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It is a mystery to me how online ransom can happen and not be traced. You get paid $50 for some work and don't report it on your 1040, and the IRS will be on you like ugly on an ape. Yet these criminals extort millions and we can't catch them?

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Spectro: well you can do cartwheels across the streets in downtown Seattle now.

The people that work from home got a mini vacation, but those who can't and in the food and service are getting hit hard like the article implied.

When you get a chance, Spectro, could you post some pictures of people cartwheeling in downtown Seattle?

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guroos: Putting aside for a moment the potential risk to the world and the real risk to those infected and their families, by my calculations using the 'world of meters' figures the number of active cases today represent 0.0013333% of the global population. Please bear this in mind before panicking.

Credit card debt in the U.S. is a pretty good indicator of people living beyond their means. How many on this site have a high end camera, lens or other gear purchased with a credit card and being paid off over time? Then drive to wildlife refuges in the $60,000 Range Rover they're financing over six years? That debt is not the fault of Nikon or Tata (the Indian company that owns Rover and Jaguar). I do feel really bad for the restaurant and retail workers who have lost their income thanks to government shutting them down, and for the small business owners who will have lost everything before this is over. Interesting that no one worried about the 25,000 Americans (average-actually as few as 3,500 or as many as 48,000) who die annually from flu or its complications (usually pneumonia).

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evilmagicnut: Does the subscription fee imply the software will not suck? IMO Canon DPP software has never been good at workflow.

Agree! DPP for desktop has been a never ending parade of seemingly random changes, never really improving, just changing. About 12 years ago it was a useful program for bulk conversion of Canon RAW files. It did a way better job on shadows than Adobe RAW. Then changes to the interface made it worse and worse to bother with. Meanwhile Adobe improved their RAW. Now I no longer download DPP updates. I surely wouldn't pay for a tablet version!

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Arastoo Vaziri: There seems to have been a lot of censorship going on here. Many comments and replies seem to have been deleted. I wonder why.

Dpreview is owned by Amazon, isn't it?

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Duncan M: Canon RP is such a mediocre release of a camera.

However it is a typically Canon product and exactly what we could have expected to get. By letting out important features or crippling them they want to protect their DSLR sales.

The problem for Canon seems to be that with the release of the R and RP they can't stop the bleeding and people still run away and jump ship. Mostly to Sony.

You see the exact opposite happening at Nikon who did do their utmost to create a great MILC camera (though some release glitches), but it sells in large numbers and you already see that Nikon shooters have a path to follow and not need to jump ship any longer. Not so with Canon.

I think Sony is thankful for this mediocre release of both the EOS R and RP.

Still interested? Canon's new policy demonstrated with the M50 is wait a few months and if sales don't materialize, cut the price. So wait for the price cut or a new version with fewer disable features.

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eddy1123: My 2 cents here

A lot of people are saying it doesn’t exactly match or beat the a7iii but from corporate stand point it makes complete sense. The point is not to kill Sony but to stop people from switching to Sony. Investing in a system can be expensive, so once there is a switch it’s hard to have them to switch it back. One might ask why doesn’t canon produce something better than Sony and that way it can retain the customer even better, the truth is canon probably can’t at this moment. Sony has been in the mirrorless game for a long time, it’s probably too costly to introduce something unique so the strategy is to stop people from switching then take the time to develop greater features down the road. Same to Nikon.

Video using the eye level viewfinder is one of the reasons for moving to mirrorless.

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tonyreidsma: "You don't switch to it, you add it to the family"

The Canon strategy. Add it to the C100, etc...

Nice slogan "add it to the family", except if Canon were serious about that, they would include the basic EF-R adapter with the body. What they're really saying is that there aren't enough lenses for you to switch.

What is especially problematic is that the R mount is not compatible with the M series cameras. So unlike Canon's DSLR mount, you can't use the FF lenses on the crop sensor body. Lack of EF-S lenses for Canon's crop DSLRs was mitigated by the fact that all the EF lenses worked on the EF-S bodies. The M series mirrorless will not have that advantage, and as many have noted, Canon has not produced a line of lenses for the M mount.

So bottom line for a person with no camera today seems to be: Full Frame - Sony has the only complete line. Crop - M43 Olympus and Panasonic have a complete line.

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bayindirh: It looks like both Canon and Nikon used some well tested spare parts to build their first ML systems, both to reduce required R&D and financial burden while testing waters. Sound decisions financial and time to market wise.

This resulted in some mediocre and non-exciting bodies, but if they see the sales, they will try to improve further.

Nevertheless I also welcome Canon to the flame war fields called Mirrorless Arena, where there are no smoke and mirrors but fierce competition. Let the games begin.

Nikon started out at a higher price point with half again as many pixels and with 5-axis in body stabilization, and a truly serious camera body--plus the 50mm F0.95 teaser. Personally, I'd rather pay the higher price and have a camera that will be current for a few years. Canon has not jumped into FF mirrorless...just sticking a toe in the water. This "new" camera screams "Wait!" At the very least be aware of Canon's new pricing scheme. In just a few months, the price will be cut. A few months after that, there will be an upgraded version with some of the features Canon left out of this one.

