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probert500: ... or you could up your iso to 200 or 400, get a cheaper lens and spend the savings on hookers and coke.

85/1.4 has shallower DOF than this.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: At the price I wonder how many preorders will they get? 16?

Even high-end video people are not interested (due to the mount choice) and due to the presence of an already just as good version for 1/4 the price.

This is just weird.

You can almost get a Canon 50mm f/1 AF for that price point on ebay (the dream lens). Or get an f/1.2. Just weird.

Great lens. The price is just incredibly stupid.

You don't need super fast for shallow DOF. Longer focal length will be just as fine, e.g. 85/1.4.

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"This is, according to Leica, the first time the company has produced a red lens."

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Sonyshine: It is a fantastic little pocket demon again from Sony.

I am waiting for the Mk IX which should be out by Christmas I understand....

What year?

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faterikcartman: What are the speeds with higher resolutions? Have to admit this could be a fun gadget.

You can do the math yourself. Take the throughput of 1.4 gigapixels per second and divide by the number of pixels in the chosen resolution. E.g. 4557 fps at 640x480.

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Why did Nikon use the serial number 60924 for their third camera?

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FLruckas: So in 8 months we get the rest of the missing features for yet another $400.....
Maybe Sony should wait before they innovate....
They're burning their fan base along the way.
Introducing products before they're really fully designed......

Who forced you to buy the a6300 if you weren't happy with the feature set?

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justmeMN: "Samsung pulled the plug on the Note 7 entirely, stopping all production and marketing of the device." -DPR

Will there be fire sales on the remaining Note 7 inventory?

Yes, get them while they're hot!

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Scales USA: Li-on batteries are dangerous, and difficult at best. Larger ones have more energy and are potentially nasty. I'm not happy with IOS 10 and my IPhone 6 plus, so was considering selling it. The hardware is fine, but I just do not like the new OS and having to learn to shut down or bypass some of the features that are a nuisance. Its too bad that Samsung has booted it, I am leert of the Google phone, I'll wait and see.

You meant to say "by far the best iOS released to date."

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Vahab: There are Windows phones out there, too.

Can't recommend them. I owned one for the past year, now I am a happy Android user again.

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KonstantinosK: Which reminds me: Whatever happened to those DL Nikons?

January. But what year?

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Catalin Stavaru: $1000/€1200 ? OMFG...what has the world come to ?

Expect that trend to continue, as vendors will focus more and more on the advanced amateur and pro markets. Cheap photography is possible with any phone nowadays.

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vscd: Google is getting everywere now... I can't get to the toilett without finding something from them.

Just flush the phone down the toilet. Problem solved.

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On article Google Pixel tops DxOMark's Mobile rankings (116 comments in total)

I was shocked to see a value of 89 for a phone - this is the same score as my full frame Alpha 99.

Then I realised it is DxO Mobile, a separate ranking. You should have mentioned that.

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justmeMN: Hmm. The winner of Most Exciting addresses a tiny niche. The First Runner Up is from a company with a camera-imaging division that is on a seven year money losing streak. The Second Runner Up is a update of a camera line that has been a marketplace failure.

OK, I guess that says a lot about the products that didn't even make it into the list.

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mailman30: so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

Teila: that was exactly my point. Anything larger than 35mm film (and less than large format) can be called medium format. It theoretically suffices to increase the sensor by just 1mm in one dimension.

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mailman30: so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

I wonder when they will release a camera with a crop factor of 0.99 just to call it "medium format".

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Nobby2016: what about the aperture closing down for fast shooting?

i read for 12 FPS you basically shot at f9.. is that true or did someone tell me BS?

Stop spreading FUD unless you can prove it.

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AEY: What about playmemory App? Can you install in this camera

This camera is not a toy. Why would you install "play memories" apps?

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Wilight: "The precision AF system also performs exceptionally in low-light conditions, as it will function properly in brightness levels as low as EV-4 and in dark locations where most other cameras struggle"

That's a big deal! :D

But not at f/2.8

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