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JavaJones: I'm really struggling to understand the justification for a book module given the response to the face recognition issue: "'Face recognition is very important to some', he says, 'but irrelevant to others.'" So, kind of like a book module then?

I'd be shocked if making expensive photo books is more popular and of greater interest than face recognition, which can be useful to *anyone* who takes photos of people Anyone who says they have no use for it is likely to change their mind if they get a chance to work with a *well-implemented* system.

If Adobe is thinking about professionals and their cell phone pics with the geotagging module, clearly they're not so concerned with targeting a minority of the market. How many people are really editing their *cell phone* pics in LR?

My guess is they made a deal with Blurb, let's say 15% of all revenue from books made in LR4. Blurb gets promotion, Adobe gets extra cash. We get a module useful only to a minority of people. Win!

I think you're misconstruing his meaning. He's saying that a book module is significantly less useful a less people than facial recognition. I use Lightroom for all my RAW developing but occasionally import some images into iPhoto for things like calendars and cards. iPhoto's Facial Recognition is "good enough" to make it useful for me. I already tag each of my photos in Lightroom with my family members' names, but that's inconvenient and tiresome.

I'd want Facial Recognition way way higher on the priority scale than a book module. But Adobe is obviously making money off book publisher partnerships.

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