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Alternative Energy Photography: I desperately need an organizer for my photos, and if this article had come out 2 months ago, I'd be all over it.

But now with Creative Cloud being crammed down everybody's throats, I fear Adobe in all things, and have been trying to look for alternatives, even for Adobe Reader. Especially for Adobe Reader; that damned thing is always needing to be updated, and that's a real hassle because I dislike auto updates.

I am very seriously thinking of going with Corel's organizer instead of Adobe's, or at least researching for others.

Lightroom is available for purchase just as before and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. It's also part of Creative Cloud, but it's still available standalone purchase too.

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(unknown member): Adobe, we don't trust you. According to the poll, "we" is about 96% of over 6,500 respondents. You have earned that loss of trust. Why should Lightroom be any different from CC if Photoshop isn't? If Lightroom had been a simplified version of PS then maybe more PS users would have migrated. I don't hate Lightroom, but I like PS and my workflow is already well-defined. By making this change you are FORCING people to either never upgrade their current PS or switch to another program. You hope we'll go use Lightroom, but why would we trust you not to get us hooked and stab us in the back again? Even if we did believe you, when switching programs don't you think you're opening up our choices to the entire field of available editing software and that we might choose to learn a system that hasn't completely lost our trust? I don't want you to go out of business, but I hope you lose enough stock value to forcefully eject whoever made this decision with extreme prejudice.

Hey Howard - I wanted to make sure you know that Photoshop CS6 is still available for purchase and will be for a long time. I realize that this doesn't probably address your primary concern, but I wanted to make sure you knew.

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ArcaSwiss: Just watch a version with Retina Display support will soon appear on the Cloud versions. Not that I really care I'm sticking with PSCS6 and gonna take a look at Aperture. I use a medium format digital back so Capture One is my raw converter.

Why not Lightroom? It's still available as standalone purchase. You can buy it without being a creative cloud member. But, it's also part of Creative Cloud, so you have options. Also, Photoshop CC is available as a single subscription for $19.99/month.

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Pastynator: I feel sorry for people who converted their raws to dng and deleted the originals!

dng is a standard, not an Adobe proprietary format.

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philbb: I recently bought a copy of CS6 with a view to skip the next version but consider future version's depending on what features are offered. I'm not a professional and I can't afford or justify constant upgrade's.

Disappointed in Adobe's approach. CC is likely to be too expensive for me.
Whilst this is not an immediate problem for me I hope Adobe listens to the negative feedback and restores customer choice.

If not I'll be forced to look elsewhere for my software in the future.

I just checked the pricing,
Single app $19.99 or if in UK £17.58 a month.
Existing CS customers $29.99 or £27.34 if in the UK.

The price differential between the US / UK is massive !!!!

As a CS6 owner, you get a HUGE discount for 1st year. Also, if you do the math, you come out cheaper with Creative Cloud, even if you only upgraded to every other version. If you only use Photoshop, you can subscribe to only Photoshop for less than the whole package.

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Danny: Adobe thinks that if you are a professional you 'need' Photoshop to do your job. That is a big mistake. As a professional you can work on any piece of software that has the basics, as like a painter can still make a great painting with a different brush. If you have talent you can work on anything and are not depended on anything else besides your talent. Sure, we are used to work with product A, now we have to get used to product B, so what? You need to be a complete imbecile if you ever going to pay for their cloud option. Serious, who is going to do that???

tons have already - and if you do the math, you come out cheaper with Creative Cloud, especially when you analyze the tax deduction differences. You SAVE money.

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Eigenmeat: Based on the current US internet infrastructure, there is no way you can run such a data and processing intensive software on the cloud. A 6-8 image pano tiff from my D3200 can easily go pass 100MB. That will take like 10 mins to upload with my 50 dollar/month internet collection. Loading the software live to the local computer is not much better either.

My guess is that the "bulk" of the software will still be entirely offline, and only a periodic validation is required. This kind of online validation has already been defeated on Microsoft Windows.

