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Airless: I don't get how the short flash duration makes sharp pictures. Doesn't the shutter stay open even after the flash ends?I have heard of 1/8000 shutter speed but not 1/16000.

but how does 1/38500 work when shutter stays open longer... 1/8000? or is it completely dark and the only image will be when the flash lights?

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(unknown member): In the UK costs are doubled: £529 for 16Gb (a £20 SD cards worth)

£599 for a 32 Gb model, and £699 for a 64Gb model (£60 SDHC UHS-1 cards worth)


its an apple sdhc card...£150 with a phone glued to it £250... plus its shiny and got round corners £350 ...and u forget the apple carcass sticker on the back ...£699

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nicolas guilbert: What we need is Canon to develop an iPhone & Android app and a connection to the phone. And please integrate wifi in future bodies. You can really fell the stupidity of all this when you have a 2K $ body and use a cheap phone to take a picture of the camera display and then send that image over wifi network to somebody else.

there are android apps w live views

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On article Canon releases promised Firmware v2.0.0 for EOS 7D (104 comments in total)

is max auto iso apply to video also?

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On article Canon releases promised Firmware v2.0.0 for EOS 7D (104 comments in total)

any unexpected changes? like ...exploding 7Ds? ...50mpix? ...bright blobs of flaming ...

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On photo P5120904 in the The Hardcore Street: Hookers, Bums, And Junkies challenge (1 comment in total)

this is a LOL

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awesome light compo

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finally no more 1200x500 !!!

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peevee1: Panasonic ZS20 is so much better it is not even funny.

yeah if you like splotchy panasonic noise reduction

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On article Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery Tutorial (162 comments in total)

really... come on... its so un-natural it makes me nauseous

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Edmond Leung: Perfect image quality.
A perfect camera only for people with good taste and superior creative spirit.

lol ok sure

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Superka: I prefer shooting film. There is something unnatural in all this manipulations.

dont let the cow tit hit you in the face

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michael pappas: This just shook up the price/performance Market. My God! Good write up DP....


they didnt write anything up, its just a link

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World Peace: How much is this upgrade?

yeah ok this is about PS not 0$ tools, go make your own thread buddy.

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/steve: The "less screen real estate" review comment puzzles me, because the 16:9, 10.1" Galaxy screen is 43.6 square inches, which is a smaller area than the 4:3, 9.7" iPad's 45.2 square inches.

also, is the android function bar factored in the screen space?

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D200_4me: I'm still liking Android better...mostly because it's more open. Apple seems to lock you into Apple. For example, can you get an iPad with a memory card expansion slot? No. Want more memory?...spend a few hundred more :-( At least some of the Android tablets have expansion slots for extra memory. Not all though.

yea thats what i thought... open,,, and then i bought an android tablet and played with it... android is a pain... its web browsers suck. its barely cheaper than a damn ipad...

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pedrojoper: Why is this on dpreview? Are they gonna cover every smartphone and tablet announced or just the ones from a particular brand? If they're sponsored by that brand they should make that clear, if not it makes no sense!

I really like this site, watch it almost daily since 2006 and it's the first time I write something negative about it. I think the iPad 3 is a great tablet but shouldn't be featured on this site!

... it can show pictures?

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"we're still working through this issue" ... WHY?
its fuji who needs to work on it

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depechemode: Welecome to China!

depeche mode knows how to spell, ok?

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On article Just Posted: Sigma SD1 preview Raw and JPEG samples (88 comments in total)

low iso, center, from raw images have lots off pixel detail !
but if you up the ISO it looks like a 200$ P&S POS

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