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On article Photographer turns to iPhone for creative wedding shoot (131 comments in total)
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Mdphotovideo: In today's photography market why does Everyone feel they can be a professional photographer. It takes years of experience and a huge financial commitment to became a successful social event photographer.

People be aware just because you call yourself a professional does not mean you are. When you decide to do stupid things like shoot an event with an iPhone you bring a sense of amateur status to you and you lower industry standards. Please stop or go find another job that accepts crappy work.

I always wanted to know the fellow that traces those red thin lines separating pros from us, mere imitations... nice to finally know you, master!

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More info about how this 3D lens works here:

It includes a very self-explanatory view of the lens wide open with and without the 3D LCD active.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D600 In-depth Review (498 comments in total)

The scoring really says nothing: you can only compare with other in the same category, but, D600 is the only one on its own category of "Mid range full frame" while Canon 5D MKIII is on "semi-pro full frame" category.

I can't understand this, they both should be on the same category, at least in my mind they both should share a "non-pro full frames" category so you have to score they both uniformly, and we can really compare.

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I suggest this setup:

A nexus 7 (200$) with a USB OTG cable adaptor (5$) and a card reader (10$?) attached to it, so you can browse your DSLR files just plugin the card (or a 1GB USB harddrive), and the tabled coupled with your phone via wifi to be able of sharing.

Dropbox installed and configured to copy new media files to the cloud if you need instant backup or instan gallery creation (if you creates a folder for the sesion and copy there the selected shoots from sd-card, you have an link to your gallery ready in seconds -while uploading the shoots will take some more time- and looks quite nice: real example

Add photoshop retouching and others to be able to retouch (very limited).

And, btw, there are some apps to thetter your DSLR from android, with stronger support for canon over nikon (on screen preview, time lapses, focus stacking, etc.) but in my experience not all tablets support it properly (search if interested).

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Tablets without 3G capabilities are not a problem in real world, as you can pair them via wifi to your smartphone, being it an iPhone or an Android, very easily, so the phones act as wifi hot-spot for the tablets.

You just need to activate it on the phone, give it a name and pass, and let it active. Then your tablet find this wifi and allows you to connect with the pass, but only the first time, as it will auto connect as soon you re enable the wifi hot spot in your phone in the next need.

Really simple and usable, and you only need to pay for one data connection on the phone, not two.

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_chalkie_: This is just the sort of photo competition I'd love to enter, but giving away your pictures free isn't at all appealing. I'm happy for a picture to be used for the purpose of promoting the competition but not to be used as a resource in this way, without payment.

I often get asked for permission to use my Flickr pics and often get "oh, we're not interested any more" replies when I ask for a fee in return. I always point out that while I am an amateur I still have to buy all my own equipment (which isn't tax deductible) and create the images in my own time.

Giving away a portion of your work for just a good cause, to document history before it vanish on a free-to-use platform like wikipedia, it is more than ok to me, is an honor to me, honestly, i did participate last year and will do again now.

And if you would want to make money of it, just do good shoots and offer a "copy with your family here" to tourist or invent something, but helping wikipedia wont make you a poor man, but a richer human being in a culturally richer, better humanity.

Sorry if i made you cry or lough!!

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Henry Falkner: Some thoughts on the use of a physically large 2 MP sensor - Mars is more than twice as far from the sun as the earth is, so it gets less than 1/4 of the light. The 16 MP BSI CMOS sensor and the processor in my P&S camera do create artifacts, which reduces the effective resolution as well as the reliability of the information content. The failure rate of new consumer cameras has been quoted as 2 to 4% - clearly not acceptable when you cannot exchange the camera once it leaves the ground. They use prime lenses of different focal lengths, which reduces the need for cropping. The lead time for curiosity was a number of years, not six months.

Don't panic, they took a good tripod along, a very expensive one!

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balchinian: Hi Mr. Coin Dealer. My name is Ernie Squidmore, and I'm a NASA Engineer. I would like to buy 2 of your most expensive pennies so we can send it all the way to Mars. Why? Just gimme the damn pennies or I'll write equations on your forehead!

LOL, just change "forehead" at the end by "facebook wall" and you are done!

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lost_in_utah: I read through ALL of the comments. I think an intelligence test should be mandatory before a person is allowed to post on an online forum. The comments by some make me cry due to the extreme ignorance exhibited.

At least we are good photographers... or aren't we? Noooo?!

