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gonzalu: I am waiting for PCI-e 8.0 with instant thought prediction speeds :P

Try PRO version. The EVO was 6GB/s.

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Smitty1: My x570/Ryzen build is ready. But concerned somewhat about heat generated from these, stability, and long term longevity as a result.

@ Smitty1 & HowaboutRAW
Samsung have it two years ago. This one is markrting only.

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scoobysnapstories: perfect for my ryzen 3900x

I use an Samsung M.2 in a SATA adapter in an Atomos adapter in the last two years...
Sure get noting speedier in the end, but the M.2 was the same price as SATA and bit quicker.
Better, put it direct in camera, an cinema DNG will go fine even high resolutions (as 8k, or about 30Mpix).

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gonzalu: I am waiting for PCI-e 8.0 with instant thought prediction speeds :P

Make a switch to Samsung, they have the M.2 8GB/s for more than 2 years...

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Fly18: Funny how lots of commentators here who think they’re Pro’s but at the same time can’t afford a real Pro product. Here’s news for you. You’re just a hobbyists and this product is not for you. Stop pretending you’re a Pro.

@Kendra wheelwright

I know that Steve Anderson is right.

In 1990s I had two CRT monitors each over $2.000 with 120 fps, exorbitant price for that time.
I am retired now but "vision" is one of my hobbies.

A REAL PRO monitor is over $15,000, so $20,000 is somewhere in the middle.
Just search a bit, the internet is wast.

Your Apple XDR monitor is cheap to buy, also specs are not bad (but compared with real pro specs is also cheap on specs).

And yes, for a pro who need to buy it itself, the price is big.
I bought two years ago a monitor 1,000 nits, not 1,500 nits as XDR, for just $1,200 which is now about $700.

No other comments.

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panther fan: So basically the same as Topaz Gigapixel or

In my experience they work great on downscaled images that you want to upscale again, if you adjust your expectations.

But feeding those algorithms full res camera images seems to mainly create microartifacts that simulate sharpness about as well as additional grain does

That is very simple.
You rasterize the image and also identify the pattern of each contour. Much more work than for a rastel drawn image.
Than upscale the raster = all the contours, and use the identified patterns to fill them.
You have to consider LOST all info which did not made it in the original image - not as noise which will be removed, due to a really lower resolution. But if you have an acceptable resolution from the beginings, it will be very good.

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phatgreatwall: 108 mp, with a lens that only supports 2 mp..... rest is all artificial intelligence guessed up RBG.

The "lens" is out of subject, you should have a "dis-like" button. :-(

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cosinaphile: 5g is an unwanted standard .... no one is complaining of 4g issues or problems
download occur quickly content streams well

5g will only really be necessary to over connect appliances and cars to the sensory
aspects of quick shared ai and advanced gps etc for self driving trucks and cars
it will aid in sharing the huge amounts of data from idiot camera doorbell owners to share with pseudo military police and other ghouls primordially interested in surveillance , and generally aid in spying on the population in real time
It is little needed by the avg person, is currently being banned in enlightened freedom loving cities, and where the scourge will eb installed , it will subject users and non users to unacceptable levels of cancer causing, health damaging radiation.
It will require low lying cell "towers" on light poles and other lower perches, and require many more units for coverage to be effective bringing people and radiation emitters unacceptably close to each other.

Well, 5G is for "people" like us in NA (it is not Not Available, it is North America).
They already have 6G.
But thanks to Trump, we fight how to do the 5G here...
After all, still pushing for "progress" not ecology...

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A9RIII: Exynos, snapdragon and Kirin are leading the 5G, AI, power efficiency and Image processing race.. Apple is lagging further and further behind the leaders in the ARM chipset space.

1) "Exynos" is a generic name, you must specify exactly what chipset.
Do we speak about POWER or are we speaking about "offscreen efficiency" ?
This is presenting a SoC able to encode-decode 4k video 120fps real-time. What is doing your Apple iPhone with A12 or A13 ?
Please let us know if apples with apples...
2) You speak of "power efficiency". The contex is wrong, if you want performance as processing power, you cannot have "power efficiency" at the same time.
Look at Intel, nobody show power efficiency for Xeon processors, but they are Intel's best as processing power.
I chose to have power instead of "efficiency", I remember in 1975 going to a concert and building a "battery pack" of over 30 cells D size to have enought juice for the flash light...

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Michael Scrip: YES!!!

108 megapixels... on a sensor the size of a fingernail.

The future is here!

