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PankajDubey: 🥲
I have something personal against Nik Collection. I bought it at full price from Google, then, they made it available for free.
I am smarting since then.
Still can't come to invest any money on it and continuing with the google version of this program.

I spent $400 when it was actually owned by Nik.

Link | Posted on Oct 29, 2021 at 01:41 UTC
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zsedcft: I can't believe this doesn't charge with USB C. Even Apple's pro portable machines (iPad Pro, MacBook Pro) use it. I don't want to carry around a proprietary power brick anymore. There's a good chance that iPhones will use it next year if the EU gets their way. Is this the only high-end laptop that doesn't charge via USB C at this point?

My XPS 15 can be charged with USB-C PD. I know it won't be able to keep up if pushing the laptop hard but for normal use it is able to replenish the replaceable battery.

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The Point and Shoot Pro: The picture of the lighthouse is Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. One of our favorite places to vacation. just an amazing part of Canada. Sorry, I digress!

First time I tried using this software for sky replacement was some pics at Peggy's Cove. Every time it covers the lighthouse with the sky replacement. I know it can probably be fine-tuned but not the one click solution advertised. Even after the update.

Link | Posted on Jun 3, 2021 at 05:22 UTC

Can't believe the G7X Mark II is not supported.

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2020 at 17:49 UTC as 15th comment | 2 replies

https://www.lrinstagram.com/ Seems to work. If you have Lightroom of course. Just tried it the other day.

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Wonders how many idiots do not know the difference between Note 7 an S7?

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Zeisschen: they can now make it unlimited cause nobody is buying their phones...

Dude... Stop it... The phones are fine. I guess you are next going to tell us all how absolutely no one uses Office. Enjoy your five gigs of iCloud storage.

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On article Fujifilm offers silver X-T1 and firmware update (137 comments in total)
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cjyphoto: I think I'm done with Fuji. Will continue to add to my Canon system.

A silver paint job with a $200 increase just does not cut it. Since I can't edit my original post. Let's just say I'm done with Fuji for now.

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On article Fujifilm offers silver X-T1 and firmware update (137 comments in total)
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cjyphoto: I think I'm done with Fuji. Will continue to add to my Canon system.

Find it amusing those who claim I don't know how to use my Fuji cameras. Just had a couple of images published using my X10. I gave the system a shot in all kinds of different shooting situations. Wanted it to work for everything. Guess what? In my opinion it is simply not ready yet!

Yes. It is lighter. Yes, I enjoy shooting with it. Notice I did not say I was going to abandoned the Fuji system? I'm just not going to go any further with it for now.

For now Canon and Nikon offer more complete systems.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 06:43 UTC
On article Fujifilm offers silver X-T1 and firmware update (137 comments in total)

I think I'm done with Fuji. Will continue to add to my Canon system.

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Day Hiker: This is the future with Adobe and any other company that forces you to use "the cloud" in any fashion. Can you say "Office 365?"

Oh, and don't think that Lightroom is going to remain separate from Creative Cloud all that long.

I like Adobe's products, I no longer care for it's business practices and policies.

Same way with Adobe PS & LR. Haven't had a problem during this "outage"

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rrr_hhh: It is interesting these continual extensions of the 9.99$ Photographers' deal :
What this tells me is that they didn't reach their subscription goal.

I for one didn't subscribe. Here in Switzerland, even after our VAT deduction, we still have to pay 40% more than US customers. I'm definitely fed up with Adobe. I own PSCS6 plus LR5 and won't get into CC.

I'm investing in other products like Capture One and DXO. i will see what to do when i can no more use CS6.

They will be lucky to keep those rates. Notice the price of upgrade is what the current price is. What will that be? http://www.adobe.com/store/en_us/popup/offer/ccm_photoshop_app_offer.html

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backayonder: If you are happy with Adobe Cloud that is fine by me and if you are happy with CS3, 5,6 etc that is all so fine by me too.

I am just wondering from a photographers point of view what benefits the latest Photoshop has. Surely for a photographer Photoshop peaked many versions ago.

Can be done in LR4.

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On article Google+ introduces topic-focused Communities feature (17 comments in total)

Google+ hasn't displayed properly for me in weeks. Unusable.

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On article Nokia sells its headquarters (6 comments in total)

I seem to remember another company that released an incredible product only on ATT. How did that turn out? Love the 920 that replaced my iPhone.

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Mike604: Like the Bible says pride comes before a fall. Nokia/Microsoft together are a sinking ship. With Steve ballet @ the wheel, no wonder they are sinking. Nokia raised the bar, yes but did not blow anything away. A great camera in an outdated OS and low class hardware doesn't work, period. Adios Amigo.

I have a Lumia 920. Switched from iPhone. This whole weight BS given to this phone is exactly that. BullSh*t. Put an iPhone in a protective case. Bam! Same weight as 920. Guess what the 920 doesn't need a case. Love this phone.

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