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Henry Richardson: I normally don't make predictions, but this one is a slam dunk. There will be some people who will buy this lens and in the first month make more good, interesting photos than some of the photo snobs here with their high brow gear will make in a whole lifetime. You can take that to the bank. :-)

Only if they denigrate and look down their nose at people using phone cameras.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1058 comments in total)

I have searched through the PEN-F manual and I can find no mention of these terms you used:

'Classic Film Monochrome'
'Chrome Film Rich Color'
'Chrome Film Vivid Saturation'

Where are they and what are they?

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"The question now is, does the extra 10mm of magnification make the lens a long normal or a short portrait lens?"

It is an extra 5mm, not 10mm.

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On article Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500 (556 comments in total)

From the photo it appears that the A6500 is significantly larger than the A6300.

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Just wondering. If you have your photos on a disconnected hd and are using Smart Previews *and* have selected the option to write changes to an XMP file what happens if you edit using the Smart Preview? Does it wait until the hd with the photos is re-connected to write the XMP? Does it never write the XMP? Does it write it some other place?

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I updated to LR CC 2015.6 yesterday. With 2015.5 it rarely used more than 2gb of ram and even then only after I had been using it a lot. Usually it was between 0.5 and 1.5 gb. With 2015.6 though I am often seeing that it is using more than 3gb of ram. Doing the same kind of work, same size raw files, etc. When I first start 2015.6 it is using about the same as 2015.5 did when it was first started, but after using it awhile it often gets to more than 3gb. Anyone else seen a dramatic increase in the amount of ram used?

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More info in this post by the ASP product manager:


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