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Triplet Perar: I remember once Steve Jobs saying how Apple took good things from the Open Source community, worked on them, and then gave back all the improvements for everyone to use. Perhaps Apple could release their Aperture to the Open Source too? Especially considering Apple gave up on Aperture, obviously.

That would be great. It was going good places. And then it died.

Link | Posted on Oct 20, 2017 at 10:17 UTC
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azinheira: For me Adobe will not get any business. I will never pay month by month if options from other developers.

I have LR 6 for now and it's working fine with XT-20 I got it 3 months ago. Don't think to update camera for the next 3 to 4 years and my LR6 its working fine for now.

This may be and option for the future

I don’t like lightroom that well but ransomware is more than a little hyperbolic.

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canoncalg: Ok DP Review....lets have a full blown review/compare of all current programs that can replace LR. Price, user functionality, feature set...catalogue, editing..... this affects 10’s of thousands of user, across all camera brands. Lets see all the alternatives and maybe, just maybe, some “company” from might actually take notice.

Holy like ratio, Batman! And you are right: I’d love to see such a comparison.

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jimrpdx: Thanks for spelling out DAM now and tcourses.those of us who didn't take "geek as 2nd language" courses.

I made a YouTube video a few days ago which I scrapped before uploading because I kept screwing up the words behind the acronym.

I’ll forget it again.

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Mike99999: 1) This looks like an iPhoto / Photos competitor, not a Lightroom competitor.

2) Is anyone still using Lightroom? There are much better tools now such as C1.

A classic synecdochic assumption. I’m looking forward to Serif’s DAM as I find LR slow and it’s interface too split for fast sorting/editing. But it is the lifeblood of my studio.

People still use it.

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Robin Ducker: It looks really interesting. But wait: will it allow access to my Lightroom DAM? Do I have to re-import 8 TB of RAW files??

8TB... wow.

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ZeBebito: My Canon 50mm wide open @ 1.4 gives me the exact same look at a fraction of the cost :)

The canon is both sharper and less prone to aberration. There is no way short of sabotaging th canon lens to make it look like that. Then there’s the angle of view difference. I get that you’re trying to say that you needn’t pay so much for such an outcome but you are too comical.

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paulfulper: Just buy a Pentax 6x7soft focus lens with an adapter on Ebay , the effect will be more pleasant , sharper but soft and cheaper

And it won’t work on an M. Part of the appeal of this lens is its mount and legacy.

Link | Posted on Oct 17, 2017 at 23:37 UTC
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ZeBebito: My Canon 50mm wide open @ 1.4 gives me the exact same look at a fraction of the cost :)

No it doesn’t.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2044 comments in total)
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John Koerner: Best DSLR on the market ... best possible image quality ... better than the Sony A7rII ... better AF & speed too ... but only gets an 89 compared to the Sony's 90?

Lame, illogical scoring ... an utter waste of time. DPR can't even get their sequences straight (conclusion is 6th instead of last).

This is the problem with rating on a constantly up-iterating scale with no obvious ceiling based on understandable hard stops. A 99 today will not be the same as a 99 in ten years.

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On article Photo of the week: Dubai draped in fog (58 comments in total)
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quietrich: But what does it tell me about Dubai?
I want to see photographs that engage with the place, and allow me as the viewer an insight to it.

The subliminal message here is that Dubai is a beautiful place. But it isn't:

Well, that's you. I love this image. Damn.

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Archirum: pay 1000$ for a software update! OMG.

There’s a different camera unit in there. And software updates are free.

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On article The magic of ultraviolet nature and macro photography (72 comments in total)
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NZ Scott: Interesting article.

Thanks for posting, DPreview.

I meant to just like your post but hit reply instead. So uh: +1.

Link | Posted on Oct 13, 2017 at 00:33 UTC
On article Video: Meet the world's fastest camera slider (34 comments in total)

He let the his contraption market itself. What a good job.

Link | Posted on Oct 12, 2017 at 00:24 UTC as 16th comment
On article Video: Meet the world's fastest camera slider (34 comments in total)
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georgievv: The contraption is really cool but I have an issue with fire play in public spaces, especially national parks. California is currently going through the most devastating fires in the last few decades. Fire play in open spaces should not be taken lightly. Also, shuttering glass bottles in a park/garden is not the coolest thing to do. I doubt that one can clean all small glass pieces from the mulch covering the ground. I wish the sensationalism seeking youngsters were more responsible in setting up such demonstrations.

Virtue! Virtue! Oh virtue, where are you!?

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Jacob the Photographer: Perhaps DPREVIEW has the leverage to push DxO to include the Fujifilm X series in their DxO-Optics software as well.
To me it is an utter disgrace that these two big-brand international companies : Fujifilm & DxO do not seem to work together. DxO ' s poor excuse is that the Fujifilm X sensor is of a to complicated design.....
It as crazy as saying :
Sorry but your Land Rover 4WD can not be certified to use country roads because we can not verify if the suspension is suitable since it is of such a different design ( It is ) .
DxO get over with it - or loose our confidence !

It certainly would be cool if they were able to properly demosaic the X-Trans array, but if they didn’t resolution figures would suffer and X fans would raise hell.


Fuji X-Trans files go head to head with FF about as well as does any APS-C camera from the same generation. They are all very good now. The difference is that some of those APS-C cameras have a low pass filter, and some do not.

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keepreal: In a word, daft, but maybe there are also people daft enough to buy it.

Ordered three. Can’t wait. Gonna change my life. What’s daft mean?

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henriks: Feels like 90% of the people commenting here didn't even watch the video...

It’s a two minute video. Pretty sure most of us sat through it.

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quietrich: • Recycle
• Leave a place as you found it
• Don’t eat bits of dead animals
• Buy goods produced ethically
• Don’t consume what you don’t need
• Be politically active
• Buy goods produced locally
• Act in opposition to the ideology of ownership (walk where they don’t want you to walk)
• Plant trees and clear litter
• Recognise the power of your wallet to influence
• Ask yourself about what kind of place you want your descendants to live in

And that concludes today’s sermon. Really sorry - I could go on for hours about this, but just had to contribute my two-penny-worth.


That little bit of information was helpful. Thanks. I disagree re: company ownership of land but understand the opposition to it.

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semorg: One of the greatest photos I've seen picked by DPReview recently.

Humanity is destroying the planet. We have zero regards for other animals.

There are two types of people. 1, human are here to dominate the earth. 2, human should be the protectors of earth.
I'm in group 2, which is a small minority.

Of course I’m serious. How often do you meet one of these humble few willing in all humility to admit that they are one of the rare good guys?

I respect it because:

1- they have the audacity to put out on the internet how well they think of themselves- no hiding behind euphemism.

2- they actually believe what they say.

If all of us died right now except for this rare breed, they’d probably think it was due to their zealous purity. I’m amazed that such a person actually exists and is serious about existing.

And I’ll worship at its feet because what everyone is supposed to do is feed the devouring ego of self-described Christ’s.

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