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kobakokh: no need 64MP sensors, make 10-12MP new sensors with better high ISO noises!!!!!

@kobakoh i guess it depende on tour needs and what world better for you. For instance i have an apsc and ff cameras, however 90% of my baby daugther has been taken with the phone. Why? Ubiquity. I can not take the cameras with me allá the time nor go and pick it in an unexpected momento the baby is doing something funny.
So the phone's photos are aceptable to me and i can share them instataneously. I don't ask more than that to it, yet they expand their capabilities and market share day by day.

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Astrobobo: OK...but WHY? What do you do with a 64MP smartphone photo?

well i had an S7 Edge that my baby dauther smashed with a hammer :( . I had no intentions to change the phone yet, but well i had no option now. I didn't want to spend in a flagship phone again, not really convinced and hence i went for the Moto One Vision which was on sale. I must say the Moto One Vision camera surpasses by far the S7 one except for macro maybe.
Phone cameras are one of the things that has improved most in the recent years, with the IA add on and all the computational photography / automatic blending / stacking whatever... is really impressive what they can achieve.

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Astrobobo: OK...but WHY? What do you do with a 64MP smartphone photo?

for sure it transforms it into a 16mpx for lower noise and stuff like that.
I have a moto one vision, which is a cheap phone and it's amazing what the camera can do in auto/portrait mode even in low light for what it is. The phones nowdays performs tons of computational trics like averaging several shots, hdr etc in auto mode, so raw mode in them does not even worth to try.

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Bobthearch: Pentax used to be the king of entry-level bargains. What happened?

K1-ii for that price is quite good price i would say. K1 is a fantastic camera.

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ubiquity, "the best camera is the one that's with you" so for many many moments that is the camera phone. They are getting more powerful in their "tricks" to get better results, so the other cameras usage will be constrained more and more to very specific situations or professionals. The speed rate that phones are improving at this is incredible.

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go AMD!!!

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On article DPReview TV: Hands-on with anamorphic lenses (141 comments in total)

really like the anamorphic appeareance, as always... love your reviews

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Daft Punk: I shoot Nikon.

I don’t understand this lens.

I can’t imagine why I would choose it over a marginally slower AF alternative.

I don’t understand this lens.

i have some doubts any astro shooter will spend money on this lens just for that. You can get a good portable equatorial mount for use with all your lens assets for just some hundred dollars. There are several fast wide lenses available for a tiny fraction of this lens cost too. So...

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HereIAmAgain: ... and the very next day, Pixel 4 is announced which renders this comparison obsolete.

yeah that was exactly what i was thinking. This reviews shall include the camera version each phone was using.

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the only instagram friendly camera is the phone one... i wouldn't ask that to any other one... and i wouldn't care either

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Piotr W: APS-C is the future of photography, smaller lenses and body, lighter equipment, big cameras will vanish

@duncan, it seems your maths are ok, and i'm aware of the things you mention. Just that you are performing some kind of strawman argumentation by taking a very specific scenario.
My point was that mirrorless being compact is just a delusion, when you start adding glass, everyone seems to repeat this like zombies.
I would say instead, mirrorless may have more lifetime as no mirror mechanism to maintain, for instance for timelapses could be much better.

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BrentSchumer: Is there flagship APS-C glass to go with this body?

you have plenty of APS-c and ff Pentax lenses to choose from, and even still some models from Sigma and some Tamron all works pretty well. A shame Sigma does not release some of its 150-600mm in K mount and alike. Anyway you can get the Pentax 150-450 and the TC but that would cost twice, or you can get the more versatile and fantastic Sigma 50-500.

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Dericali: Reading the comments here, one can assume that most people on this website believe the most important part of photography is buying the right camera.

And it must be mirrorless... That is a must

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Piotr W: APS-C is the future of photography, smaller lenses and body, lighter equipment, big cameras will vanish

And how are you going to shrink the ff lens? Mirrorles being "small" becomes irrelevant when a "middle" size lens is added. Not to enter into ergonomics.

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P10004K: I bet when it comes out in 2020 it will not even have the advanced specs of the 2014 Samsung NX1 APS-C camera .

@dpthougths pentax does not fail in single af which works great, is behind in af tracking.

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Duncan M: Congratulations to the 4 people buying it.

@dpthougths you should really be hired by pentax, or better by canon or nikon... In the process of redefining their business someone so wise, with so much knowledge of the market, statistics, etc would be invaluable

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Akpinxit: they were late with full frame (as good as K1 is , it came too late) , now they are so late with "flagship" crop ... , anyway - why crop ? Crop sensor DSLR niche is filled up years ago , what new can this model bring ?

I have a k-1, and really love it. For sure i will use it for several years before upgrading. So to me i couldn't care less if others use mirrorless i really have no hurries for switching to a mirrorless i couldn't care less. Of course i would be totally happy too with a d850. These cameras are late to nothing to me.

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What would be of a Pentax announcement without @dpthoughts trolling style...

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fredmason: FroKnowsPhoto is going to have fun with this one.

One of the most lamers YouTubers...

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