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Ando72: The design parameters, in order of priority, were probably (1) reliability, (2) reliability, (3) reliability, (4) survability of the space journey, (5) bandwidth, (6) resolution. If you only have once to get it right, and it absolutely must work first time, you start making different design decisions.

The Mars Rovers used 1980's tech processors, primarily because NASA had already done the "space-izing" to ensure they were reliable enough for space missions. It costs in the order of several $M to develop a new processor and prove it to be reliable enough for space missions. I would imagine cameras and imaging equipment to be on a similar scale.

John 3: They also sended a couple of living astronauts with the camera, remember!

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harold1968: Thom Hogan is going to have a real beef about the placement of the video button!

BEST comment ever on DPreview. Period.

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rmbackus: That pixel resolution is a strong argument, that pixel-counting is for the consumers market.
In the analogue era no professional photographer was worrying about Tri-X or Panatomic-X grain.
I never encounter pixel limits in digital pictures, just optical limits.

Also the watts consumed by the 17 sensors are a big problem without any USB charger around.

A better sensor could spend twice as much power, or ten times, and the rover needs to survive to a martian winter -cross fingers- and still take some stills from time to time.

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Tom Goodman: I can imagine it now. Velasquez is in his studio, toiling with messy oils and camel hair brushes when an assistant runs in, breathless with excitement.

"Maestro," he exclaims, "throw away your oils and try these magic markers! They will make much better pictures of the Infanta!"

May be he could use both media and not think of markers as a invalid option, just a valid one he didn't have on his times. May be he used different and new mixtures to make its own pigments and he was considered to use "hipamatic" colors, too vivid for his time.

Use what you have around, invent your own tools, and do get good shoots, thats all, and this is a good shoot to me, a great great one.

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victorenglund: I also feel this i a triumph of form over content. It's not that the images lack content, because they have plenty of content, it's because the photographer chose to shoot them with Hipstamatic! If a smartphone was his ONLY camera available he could have used an app like hipstamatic but I'm sure a pro like Lowy could have brought any camera he wanted. So why use hipstamatic? Did he do it to prove that you can take amazing pictures with any camera? In that case I feel he kind of disrespects the beauty of the subject by using it to prove a point. Did he do it to more easily get noticed and published? I sure hope not, that would be a dick move! Did he do it simply because he simply likes hipstamatic?

May be not wearing a bag and holding a big camera helps you a lot in getting among the people without being too noticed, perceived as part of the scene, invisible.

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On article Reuters to use robotic DSLRs for Olympics coverage (104 comments in total)
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FlashInThePan: Does it apply as a "robotic" rig or should it be (at least partly) autonomous to qualify as such?

Computer controlled rigs (cranes, dollies tripods and so on) have been used in the film industry for quite a while now. The novelty seems to be in the application, not the technology.

Add the right program in the PC side and voila! You have cameras that detects action, follow and zoom on it, and fire automatically too in response to "visual events" (when the action pass this line, etc).

You have apps. for mobiles that make a shoot when it detects movement in some area of the frame, this is just more complex but same idea.

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On article Reuters to use robotic DSLRs for Olympics coverage (104 comments in total)
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Dvlee: I've done alot of aerial photography from a helicopter and I've used a remote controled model helicopter. Actually going up in the helipcopter is way more fun than using the RC platform.

Making great pictures is only part of the reason I got into photography...the other is that the act of taking photographs is so much fun.

The willingness and ability to be in he right place at the right time is one of the reasons we are hired as photographers. But now they are going to hire a technician to mount the camera and the photographer does not even have to be on the scene to take the shot...he could be locked away in a mobile vehicle far away from the location like the TV crews.

That takes all the fun out of it.

Dvlee, have you in mind trying with a parrot AirDrone V2, this new model can record HD video and stills, may be not any good quality for your work, but hey, it is a great tool to add a flyby over the wedding inside the church or later on the meal passing along the tables.... would be very very funny to record it as it passes near the wow faces of the people!

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On article Reuters to use robotic DSLRs for Olympics coverage (104 comments in total)
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gsum: <rant>
Yawn, Another olympics story. Boring Boring BORING. Unfortunately I live in the UK where we're getting these dreary corporate games shoved down our throats every day, along with dismal tennis and cricket.
It's a pity that this rubbish is even polluting DPReview.
Must get out with my shiny new D800 more.

<body>Yes, Finnur.</body>

<footer>But you did not use any markup yourself!</footer>

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