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bernardf12: These guys are looking for a better life, something I would also have done if I was in their situation. But don't call them refugees, that is just misleading. Refugees you will find in camps in Turkey and Lebanon and in Africa and they consist of men, woman and children.

Yep. Refugees should be equal numbers. Very suss that manority able bodied men are fleeing war and leaving the women behind.

Link | Posted on Jun 21, 2017 at 00:55 UTC
On article Nikon announces prices for 100th Anniversary products (113 comments in total)
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whtchocla7e: We are witnessing the slow death of once a descent photo company. It's painful to watch

Shame they only made a model of the F instead of making the F again.

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2017 at 10:44 UTC
On article Through the lens of black women photographers (203 comments in total)
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polishpunk68: The amount of comments complaining that this article got posted is appalling. Photography is self expression of showing the world as you see it. People from different backgrounds and cultures will have a different perspective and it is worthwhile to see and read about it. It is very relevant in the realm of photography.

Not recognizing a photographers gender or heritage is ignorance.

Be careful my friend, I think everyone cares that a human being made great photos that we enjoy seeing (im sure everyone loves the content). If making a fuss over specific demographic of photographer because of their demographic and just not presenting their awesome work because they made awesome work is so important, then lo and behold we still live in a race obsessed society. Pointing out the difference furthers the problem rather than helps it. Just publish the work, get it publicised for being good work then all of a sudde you have awesome minority and diverse photographers being recognised for making cool work, not recognising their work because they are different and then the photos are great too.

What is the priority? Do you want to hold up a photocopied book of finger painting pictures of poop because black women made it? Lets focus on good work done by talented people. Talent does not see colour.

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This really needed to be laughed out of the park, and so it has. What a stupid concept. I'm sorry... people are smartphone mad. Theyre great for connectivity but holy cow its rubbish. A super steamlined system to send photos from your.camera to your smart phone is surely a preferable outcome.

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Is it M43 or just 43? Want m43 the mount? Might be wrong here...

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Fujica: Nikon had 3 new cameras in development for its 100th anniversary. Sadly Nikon pulled these camera's due to the slowing down of demand.

In reality it meant that 'All three remaining Nikon customers' just pulled the trigger to also jump ship and went to the dark side....

Whats that hyperbole supposwd to mean?

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justmeMN: Nikon can't even throw a decent Anniversary Party. (sigh)

A "gunmetal gray" finish and a little logo don't strike me as being sufficiently celebratory for 100 years in business.

Yep... wheres the sp100 ?

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GabrielZ: Forgive my ignorance, but who are CW Sondetoptic? A company that uses Leica branding on its lenses, or a Leica owned company? This is the first I've heard of this. I thought Leica were still independent.

DIMidnt Panasonic buy Leica anyway?

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sportyaccordy: More FE glass please! Full frame contemporary/DN please.

E mount is well serviced by everything ever. Very spoilt. I see companies releasing stuff for emount almost exclusively all the time. Sony is doing a good job, but when i got my hands on a nex7 back in the day it felt wrong. Very wrong

Link | Posted on Mar 19, 2017 at 22:30 UTC
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Sirandar: Please Please put what mounts are supported right in the Title Header so I don't have to read about lenses I care nothing about.

Sigma would have to make this lens for 100$ before I would consider switching from m4/3.

The info is available. It has been prevously announced? Do you want an essay on the header?

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The Davinator: Put a roll of Ektar 100 in it and you'll still get high quality results!

Lens looks foggy...

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memau: I once read a reply about photography nowadays which said "... we can't get sharp enough photo because there's no option for f/64 anymore ..."

well, if the rig can make your heart feel closer to those beloved photographers century ago, of course it make your photo better ;D

If your talking about the 5x4 format then f64 was a necessity

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dotyman: Just buy an iPhone and be done with it already...

Fight the cult.

Link | Posted on Oct 12, 2016 at 08:04 UTC
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Spunjji: Looking forward to seeing someone attempt to justify this with tropes like "well you don't HAVE to buy it" and "you get what you pay for".

Yawn-worthy lens, hilarious price. Glad to see Leica continuing to provide a glorious satire of the entire photographic industry.

I can justify it when yiu consider donestic German manufacture, scope of production, actual quality (took a tour of the factory, amazing attention to detail) and also comparison to quality of cine lenses.

This lens isnpretty amaze really, and fine its expensive. If you wsnt it youll find a way, if you dont then you dont.

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Get out of there, Stalker!

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SolidMetal: Can you do this with color film? I heard it was much harder to manipulate because its sensitivity to every form of light.

What part are you referring to?

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dash2k8: Thanks to the new FAA rules, no such overhead shots will be possible in the US. I see a lot of people praising these shots (I think they're great, too) and wonder what happened to the critics who condemned the dangerous/risky/irresponsible act of flying over crowds?

If someone in a crowd gets hurt then we really do have a problem. If someone were to die (a water bomb is geavy enough to kill a child if it lands in the wrong place) then the rules would probably be inevitable anyway.

Link | Posted on Jul 9, 2016 at 02:21 UTC
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moimoi: Interesting. I would have thought the raw file submission was obligatory. Strange.

Personally I prefer Magnus Photos, which has probably some of the best photos ever produced.

Not every photo has a raw youknow.

Link | Posted on Jul 6, 2016 at 07:01 UTC
On article Meyer-Optik Goerlitz launches 3-element 95mm F2.6 (124 comments in total)
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kgreenhough: Guys, it's time for some tough love. This lens but the latest symptom of the disease that breeds when photographers spend too much time with other photographers. You are lying to yourself if you think that the "unique characteristics" produced by these lenses are anything but ugly. A quirky, overpriced paperweight is not going to set your work apart in any way.

Ms optical is produci g more exciti g stuffnfor much more reasonable prices

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AprilW: Yet another cool lens that is Canon mount.

"Adapted" Canon EF did not exist in the 60's. I havent looked into it but surely its either hassy or Nikon f. More likely just some custom mount all together.

Link | Posted on Jun 17, 2016 at 05:49 UTC
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