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  • doesnt look like it. Sigh..
  • Replied in Landscape
    No I don't. When I tested two copies of 70-200 f4, the sharpness all around the center couldn't pick up despite closing down to F8, that's why I asked in the first post if people with recent ...
  • Replied in Good points
    Good points I think I'll end up with the GM2.8 and something like FE100-400. These two is a better pairing than 70-200 f4 with 100-400. thanks for the feedback!
  • Replied in Landscape
    for portraits it's not a concern, but for distant landscapes when the field should Be flat and sharp it's weird to see sharpness only in the center.
  • GM is a beast, but I really wonder if I should just bite the bullet and go for GM instead of G, because ultimately I may not be able with the sharpness or CA performance of G. Any others owning ...
  • Created discussion thread FE70-200 f4 sharpness issue at 200mm
    According to Imaging Resource: "at 200mm, no amount of stopping down will provide exceptional sharpness; there is always some trace of corner softness" I tested this against my Nikon 70-200VR f4 ...
  • Thanks Jim for finally putting this question to rest. Do you have a moment to explain how you came to this conclusion by looking at the charts? I have no background in engineering so not sure what ...
  • Please enlighten me, why and when would anyone would want to "drag" the focus point on touchscreen? I have the super responsive GX8, and I've always used quick swipe gestures on the touchscreen...

  • SigZero, I really hope DPR answers your questions on Relative Touch AF, because I have the super "responsive" GX8 but I've never "dragged" AF points around whether using EVF or LCD either, so I...

  • Tried reset, didn't solve the problem. Tried complete initialization, didn't solve the problem either. I guess it's going back again.
  • My RX1RII continues to frustrate. First the pop up EVF had a leaking issue, so it was replaced by Sony service. While waiting for part to come in for the "lens grinding" issue when being rotated, ...
  • If it responds to squeezing then it should grind everywhere while I apply pressure. But mine only grinds when the rings hits specific sections.
  • yes but does it automatically extend though?
  • Something weird has happened. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get i1Profiler to create a profile without color cast using i1d Pro on my LG 31MU97. I tried both W-LED and GB-LED settings, one ...
  • Created question thread RX100V pop up EVF - one step or two?
    Has Sony improved the EVF on the latest RX100? It would be nice if it's just toggle the dial once and push down directly like the RX1R2. I can't find any confirmation of this.
  • My RX1R2 focus ring also started off with a specific section grinding like there is sand inside. It progressively got worse to the point it's happening all the time now. Sony service is promising a ...
  • I think the biggest secret of this camera is the completely vibration free leaf shutter that no reviewers are treating seriously. I've been able to get sharp shots down to 1/30s or less if I hold ...
  • Replied in LG 31MU97
    Hey buybuybuy, I have the LG 31MU97 too, and I've found there is a different color cast when using GB-LED or W-LED. I still don't know how to decide whether which one is better.
  • Is it confirmed that the iMac 5k uses GB-LED backlight? I tried looking this up but google points me to this thread only :( Anyone else in the know?
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