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wolfie: Should be the progenitor of a new genre for unpocketable cameras - heck I even wonder how it will do on a wrist or neck strap!

I think Sigma have plenty of important issues like battery life and operational speed, even maybe some WR capability, before trying to take on Hasselblad for outrageous designs destined to be self-sales-killers.

Would you prefer that they design cameras after pockets (like the current breed of credit card size cameras) or the other way around ?
If its good to hold / shoot, its not sigma's problem how you carry it.
It only takes a couple of weeks until cases/grips etc hit ebay

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petemod: When I first saw the picture of the camera I thought that this would be a digital Xpan... THAT could have been really interesting.

what is a digital xpan ?!
take 2 shots with 28mm dp1 and stitch them together in PS.
unless you're shooting wide street photography or sports .. I dont see the point

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HubertChen: Many DP Merrill users have 2 or three of these cameras, as each lens comes with a camera. For such a use case it is surprising to design a camera that protrudes in the rear and in the front, making the carry bag for several DP Merrill cameras that much bigger.

This is how this works
you have one bag with 2-3 vertical long pockets (or a side mesh pocket on a backpack too) You slide the camera side in with the grip to the top. grab pull shoot. that's how I carry my current cameras.
In terms of carry this is good. How it is in the hand will have to be seen when it comes out. Looks a bit flimsy with no place for the pinky.

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Im sure this is a nice camera. They are all good nowadays HOWEVER
enough is enough with the cute little design where you have to pinch your camera with 2 fingers and risk losing it in any situation other than a dinner at the table situation.
Seriously do the engineers test those things out on a boat, on a bike, on the street, one hand only, getting it in and out of a pocket, a bag ? I don't think they do.. they just re-hash and re-hash the same old 'design'
I can design a 100 times better camera with better controls layout and ergonomics. Seriously, all Im gonna do is put a ISO dial and a usable grip..who cares if it fits in a girl purse
so thanks but no thanks, you want $800 - make a camera that's usable and sturdy
Too little, too late, too generic.

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