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NarrBL: Here's an example of how Capture One could do this much better.

JetBrains is an exceptional software, used for software development. In fact, it would be the Capture One for this category.

It went to subscription some years ago. First with a bang, like C1 -- which received a similar outpouring of unhappiness.

What's different is that JetBrains listened -- and used some very good European thinking, made a very trust-buillding response.

They changed their minds. They made a reasonable entry price to subscription, and they made all follow-on years discounted on a sliding scale, by third year to 50%.

They've upped the framework over later years, as will happen, but kept earlier subscribers at very little over their original discounted price; in fact just an inflation adjustment this year.

This is a true loyalty arrangement. I pay $57 a year, for this excellent, capability leading software.

Capture One could do this. They could change their minds, an intelligent thing to do...

JetBrains is a company, not a product. Several of their offerings, such as IntelliJ, are also available as free community editions.

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Seems like a non-issue. Why would anyone expect to get free updates with a perpetual license?

It's like expecting camera manufacturers to backport every new feature on a new model to the older models.

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DotCom Editor: perpetual

per·​pet·​u·​al pər-ˈpe-chə-wəl -chəl; -ˈpech-wəl
1 a: continuing forever : EVERLASTING
perpetual motion
b (1): valid for all time
a perpetual right
(2): holding something (such as an office) for life or for an unlimited time
2: occurring continually : indefinitely long-continued
perpetual problems
3: blooming continuously throughout the season

Right. You can use the software version you bought forever, can't you? You also get bugfixes.

That doesn't mean you will get updates forever. Same like everyhwere else.

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On article Photon: a Raspberry Pi-powered DIY light meter (71 comments in total)
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GRUBERND: The Pico is not a Linux-powered computer but a microcontroller.

It's just designed by the same company that builds the 4B and other models that are Linux powered.

You don't need an OS like Linux for this kind of application.

Link | Posted on Nov 30, 2022 at 20:09 UTC
On article Photon: a Raspberry Pi-powered DIY light meter (71 comments in total)

The screen is by far the most expensive part at $20. You could probably save $10 or more by using a cheaper screen.

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Philly: The store is located 1/2 block from the Chinatown gate entrance that was always featured in Jeff Keller's sample photos when he was operating the Digital Camera Resource website. all those years ago. Just a random thought.

What exactly are you trying to say?

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The Silver Nemesis: Man. That is… Anyway, the good part is that nobody was hurt - screw the money, all assets are recoverable via insurance, I guess.

Still, someone loses money, either the shop or the insurance company (or their reinsurance).

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2022 at 11:21 UTC

The built-in webcam of my $5000 Dell laptop, which I use at work, is super-low quality. Got the Logitech (I think it's the 920), day and night difference.

Software could be better, though. I cannot change zoom/pan from within Zoom. I need to open Skype and use the advanced camera controls there.

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What's 18-bit processing? Sounds great in a headline (that is, unless you know that these processors normally do 64-bit processing) and that's the only place where it is mentioned.

Link | Posted on Nov 19, 2022 at 12:29 UTC as 10th comment | 2 replies

They probably used a faulty SD card.

Link | Posted on Nov 19, 2022 at 12:21 UTC as 6th comment | 3 replies

I wonder what kids will say when they find they got this for Christmas but actually wanted a Steam Deck gaming console.

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Bodkins Best Photography: With that name it sounds like they're piggybacking off the Steam Deck...

Edit: Or the other way around?

There you go. You are already mixing things up.

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WhiskeyBeforeBreakfast: Sony should buy Nikon. I mean, not only does Nikon have a legacy of having made some of the most beautiful cameras in the history of photography, it understands photography and the needs of photographers better than, well, certainly Sony. With the technical superiority of Sony, the two merging would create a stand alone inter-changeable lens camera company that could be a bulwark against the perceived superiority of the smartphone image making tsunami.

User of a Nikon N8008S, and Sony a6600

You apparently are unaware of the fact that Sony has in the past bought Minolta, giving it all the benefits already you say they would get by buying Nikon.

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bergat: I don't know why nikon refuses to build all its cameras and lenses like Zfc

Because it looks outdated and old-fashioned. Obviously, this only appeals to a small fraction of all customers.

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If you can't innovate, paint it.

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Image quality is much more impacted by scratches on the rear element, by fungus, or by oily residues on an inner element. This can e.g. lead to extremely low contrast. Avoid such lenses at all costs! But I'd take a lens with a scratch on the front element any day, if the price is right they can be a real bargain.

Link | Posted on Nov 7, 2022 at 20:51 UTC as 92nd comment | 1 reply

Connected via a flimsy USB-C cable from the top of the grip? Couldn't they find a better solution such as wireless or at least better cable management?

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Kevin DiOssi: This is just so cool.

Not cool enough, otherwise it would still be under a lot more ice.

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Kenneth Arthur Owen: Who'll own the copyright on a bigfoot selfie?

Unless it was a Canon camera with a size ideal for BigFoot's hands, I doubt he could hold it.

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On article Canon EOS R6 Mark II initial review (896 comments in total)
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MisoL: Every EOS R body does have different physical layout of buttons. In the DSLR days, I could use 40D side by side with 7D, later with 5D mk II, 5D III and 5D IV. I even used same underwater housing for 5D III, 5D IV and 5Ds. Now there is no consistency:-( At least R5, R6, R7 line should have power button, mode selector and basic controls on the same place.

Impossible. Canon's ergonomics are top-notch. Ask the experts here in this forum.

Link | Posted on Nov 2, 2022 at 16:33 UTC
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