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On article At last: Snapseed for Android! (39 comments in total)
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chillgreg: If your Android phone is pre 4.x (ICS/JB) then forget about it. My "old" Samsung Galaxy S2 is not compatible. Hence does not appear in the Play Store for me.


This app is free so you cannot expect too much unless you are willing to pay $5.

Link | Posted on Dec 7, 2012 at 20:02 UTC
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Red G8R: There must be a new body in the works to go with these expensive lenses.

the body must be called gh3

Link | Posted on Sep 17, 2012 at 22:23 UTC
On article Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' (370 comments in total)
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AngryCorgi: The physical depth spec is clearly wrong.

Intriquing camera, but I don't care for Samsung's in-house sensors. They are pretty darn awful.

Furthermore, the size of the sensor is at the limit that most manufacturers claim no real benefit from the BSI arrangement. Odd on all accounts.

It's most probably a sony sensor

Link | Posted on Jul 3, 2012 at 23:59 UTC

street price will perhaps be at around $1000 - i think it will be very attractive if it has performance of 17-50 non-VC or anywhere near it. i woudl buy one.

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2012 at 18:45 UTC as 65th comment
On article Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview (265 comments in total)
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davidbindle: Is it just me... or is this really pushing the limits of a lot of glass out there? If I wanted to exploit the resolution of this camera, I would have to put nothing less than the absolute best glass in front. But well... I suppose everyone already realizes this. I'm probably just a wee bit jealous 'cause I won't be able to afford one. If pixel density continues to be a factor in the amount of noise when shooting in low light, I'm anxious to know how this one performs because cramming 36 mp into the full frame might be making things somewhat tight. Still a lot less crammed than high MP compacts but obviously more crammed than the earlier full frames that were noted for their low noise at high ISO's.
Yet... I still drool a bit...

same pixel density as d7000 so should be no prob at least in the apsc frame.

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2012 at 05:26 UTC
On article Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1 (130 comments in total)
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Optimal Prime: Great. Any chance of an actual camera or lense review? Remember them back in the days...?

Smith is an dpreview writer?

Actually I'm learning a lot from all these new posts, about different softwares, photogs, so on. I hope dpreview can continue on with this while satisfying needs of traditional dpreview visitors.

Link | Posted on Dec 13, 2011 at 06:57 UTC
On article Just posted: Panasonic DMC G3 in-depth review (45 comments in total)
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MonkeyHouse: I went to Henrys with the intention buying one of these, and opted for the Canon T3i instead. Within 10-15 minutes, I knew a few things would be a pain for m, all preference-based and subjective:

1. The grip didn't feel comfortable in my hand. Thumb got crampy from the "pinchy" way I had to hold it.

2. I tried adjusting EVH with the dial but no matter what the edges were distorted. Overall, I found looking through an EVF distracting. I'm not AT ALL a DSLR "optical view" snob... like I said, I had every intention of buying the G3 knowing it had EVF.

3. It's smaller to the naked eye, but when a big attraction is "take it places I wouldn't bother to take a DSLR" it's still not small enough.

The auto-fucus was crazy fast, though, and full-time autofocus seemed to work like a charm. It was a plenty good camera, but left me no reason to not get the T3i instead.

Easy... stop buying their cameras.

Link | Posted on Jul 13, 2011 at 20:57 UTC
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