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Ziggy Fields: I understand that a pro probably does not care about the size or weight of the camera - its part of the job. This thing is big !!

I see a real need for a technological breakthrough to produce something the size of a cell phone (or something like that), that can produce FF type quality images. Even the equiv of 24 mpx APS-C would be great.

I still love my FF and MF cameras but cell captures so many more things, but not to the same technical quality.

But your mobile phone camera is improving at a rapid rate - compare today's images from just a few years ago. It's not hard to extrapolate that an iPhone will take pictures as good as a FF camera in just a few year.

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A-Marc: i d like to get some insight about the new keyboard. how does it act and how does it sound ? is the "crow on a tin roof" sound still there, or did the new keyboard little more subtile in klickin sound ?

It's the same keyboard they've been using since they replaced the "butterfly" keyboard with a "scissors" design in 2019. Feedback is good, but the key travel is relatively short. Still much better than my last gen MBP from work, which was awful. No where near as good as a nice logitech.

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mujana: I don’t like to use laptops at all, so I’ll certainly not buy one. But….such a Max chip inside a Mac Mini…or a 27” iMac ? Yes, I’ll really consider it already! Hope for a “sensible” price then (whatever that means).

Have a friend who knows a guy... Look for an announcement in March or April 2022.

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MirkoK: my macbook pro is now 11 years old, i think its time for an upgrade

You'll be very happy

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Terrano: Please compare what you are getting on the screen to a good external monitor, i worry it looks beautiful on the MacBook but is not representative for print usage. I currently have an 2011 iMac looking to upgrade. Thank you.

Well, that depends on your external monitor, doesn't it.

The screen on my new MBP 14 is absolutely stunning - incredibly vibrant, and saturated with tremendous contrast. You have to see it to understand, but images have a richness and dimensionality that you don't get on other screens.

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RJB138: Easy to just max out the configuration, but hopefully, DPR will test other less expensive configurations. Maybe a basic configuration and one in the middle?

That will help readers understand what type of performance they will get at different price points and what are the trade-offs.

I got the cheapest 14" - 8 Core with 16GB. Loving it so far.

Keep in mind that the 14" MBP costs just $300 more than the 13" when both are configured with 16G Ram and 512G storage. For $300 you're getting faster CPU, faster SSD, more ports, and that incredible screen.

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Kostasm: +processor's speed
+unified memory

-no 10Gbe ethernet
-outdated HDMI 2.0
-outdated SD connectivity
-chunkier design

Could have been better, don't listen to advertorials or fan boys. There is always room for improvement.

No ethernet?? What are you going to plug it in to? Unless you work for the pentagon nobody has wired networks any more.

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RJB138: Easy to just max out the configuration, but hopefully, DPR will test other less expensive configurations. Maybe a basic configuration and one in the middle?

That will help readers understand what type of performance they will get at different price points and what are the trade-offs.

I got my 14" base model yesterday and so far it's screaming fast at photo editing. But it's more than fast - it's smooth. There are no lags opening images or switching modes, etc. The fan never comes on and the bottom stays cool.

Early tests indicate that the base configuration performs much faster than the 13" M1 MBP and that upgrades among the "Pro" version are actually marginal. There's really no need for anything more than the base cpu unless you're doing a lot of high res video or have some kind of workflow that involves processing lots of images in bulk. In that case, get the Max.

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Wilfred W: Ordered a 16" Max 32c.

I have looked at some Windows machines and it's hard to find one with good CPU, good GPU with good screen. Most laptop with GPU are gaming machine, with FHD screen designed for high fps gaming. AMD CPU are quite good but just can't find one with a good screen (Asus Zephyrus claims to have 4k options but they are not found in any shops). Those gaming laptop often equipped with much slower QLC SSD, and ram configuration is quirky (like 8gb soldered. add 16gb to a slot and it became 24gb and then no dual channel ..)

Can't quite understand why PC manufacturers neglect the content creator market.