This is the chipset, not the sensor, so it is the RAW POWER of processing the image. In this case, bigger is better.
Switching from analog to digital I found that by down-sampling I can eliminate the noise and increase dinamic range.
So it was difficult for a 4Mpixels image to do it more than once, but starting with 108Mpixels you have a long way ahead and better results. :-)

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On article Hands-on: Synology's new compact 6-drive DS620Slim NAS (122 comments in total)
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CekariYH: Can somebody please explain this from page one:
...with its six bays filled with 5TB drives it can provide a total of 30TB of storage.
The maximum single volume size is >108TB<, compared to the 16TB maximum of the DS419Slim.

5TB is not a factor form, it is the maximum size.
You try to have a car in a bycicle parking...

•6 bays w/ 30TB max storage (5TB per port)
The hardware - after all it is a computer inside - can't handle more !

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Hamiltionian: I honestly don't understand the Slik tripods. They seem like 20 yr old designs.

Yeah, please let us know maker-model.

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FuhTeng: The proliferation of tripods confuses me. I thought the camera-based photography industry is dying, but I keep seeing new tripods and new tripod companies. Seems weird.

The "users" become more pretentious.

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stevie wonder: I’m looking for a two legged two pod.😂🤣😜

Wow... you are really stiff ! :-)

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(unknown member): Again, this isn't photography related content.

It is about photography used for advertising and more - denying the real subject.

Have a look at the two images in main article, before and after, the first is _the_ subject_, the second is _ a_"coat"_ and _the_real_subject_is_lost_in_HDR...

Thumbs down for TNF and the photographer of such bad performance !

I could do an image having both "interest points" in good quality.
I would not use the second image even on the TNF site due to low quality.

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On article An introduction to video tripods (38 comments in total)

50 Years ago, the still tripods had same "geometry", but from wood.

There were "two" types, the one for stills and the one for movies or land measuring which were similar the laters were more bulk and heavy.

The wood tripods for still were better than most actual tripods (stiffer mostly - except some new with the same kind of building as this one for video), and I regreted I did not bought one of the latest when I could. I have now two alu and one fiber, easier traveling (fiber), also in latest years if there is one long trip is just for a small vacation. ;-)

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pentaust: Pixel shift / super resolution is a fool feature, on any camera, including google phones and this for two reasons:
1) it require absolutely still scene including everything that is in the scene. Yes the algorithm will remove artifacts (and higher res.) on areas that moved, but then is some part of the image are high res. and other parts low res. what's the point of high res?

2) all lenses have they MFT (resolution) drop from the center toward the edges and super resolution can't improve resolution beyond what the lens can provide. Usually, edges aren't pixel sharp for single frames, especially with small sensors with high pixel density such as the ones used on phones, pixel shift/super res. won't change that.

For a "normal" smart-phone, diffraction is greater than pixel size, 1.5-2 times.
The "shift"-ing of sensor with 0.5 pixel size will keep in the same diffraction cercle. Sure, some differences will be captured - aka "more" data, but the real resolution is still 2-4 times less (aka a pixel is half diffraction cercle, 0.5x0.5=0.25).

If these new technologies will apply to larger sensor size, MFT, APS-C, FF, MS... then a really better image aquired.
Last solution - move the computing part of a smart-phone to a real camera, be it even a "smaller" one.

This remember me of Samsung NX line...

And then, who need 20+Mpix, when you "see" it on a TV, the FHD has only 2Mpix, 4K TV has 8Mpix.

For really professionals, they know what hardware they need...

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Archirum: we will certainly find it in the next Huawei p40 pro.

Astronomers use(d) this "technique" in the last 100 years... it is that you need to manually align the pictures, but this way they increase resolution and sensibility.
Most used on analog photography.
And Adobe do it too, also you "guide" the software.

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ZeBebito: Hope he wins!

@ Indohydra

Why do you writing this, you do not understand what is "public" area ?
You did it yourself, see the extras:

" What constitutes a public place? The street? A crowded performance in a private area? "


In public, at least in US, you can photograph everyting and you own the IP. Including any "celebrity".

How you use it, is governed by other laws.

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On article Minolta DiMAGE V hands-on review (285 comments in total)
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GiM_6x: Thank you.
The 3Mpix is where it start to be OK, and it still is, after all the usual monitors are 1-2Mpix. :-)

@Karroly, you just "convert" a 2MP monitor to an 6MP monitor counting sub-pixels.
We do not refer usually to subpixels, not even for this camera sine it would have 0.75Mpix and not as you say around 1.5Mpixels (?)...
What is your strength, mathematics or senzor knowledge?
Who is interested only in one Green or only one Blue or only Red color (well Leica has an B&W camera, so you can say it has TRUE pixels).

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