So in the end, more people will move to pirated versions, since it does not require a periodic internet collection =).

As a newbie photographer, Lightroom already does more than enough for me, and it's priced fairly. I guess CS5 will be my last CS...

Software is still installed locally. Cloud gives you the ability to sync your settings, share files easily, work on projects from your mobile devices, and tons more. Check out the links above.

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Smokeypossum: Aahh I love major life changing times of choosing between this system or another system. having been a long time user of Photoshop I will be moving to another platform for my life work after my current 5.5 becomes too obsolete. By then the "bleeding edge of technology" will have become the established front and I am more than happy to let others who think they "need" the latest find out how to solve someone elses problems. Like many of you I don't accept that I have to store my work on their machine in the cloud, only be able to access it when I have internet access. I've always paid for my software so have no problem with piracy. Some people thought they could get away with it! LOL

You are mis-representing Creative Cloud. You do not have to save your files "in the cloud". You can still save them locally as before. Products are still installed locally as before.... and they work offline (for months).

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Horshack: It's kind of comical how Adobe refers to their CS offering as "the cloud", even though it's no different than their existing distribution model. The software is still downloaded once and executed locally, same as existing digital distribution; the only difference is Adobe gains an excuse to implement DRM/piracy controls, controls that would be unacceptable for stand-alone software. And they can charge more and earn their income on a more predictable basis. Adobe has become the vampire squid of the creative software world.

You need to take a closer look at Creative Cloud. Yes, the programs still install locally, but now they get updates much faster. As new features are developed, Adobe can now push them out sooner without having to wait on the next release cycle.

Also, check out many of the services that are part of Creative Cloud. It's much more than just 20GB of storage (100GB for team edition).

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qwertyasdf: How can I edit my polar bear shots taken in North Pole?

With Lightroom and Photoshop of course. You are probably implying that the Creative Cloud products won't work without internet connectivity. They do indeed work offline (for months!).

More info:

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CFynn: With the current model you get to choose whether what's on
offer is a compelling upgrade. Moving to a subscription model seems
to be resignation to the fact that the vendor really has nothing new to offer in the future - so they have to shut down or find a new revenue stream.

If Adobe follow their current pricing practices, the cost of renting your app will inflate by 50-100% by the time your cloud data crosses the Atlantic and arrives in the EU.

It's quite the opposite. Switching to cloud allows more frequent updates without going through a traditional release cycle. This means that you get new features faster. Adobe is innovating faster than ever.

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Just sayin' --

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Jabs767: Cloud? What's that?

First you have to have reliable internet connection which for me is not possible and this reliance by software manufacturers/developers on such technologies might be alright in the US, but not all parts of the world have the same systems.

It takes a whole day recently to download/update my Mac OS! Not every professional photographer works in big US cities or even the big studios in Australia. They seem to have forgotten a large portion of their market and are concentrating on the 'big' customers.

Adobe already charge nearly twice as much in Australia for their products than they do in the US.

It looks like I will be using Nikon's CNX2 and Capture One Pro more now when Nikon deliver new cameras that ACR won't open the RAW files on.

You do not need an internet connection to use the software. It installs as it always has and runs locally. You can even use it offline (for months if needed!).

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jm67: I've been thinking for a few years now about switching from Photoshop to something else. I've dreaded something like this coming along ever since they started their cloud (read:rent) option becoming their only option. Have I got this right...$360 year 1, $600 each after that? Are they kidding? Even as a professional, I can't justify spending near $6k over the next ten years alone. Guess they're forcing me into going to DXO or someone else for a raw converter and now I have to find something for editing. I know most out there love lightroom, but I don't. Like others I'll milk my CS6 for as long as possible but then it'll be farewell adobe, it was sort of nice knowing you. You may have beaten the pirates (not saying that's a bad thing) but you're sure kicking the crap out of your loyal users. Ciao.

Photoshop is only $19.99/month. Education discount makes it even cheaper. So in other words, you can subscribe to one product or get get the full Creative Cloud membership.

