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On article Zeiss ZX1 review (841 comments in total)

While it is good to see them trying something new I doubt it will ever go on sale. The price and looks are challenging. Android is a dog and the idea of having to subscribe to software to preserve some functionality is frankly bizarre. It is not as if you could make detailed edits on that size of screen and input device so Lightroom is just wrong; a lower spec free editing package would suffice.

I look forward to the next iteration

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On article DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras (363 comments in total)

Ah! Came here for fandroids whining about Apple. Found them almost instantly.

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Menneisyys: Visibly worse corners at the wide end than with the (one stop faster) 18-55 (see for example "DSCF5519.acr "). Definitely not upgrading - waiting for the 16-55 instead.

And where is the corresponding shot with the 18-55?

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On article Behind the Shot: Shredded (90 comments in total)
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GeffBourke: A really wonderful image Marum, and thanks for showing us the technique. I'm heading to Iceland in August and am stopping by that mountain. Really appreciated this little article.


P.S. If people here flame you, remember most people are idiots.

You realise that goes both ways (P.S. If people here praise you, remember most people are idiots.). Actually most people is harsh, most DPR commenters is more accurate.

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I'm a parent and I'm sincerely shocked that someone would take a picture of his young daughter running around in underwear (see here http://www.laboile.com/images/limited3.jpg) and then sell it over the internet?
And it gets WORSE...have a look at this...his teenager daughter faking huge boobs with a balloon in low waist jeans while the other strikes a "sexy" pose for the camera????
And you sell the prints over the internet?? WTF is wrong w this people?
Now I understand France has always been kinda' "libertine" but this is wrong IMO...maybe I am just an over-reacting parent but I think this guy is one step from pimping his daughters if the "art" doesn't sell !
What's next DP...some pedophile galleries??

Nello, you are not well and should seek help. 'pimping his daughters'! WTF? It is people like you who should be kept away from children.

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Ben Herrmann: CAUTION: Be very careful - I just did the firmware update for the Nikon P7700, and now, 3rd party batteries no longer work. The camera will not respond to any of the 3rd party models that I have - including the Wasabi's that are superior. Once you turn off the camera (after firmware update), it will not start up again with a 3rd party battery (at least in my case). But it will function just fine with Nikon batteries. Way to go Nikon!!!! You Tu_ds....another way for you to make an extra buck now having to buy your batteries exclusively.

There is no way to know if a non-factory firmware downgrade is safe. I doubt if Nikon even test for this. It can't be as simple as just reflashing because saved parameters have to be preserved. Simplest and safest way is for the camera to check firmware binary for an embedded version number and only apply newer versions.

Also safest and simplest to calibrate camera behaviour for Nikon's own products. Why would they do anything else?

Interestingly the P7100 also uses EN-EL14s but hasn't had a firmware update.

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Nice article. Erm ... what was it about again?

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On article In pictures - Nikon's large and pricey AF-S 58mm F1.4G (111 comments in total)
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EssexAsh: No 3. seriously, how hard would it of been just to give it a wipe.

Hey Mr Magoo, those are reflections. Seriously, how hard would it be to look before making inane comments? Also look at some books on writing English, the word is "have", also questions end with "?".

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Of course it is a copy and of course the legions of witless fandroids make witless comparisons with Apple, after if Samsung didn't copy Apple all their phones would look like Nokia handsets.

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Biowizard: Beautiful camera - lousy English ...

"and no FEWER than 1000 prototype parts."


Quite correct, your English is lousy. As written, "nearly 1000" means less than 1000. "No fewer than 1000" on the other hand means 1000 or more. Your version is the opposite of what you thought your were correcting. Oh, and a trashy piece of bling, not beautiful at all.

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What a classic of moronic marketing speak, "empower the consumer" and "The new tripod stands support consumers ...", funny I thought they supported the camera. Didn't realize *I* was meant to stand on it and all this time I've been doing it wrong.

Michael Jue, you are a disgrace to your species.

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Nikon should be ashamed by Fuji's after sales support. Fuji don't just fix bugs they provide functionality enhancements. If my D90 and P7100 were as well looked after as this I might not be looking so hard at Fuji.

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A simple mechanism is to only permit purchasers to leave a review. The trouble is that Amazon and DPR see themselves as partly in the social media market and they know that one way of attracting eyeballs is to allow people to leave their opinions behind.

Another more advanced technique is to permit non-purchasers to leave reviews but not to show them to anyone else. That is, only the logged in non-buyer sees their own reviews (which are of course disregarded in the overall rating).

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"no plans" is corporate shorthand for "no plans we are prepared to announce just yet".

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All this endless whining. Adobe don't want to sell me any upgrades? Fine, I'll continue to use CS3 until the competition improves. If you have CS it will continue to work, what's the problem?

Most non-commerical users don't NEED Photoshop, it is just a name they've heard or they are fetishising the most polished toy, rather like people who buy a sports car and just use it to drive to the shops.

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On article Landscape photography: tips for your smartphone (41 comments in total)
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RaZZ3R Death: I don't get this obsesion with iPhone ... it's not BY FAR the best option to take photos since there are so many better IQ out there from Samsung, Sony, HTC even Nokia.

No one said it was the best option, but it is a very popular smartphone and it is what a lot of people will have with them. It also has most (if not all) of the best camera apps.

The obsession is from fandroids who feel the need to react to every mention of the iPhone.

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focalphotography: The main reason any site including most of the UK news media websites do stories about the iPhone is for Google ranking and search engine optimization.

Daily mail is a good example of this doing maybe 2-3 stories about iPhone every week !!

Another Apple hater in denial. 2-3 every week eh? If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, don;t exaggerate. The main reason is that it is a popular phone and people will look to coverage of a phone they already have.

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This is part of the ongoing Android/IOS battle. Some parts will appear in a future release of Android, the rest will metaphorically gather dust in some forgotten disc drive in the bowels of Google's galactic HQ. Snapspeed will pulled from the app store in 1, 2, 3 ...

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