"Can't quite understand why PC manufacturers neglect the content creator market."

Because content creators overwhelmingly use Macs and have for years. I work as software designer and my colleagues wouldn't be caught dead using a PC. In fact many people ask about technology when interviewing and won't work for a non-Mac shop. I know I wouldn't (a company that won't give you the tools you need to do the best job isn't a company you want to work for!)

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Jagganatha: Again, I notice no rectangular "legacy" USB ports when millions still use USB3 AND only have cables with USB-C plugs at one end. Nor has the Ethernet port comeback, so thinking about photographers (or anyone) is not happening.
Seems to be like all cultists that computer designers are actually unable to imagine what PEOPLE USE GLOBALLY AT ALL, or that a wired internet connection is mandatory for any kind of actual real-world security as your Mac might be encrypted (is it?) but your router aint!
A dozen amateur Dpreview nuts could easily design a better more practical machine than this iss.

I mean when you go to the Apple Store to buy an Apple ethernet connector you do feel such a fool....

@Jagganatha: Maybe the Mac's not for you

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Nolejd50: One could get a way better laptop for that kind of money plus have some left over. It's really funny how iSheep are attached to their shepherd brand.

@raist3d - that's exactly it. There's nothing else even close. There's simply no other laptop like this. I switched to Mac about 13 years ago and I'll never go back.

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Tom Holly: Great idea, but it doesn’t go far enough. We really need a central committee to oversee all product design, to ensure a harmonious product ecosystem, both for the people, and the environment. What could go wrong?

@jonby Chernobyl poisoned thousands of square miles of land; killed 31 people and may have caused the premature deaths of tens of thousands. Meanwhile, 3 mile island killed exactly... nobody.

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rgs_45: What happens in the future, lets say, 5-7 years from when newer technology come about and the USB-C is no longer applicable? Are they gong to mandate another change as to what the new standard will be?

No. Who's going to spend time and money developing a better USB standard when you can't deploy without government approval?

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I'm losing patience with Nikon. Maybe it's the pandemic, but Nikon seems to be having a much harder time rebounding than Sony and Canon. Critical members of their Z lens roadmap remain either unavailable or delayed. New products are announced with no ability to manufacture and ship. How much longer do they think customers will wait?

Love my Z6, but starting to think I should have bought a Sony...

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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (890 comments in total)

I think what a lot of people want is a camera with a big sensor and the brains of a smartphone.

In other words, a camera that can apply intelligence to the current situation. For example, if the scene warrants, switch to HDR mode. Or, based on the scene - adjust the depth of field to ensure everything's in focus. If objects appear to be moving, raise the shutter speed. Sure there are times when I want to override things. But I'd like the camera to have a default mode that goes beyond "P" and analyzes a scene for content and applies the right settings.

My iPhone does this. Why doesn't my Nikon?

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(unknown member): april dinguses

Sadly, no. It's actually real.

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Why? There are so many reasons this makes no sense: Poor quality images, waste, inconvenience. Is this just another hipster trend? I thought those people were supposed to be concerned about the environment...

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PLShutterbug: Good news.

Just one kind-of head-scratcher:

“... it will focus most on professional and hobbyist customers going forward.”

What other camera buyers are there?

You make your income (or a substantial portion of it) with a camera: professional, by definition.
Everyone else is a hobbyist. Right?

There's the casual photographer: People who want a camera to take pictures of their kids or vacations. A few years ago, they bought entry-level d-SLR's (D3xxx and D5xxx) and high-end point and shoots.

Today, phone cameras are so good that this market has completely evaporated.

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Astro Landscapes: That awkward moment when you realize Sony's "9" nomenclature was NOT the best they had to offer, and you probably should have named YOUR flagship the "Z1" instead...


Followed by a lot of head scratching trying to make some sense out of the naming conventions. Why is "5" better than a "6" or what is the obsession with "1" in some manufacturer's lines?

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Don't buy that Sony! We'll have something for you. Eventually.

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