I'm not a troll. Just someone with many thousands tied up in Canon gear, trying to decide if I should jump ship now or wait for overcrowded lifeboats.

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nikkor35f2: Amusing people who buys the latest high tech camera w those megapixels, shoot raw but use junky outdated computers... Can afford to buy new car but wants to keep old car tires... Then complain car runs slow. Cheapskate

Race cars run on slicks--little or no tread, because it grips better on a dry track. They change so often because they also are thin, again for better traction, and high speed wears them out quickly. Street and track--different requirements. Of course this thread is all tongue in cheek. Adobe is limiting the OS's it supports because it makes programming easier and cheaper. Just watch for the price reductions that follow. ;-)

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Looks like Adobe has not yet updated for CR3? Or is it just my version (PS CS6)? That means I have to use Canon's DPP, which gets more cumbersome with each update. Oh well, in time.

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LIke many reviewers, DPREVIEW left out a major audience for this camera: downsizers. We have a LOT of Canon-specific stuff. Three years ago I bought an SL1 as a stop gap, waiting for a Canon mirrorless WITH A VIEWFINDER. M5 almost did it, but the M50 is very close, as I realized I may die before Canon produces the ideal mirrorless. I must have a viewfinder (M50 is as bright, fast, and detailed as an optical finder). And I must have mirrorless for those lenses that otherwise require AF micro adjust, to AF properly. I want to be able to quickly switch to video without using the back of the camera as a viewfinder. Don't care about 4K, but having it available is a plus. This camera (I've only had it for about 8 hours) seems like it is going to work for me. I'm a downsizer.

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Neil H. Buckland: The section on crop factor for video modes is remarkably confusing, even for me, a veteran user of all formats from m43 to 4x5. The author mentions full frame 35mm and then switches to video crop factors where APS-C is equal to 1.0.

Focal length equivalency is already enough to make my students lose their minds and ask "Can you please just tell me what to buy?!"

Isn't it time for the industry to start labeling lenses not in focal lengths, but in Angle of View? Then it would be easy to find your preferred wide lens or "portrait" lens for any system without having to deal with so many conversions.

Of course, there will still be the issue of remembering that lenses built for larger sensors will have narrowed angles of view on smaller sensors.

"How much narrower?" Asks my student...

"Oh, well the angle of view with this lens on this camera is about 75% of its angle of view on a full-frame sensor."

"Huh?!? So which one should I get?"

Sigh. 😞

You make a good point, Red. The standard comparison to 35mm film lenses confuses all but us old timers. Describing by AOV might help, but only if the entire industry worldwide adopted a standard, like was done with ISO. Some stat like DAOV (Diagonal Angle of View) might work, but then DAOV for a 3:2 would be different from a 4:3 or 16:9. No easy solution, as us old guys would still ask, "what's the focal length?" And for millenials, you'd need an even more basic description: See your own feet, super wide, wide, normal, telephoto, super telephoto, super duper telephoto, and See Pluto. :-)

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LadislavCZ: Why would anybody choose this over A6300 which is better at everything except the missing articulating screen which can be solved by putting your smartphone via adapter on the hot shoe for vlogging.

Its better at video and its better at stills and AF performance as well better battery life. It has much broader native lens to choose from without adapter plus few 3rd party AF lenses with great optics. Especially the Sigma 16mm/1.4 is great for vlogging. Also the price is 898USD at major US retailers like B&H, Adorama, same on Amazon.

I would like to understand why this got silver when this is behind all the competition. I really have hard time to understand what are the main reason to give it silver.

Also there is missing one major point which is being omitted when testing those cameras. Comparing the EVF between the models . Lag for panning in stills. Lag in burst mode which I found really important to compare plus subjective view on the feeling of the EVF.

Reviews of the M50 convinced me. We have a truckload of Canon gear--lenses, flashes, remote releases, remote flash triggers, and so on. Add in the 5DSR, 5D2, 7D, and SL1, and we've got the GDP of a Central American country tied up in camera stuff. If I can't use my 50/1.2, 300/2.8, and TS-E 17/4, then I don't want the camera, because I could never duplicate the ten or twelve Canon lenses my wife and I share.

What I must have is an eye level viewfinder, but many I've tried (mostly Sony) have disappointed, with dim and lagging images. The M50 EVF is a wonder. It's as bright and detailed as an optical finder, and so far I cannot detect any image lag or artifacts. Lightweight but solid feeling. And, I don't have to figure out Sony's menus, which seem to be designed by engineers who never use cameras. Best of all, I've temporarily lost only my Tamron 16-300 until the firmware is updated. ALL Canon lenses work with the Canon EF adapter.

