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Don Sata: Nice review but is it still relevant two years late?

@Rishi please ignore these negative remarks. You guys did a fantastic job on this review! Congrats.

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Great article, DPR!

You state, "Instead it benefits from a little hardware amplification to lift all the data you might want to use above the camera's noise floor."

What is the best maximum high ISO limit to set for this "little hardware amplification"?

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Why didn't dpreview ask him why there hasn't been any firmware updates for several issues/annoyances that RX1(R)/RX100(M2) users have been asking? What an opportunity wasted? But then maybe it was asked but he just didn't respond?

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What are the filter thread sizes of these lenses? I can't see any imprints from the shots here, are they not finalized yet?

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The current generation of Nikon's PCE lenses have the limitation of not being able to rotate tilt and shift axis independently, unlike the Canon's. That's why I haven't purchased one yet, waiting for them to release an update.

Does the Samyang design allow independent tilt and shift axis rotation? If yes, I'm sold not because of IQ, but based on not wanting to pay $200-300 to Nikon Service Center each time when I need to change its direction of axis, since the Nikon PCE24 comes from the factory with the tilt/shift and rise/fall movements on opposite axis which can only be converted by a Nikon tech without voiding my 5-year warranty.

By the way, given Samyang's track record, I don't think IQ would be a concern at all.

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Does anyone know the filter thread size of these two lenses?

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