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justmeMN: Hmm. The winner of Most Exciting addresses a tiny niche. The First Runner Up is from a company with a camera-imaging division that is on a seven year money losing streak. The Second Runner Up is a update of a camera line that has been a marketplace failure.

OK, I guess that says a lot about the products that didn't even make it into the list.

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mailman30: so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

Teila: that was exactly my point. Anything larger than 35mm film (and less than large format) can be called medium format. It theoretically suffices to increase the sensor by just 1mm in one dimension.

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mailman30: so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

I wonder when they will release a camera with a crop factor of 0.99 just to call it "medium format".

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Nobby2016: what about the aperture closing down for fast shooting?

i read for 12 FPS you basically shot at f9.. is that true or did someone tell me BS?

Stop spreading FUD unless you can prove it.

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AEY: What about playmemory App? Can you install in this camera

This camera is not a toy. Why would you install "play memories" apps?

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Wilight: "The precision AF system also performs exceptionally in low-light conditions, as it will function properly in brightness levels as low as EV-4 and in dark locations where most other cameras struggle"

That's a big deal! :D

But not at f/2.8

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sdgreen: I can't believe they've ditched the GPS. It's such a useful feature. Maybe it affected battery life

So you mean a tiny GPS antenna and a chip in a $200 phone must be better than GPS in a $3200 camera? Doesn't sound very convincing to me.

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Thuravi Kumaaran: Tempting Sony, as and always famous for.
If it has user friendliness, dreamy Canon colors (sorry, my taste) and great end result,then this may be a great, game changer.

This is an update of the A99. Nothing revolutionary here.
If the A99 was not a game changer for you, this won't be either.

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AstroStan: Although the concept of SLT is enticing, I have stayed away from it based on prior experience with beam splitters. Dust on the splitter can be ruinous (dust shadows at slower f-ratio) and cleaning may damage the splitter. Do current SLT users find this to be a problem?

No. The problem is the light loss, not the dust.

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gameshoes3003: Person ignorant of the A-mount here. From what I'm understanding, these A-mount cameras have a translucent mirror, right? Does that mean that there is less light reaching the sensor? Do you have to start cranking up the ISO earlier relative to other cameras?

I have not had time to read the specs yet but from what I understand at first glance this is a DSLR not a DSLT -> no translucent mirror, no light loss

Edit: scratch that - "In addition Translucent Mirror Technology, with no moving mirror, ensures steady, continuous AF operation and live image preview during both still image and video shooting"

-> disappointment

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PieterB: I more or less agree. I owned the a6000 and now own the a6300 and it is stunningly good but also enormously fiddly. The ergonomics are pretty bad. Nevertheless, the writer shows a clear prejudice towards Sony and Canon.

A more ergonomic body with bigger controls (like the Fuiji X-T2) would be welcome.

But the EOS M5 would have been a brilliant camera in 2014. In 2016 it is scarely lagging behind even at the introduction.

Canon is perfectly capable of delivering a stunning camera but they don't want to because they don't want to cannibilise their other product lines. And so they come up with some products that may be okay, but had they really tried, they would have been world class.

As a Sony shooter, I would have liked this to be a real Sony beater but fact of the matter is, it isn't.

Think what you like about Sony, but Sony is not holding back. Canon is.

I disagree with your point that Canon is holding back intentionally. They simply haven't been able to catch up so far.

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Everythingis1: These Loxia lenses should be half the price they are asking.

But he's right. Almost the same amount of money buys you the Sony Zeiss Sonnar 135/1.8, which is almost 2 stops faster considering the higher focal length, and comes with AF. This seems overpriced in comparison, but I guess that is just the current trend.

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Great how they indicate the location of the entrance pupil!
I wouldn't have known otherwise. But where is it on the 7.5mm?

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We need more categories. Every vendor should get at least 5 titles.

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That's only impressive because it is gear we know and want. But likely almost anyone here has pricier stuff around them wherever their office is, be it cars, trucks, computer systems, all softs of machinery, nuclear reactors, ...

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Looking forward to capturing such videos myself with my mobile phone in a few years time.

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starwolfy: I don't like the black tab and I hope it is not made of plastic...in old days even the tab was made of chromed brass.

It's not plastic, you philistine! This isn't a cheap $2000 lens after all.

It's polyvinyl chloride, produced in a highly sophisticated process. This specially-formulated raw material is based on original developments from the former "Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron" chemical laboratory, since then refined and perfected to achive outstanding mechanical qualities and ensure consistent excellence at all times.

The only other product Leica is aware of that uses materials of similar quality are the Hasselblad Lunar and Stellar cameras, where the same material is used for the exterior shell.

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Pritzl: When I see a price like that I always wonder what proportion of it is actual "value" versus "exclusivity premium"?

It's not like they had to spend tons of money to develop a new product; it's the same lens in a different dress. A very pretty dress granted, but again, I wonder if this product would actually succeed in an objective market? i.e., at what point does the prohibitive cost become the main selling point?

10% value, 90% premium.

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neoroblitz: Probably the only company that announces non limited edition colors on an existing lineup and made it to the headlines....

nothing changed but a coat of paint.......

The materials are different? So you think it is actual silver? I doubt that.

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On article Samyang teases 'summer blockbuster' lens announcements (124 comments in total)
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mick232: Old wine in a new bottle. The Samyang 135/2.0 has just been re-released as a cine lens. What a disappointment.

Xeen 85/1.5 video lens - 9 elements in 7 groups
Samyang 85/1.4 photo lens - 9 elements in 7 groups

Although the claim is: "Rokinon's Xeen 85mm T1.5 Lens for Sony E-Mount is built specifically for use as a cinema lens, and is not a modified still photo lens."

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