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len_streets: Hi!
I have a question about your rating system and would really like to get clarification from the reviewers if possible.
I added the m5 to compare the ratings in the end and the m5 has a twice larger score for video.
But if I understand correctly, the m5 and m50 have the absolute same feature set and quality of video, except the m5 additionally has crappy 4k. If it is so and 1080p video is identical, both in terms of quality and features, wouldn't it be reasonable for the m50 to have a slightly higher score? Or and identical score if you condider the 4k so outrageously bad that it doesn't deserve any points for it.
If i were to lets say be decieding on buying one of these for video, the score would clearly not tell me the actual story, that the m5 and m50 are identical, except for the 4k.

The M50 has the faster Digic 8 processor and a full range side attached LCD screen. I'm not a vlogger or likely to shoot selfies, however, I like that the screen can be flipped out to be viewed from the front, even on a tripod. Otherwise I could live with either, although the M5 is $200 more than the M50. My objective here is to downsize from the standard big DSLRs.

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dwill23: USB Charging SUCKS!!! I hate it!! Please don't put it in, cause then they will make you buy the external charge that comes with it now! Who the heck wants this?

"excuse me, can you drop the wall charger so I can't have an extra battery charging in my hotel room while i'm out and about on vacation? ...great! thanks! Don't worry if I want it, i'll buy it, and end up paying more".

This is so dumb that they put this on the 'cons', it should be a pro! I hate it! I wouldn't want a camera that doesn't come with a charger!!

For $15 you can buy a dual battery USB charger from Amazon. If necessary, then I could put two batteries on charge in the car, while I'm using the camera with a third battery. I agree I don't want to have to plug my camera in to charge the battery, and yes, if they added USB charging, Canon would surely eliminate the convenient wall plug charger.

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MikeB2000: I don’t understand the raging debate here. Is this really a camera for users who will shoot and process raw files? From what I’ve read on dpReview and other sites, the M50 is targeted at what I would call “entry level enthusiasts”, which is how I would describe myself. I’m more interested in how the M50 feels in my hands, if my nose hits the display when looking through the EVF, how natural the colors look in AUTO mode, how easy the dials are to use, how intuitive the menu is, etc. And how those attributes compare to the Fuji X-T20, Sony a6300, Olympus M10 Mark III, and others.

I'm one of several in my photo club who have in recent times found ourselves tired of bigger and heavier cameras. Some have moved completely from Nikon to Olympus or Sony. I bought a Canon SL1 three years ago as a stop gap while waiting for a "proper" (integral EVF) Canon mirrorless. I skipped the M5 but just bought the M50. Weight of my camera is a big deal to me, since I usually end up also carrying half of my wife's gear, which is all full size and mostly long lens stuff. I don't care that the M50 is called an entry level camera. So was the SL1, but I never encountered anything I couldn't do with that camera.

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CbrCmdr: how about testing the burst capabilities? will the new CR3 sacrifice FPS (due to more complex calculations needed to compress the size), or it won't?

Depends on where the compressing happens. If it happens during the write to the card, it won't help the buffer. If as the image is captured, it might help. I rather suspect it is the former, and space savings is the only benefit.

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donmarse: I bought my first digital camera in 2000, a 1 megapixel Olympus, my first Canon was a G2 4 megapixel bought in 2003. I bought many cameras over the years and the vast majority were Canon cameras, but after 2012 I stopped buying Canon because they got to stingy with their offerings.

Canon has innovated. In 2003 they broke the $1,000 DSLR floor with the digital Rebel. In 2005 the full frame 5D. In 2008 the 5DMk2 with lots of pixels, plus it created the DSLR movie market, with hundreds of indie films and TV shows actually shot on the 5D2. In 2015 the new megapixel king was, and still is, the Canon 5DSR. Much earlier, Canon was the leader in autofocus, in image stabilization. Earlier still, Canon was a leader in through the lens metering.

Back farther still, Canon (Kwanon back then) was a little manufacturer of a Leica copy in the 1930's, although they did have a breakthrough product in 1961 with the first 50mm f: 0.95, a lens concept which has been copied many times.

Question is, will Canon become an innovator in the time of mirrorless--and hopefully shutterless--any time soon?

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Carrmack: Sony is and has been listening to the consumers, Fuji too, Nikon sort of listens, now Canon is finally starting to listen.

A basic truth about Japanese companies helps to explain their actions. Japanese companies do not consider retail consumers to be their customers. Only distributors/wholesalers matter. Consequently, they react not to our complaints on dpreview, but to declining orders from their major customers.

Sony. Legendary for incomprehensible menus and remote controls. Forever. Not a matter of English vs Japanese but rather Earth vs Space Aliens. That can be the only explanation for Sony menus.

This Canon interview had one purpose: damage control. Canon and Nikon are losing sales to Sony and Fuji, and to a lesser extent, Olympus. All their lost sales are to mirrorless, both entry and high end. These Canon guys are pleading, "Wait. Please wait. We'll make what you want. Just give us some time!"

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