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JOrtiz: Beautiful picture. Great composition. What beautiful place is this?

Thank you for your comment. The Village shown is called "Heiligen Blut" ("Sacred Blood") - the name relates to some legendary event from mevieval times. The village is located at the southern entrance into the road which crosses the Alps via the Gross Glockner pass, in western Austria. When ever you are touring central Europe, do not miss the chance to visit the area, spend a day to drive up to the summit of the pass, and explore the side roads leading to beautiful sights. Make sure to check the weather report since much fog often spoils the sights.

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Very interesting selection, obviously well traveled. Can you tell me which would be the favorite National / Federal parks in the US ? Do you know any fascinating places on the Pacific coast, close to the Canadian border ? Contact me, if you will at

Thanks for posting, would like to see more on your gallery.

Wolfgang / Brampton / Ontario

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nordin seruyan: Thank you for the comments, whether in form of appreciation or critics, which both are highly appreciated. I can clarify that none of the insects in my pictures are tortured nor killed to pose. No glue nor wire used. Most of the pose are natural pose of the insect/animal. I did carefully move the position of insect in some pictures to specific staged place such as leaves or water shallow surface or grass. The backgrounds are taken separately using manual lens which has bokeh character, by adding water spray in the back with natural light and compose two pictures in photoshop, by masking method and adjust the color saturation. It's not a controversial form of art in photography in my opinion. It's just a part of my art creation process to present the other side of macro photography.

The notion that cruelty to animals may have been used to create stunning pictures of art - not photography - is rubbish. Consider that we kill people in the name of someones god, or political / economical interests. However, to call this beautiful work "macro photography" is deception, is totally unethical.

Mr. Seruyan should have insisted that at publication of his work the method of his art was explained and understood. Not doing so - perhaps he has done it ? - he gets credit not warranted. Never the less, the product of his imagination, and PP craft, is astonishing.

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picture purrfect: So pretty!

Thank you for your kind words. With my interest "peaking" after reading some of your posts, I was searching your gallery to find out more about your photo work, but you have not posted yet any. Would like to see a bit how you look at the world around you. Can you help ? What did you end up doing with your lens decision ?

Kind regards,

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Ed at Ridersite: Something just isn't making sense here. The EXIF says 230mm and maximum aperture f6.3. The rules say "NO PP, just out of camera." Please explain.

To host: why was this photo allowed to remain in the challenge?

Ed: What is your problem with my picture ? It was taken with my 500mm/8 Sony reflex. How that 230mm/f6.3 came about is beyond me as all postings in that context are taken off the same source, which is my gallery. What is really your problem ? I think most of the other shots should have been disqualified as they do not demonstrate the qualities of the STL, which - among others - is high fps and continuous autofocus. Well demonstrated by my shot of hunting pelicans. Please explain yourself ?


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just a small side show on a road between Arizona and Colorado.

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These pictures are truly fabulous as they convey a good portion of the joy and excitement of the moment, witness the action on the spot. Watching them gives one the feel to be part of it all. I wish there would be more. What an idea of Bolt to do that! My hero!

Discussing camera equipment - I feel that most cameras would have done a similar job, as really the action in this picture is the value of this picture - comparing the performance and personalities of diverse athletes, is rather distracting, disturbing, and tells much about the qualities of the author of such comments.

At times there is evidence of a huge lack of civility demonstrated by members of this forum while judging the greatness of others.

Just enjoy the moment. That is what photography is all about.


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Nice shot, however, try to avoid horizons in the middle of the picture: move it up or down, depending on what you chose to select as prime motive. I think the sky would have been my choice.

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