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mn88: I haven't posted in a long time, but I had to comment on this story. In the past I could justify the upgrade expense (usually skipping a generation), because the price I paid fit my use of Photoshop. Plus, I don't need to have the latest and greatest versions. I have CS5, skipped CS6 thinking the next version would have upgraded video tools that I'd like to have. Won't be upgrading now! I'll keep using CS5 which does what I need it to do and look at another product down the road. No way I'll be paying Adobe a monthly subscription. It will be substantially more than I've been paying. I sure hope LR doesn't go down this road. I agree with so many of the comments from others. Hope Adobe is listening.

Photoshop (standalone) is only $19.99/month and you will always have latest features. As far as Lightroom goes, they posted something on it today -- (it's still available as regular purchase in addition to being available with creative cloud).

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nightshadow1: This is crap! When you live in a country that has very unreliable internet, what are we supposed to do?

I have cloud storage and I have not been able to upload 1 high res photo, so how is this supposed to work? How about when we are traveling? Do they provide a connection all over the world? Don't think so... just go to Asia and try to get a decent internet speed to DL the programs. Now expect us to go to internet cafes everywhere and log into our account and we get hacked? CRAP!

As usual... just think about yourself adobe... and f... the "loyal" customer who has bought the upgrades year after years after year, with your implied warranties. Time for the lawyers!

One day they tell everyone to convert the RAW files so they are there forever and not subject to the "whims" of the camera manufacturers. The next day they pull this crap!

How about us disabled and retired people? Yes, we need this like a dog needs (more) fleas! Housing, food, medicine-yes! Cloud from adobe-NO!!!

Ah - a very common misconception about Creative Cloud. You do NOT need an internet connection to use the tools. It only uses the internet to verify your license. You can even use the tools offline for months! The tools install as before. You are not forced to save your files in the cloud.

Two links:

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Robert J. Gonzalez: It's all about the money.

The cloud costs more than just buying the software.

Cloud is fine for tablets and smart phones but not major applications.

They need to rethink this.

You'll find that it's not really more expensive for most people. You can get Photoshop for $19.99/month and always have the latest version. If you use it professionally, the tax benefits will help as well. Unless you skipped 2 versions at a time, it's not really more expensive. The ability to get the cool new features as they become available is easily worth 66 cents per day! Also, you can get the entire master collection (plus services) if you do the full membership. The math on that is even more compelling.

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Kinematic Digit: 4 years ago I paid $2500 per copy per employee for CS4, upgrades to CS5 cost me over $1200 per machine which was 3 machines.

Keep it in perspective people.

Even if I only upgraded every two versions which in the past was about 3 years, even at $49.99 per month over 36 months = $1799.64 per machine vs $3,700 over the same time period.

The only thing that sucks about the cloud is that it's a perpetual paid system, but if you were Adobe, the cost of R&D was not sustainable if users only upgraded every two versions. This just doesn't make sense for them.

Assuming that the majority in here has never paid the full price like I have on multiple machines and for multiple employees, you'd understand better how much better this is.

Currently I'm in a school that has 60 machines. It costs us over $36,000 + $11,000 for two years of licensing with Adobe. We have a love hate relationship with Adobe, but this model is actually very welcome in our situation.

There are some serious tax benefits too ("renting" vs purchasing of SW) - check with your accountant - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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photo_rb: Question - Does the multiple software subscription also include Lightroom?

Lightroom is available as part of Creative Cloud AND as a standalone purchased product. Info was posted today -

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Andre Pernet: I hate it. First Adobe announces the bad news: The subscription!.Then it is the cloud! . What if I want to spend 6 hours working on PS when there is no internet access? Finally they did not say what is new and attractive in PS cc that would make me want it and pay tons of money. Sorry Adobe you lose me by being too greedy.
Andre Pernet

You don't have to have an internet connection to the use the tools. This is a common myth ( -- the apps install just as before. You can be offline for a LONG time if needed. There are tons of new features in Photoshop and Lightroom - they were showed at MAX today - you'll be seeing online videos of them shortly.


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