me that make it hard to get a true sense of balance.

The award seems to be called a 'Foto Award', rather than a Photography award. The difference may be subtle, but is enough for me to want to understand more of the missing facts before letting an opinion set in.

As far as can I tell, she legitimately acquired the rights to use the image, she edited and added to the image and submitted the finished composition as her own.

Was compositing allowed for the competition? I don't know.

If allowed, did all elements have to be the original work of the entrant? I don't know.

In the absence of a fuller understanding, I'm not feeling the need to shout Guilty! Off with her head!

Oopsie. Did I just plagiarize Lewis Carol?

Well, if the jury found her guilty, she probably is.

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On article Capturing the same sunset, 2 years apart (126 comments in total)
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mick232: Ok, nice photos, but what did the photographer actually see at the scene? Was it anything like either of the images?

Look, grandpa, you asked for my oponion and I shared it. If all you want to do is start a flamewar, find someone else.

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