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radissimo: I know that Photokina is every two years, but introducing few lenses you can by IN A YEAR seems...I don't know... sad and lame at the same time ...

Would you prefer for them to keep the lenses that are in development a secret?

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gunkan: I think all those lenses are too big and too expensive for me. I love mi Fuji X size, but i can't afford those lenses. With the size of 16-50 2.8 i prefer my D700 + Tamron 28-75 2.8.

I praise Fuji! but those lenses are not for me :( I will have to suffer with the size of Nikon D700 and Samyang 24mm 1.4. The APS-C 16mm 1.4 is going to be expensive...

Is bad to be poor.

"on the wrong path"? Continuing to release newly designed, pro-quality lenses is the wrong path? Sure, I want an X-Pro2 as well, but geez, how long would it take Canon or Nikon to release 4 or 5 top-quality, newly designed lenses? Every, single lens that Fuji has released has been class leading or state-of-the-art. Can any other manufacturer claim that? None that I am aware of. Viva Fuji!

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Treeshade: Big lenses with APSC bodies are okay, mirrorless or not. Photographers use semi-pro APSC with FF telephoto lenses for extra reach, so why not make telephoto APSC lenses in the first place?

What does "semi-pro APSC" mean? Are you suggesting that the sensor profile somehow effects how or by whom the camera is used? If that is true, only Phase One or other medium format cameras should be considered as "professional".

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Big fan of the Fuji X series, but the X30 is a disappointment. The OVF is what made the X20 a special compact zoom. The X30 appears to be just another 'me too' camera like the Canons and Sonys of the world.

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ProfHankD: As long as you're willing to bend over backwards to support an optical finder, would it have been that much harder to have a zoom finder? Don't do that....

I think my NEX-7's EVF is better in nearly every way, but there is a potentially significant advantage in using long lenses with an optical finder: you can see things outside the lens view angle. That makes it MUCH easier to find your subject when working with a long lens. Thus, I think I'd rather see the optical finder stay wide and simply switch to a 100% EVF mode when I've got the subject in frame... perhaps a setting to switch to 100% EVF with a half press of the shutter?

I can't stand the idea of being required to compose all of my shots on a little TV screen. I like having the EVF as an option, it is a useful tool, but I will never give up having an optical viewfinder, either a rangefinder-type or SLR. If some folks want to go EVIL, that's fine. But I'm not going with them.

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I can't figure out who would want or need a very expensive, FF, non-pocketable point and shoot. Without a OVF or, at least, an EVF the RX1 would have to be considered a P&S.

If you can't put it in your pocket you have to carry a bag. If you have to carry a bag why not buy an X-Pro1 and three lenses? The price is about the same. The IQ is probably about the same. What's the point? Makes no sense.

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Biowizard: Utterly fantastic - I have LONG been hoping someone would produce a high-quality camera WITHOUT a Bayer Colour Array - just think how much more light reaches the sensor, and how much higher the resolution will be without a pesky low-pass filter. And for those who want to get creative with colour, a set of Hoya "POP" filters or equivalent is all you'd need (as well as a a tripod and some patience) to get glorious colour, or false colour, and more!

Bravo Leica!!


Fuji X-Pro1 no Bayer Array there!

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On article Leica M-Monochrom Hands-on Preview (451 comments in total)

Just when you think that Fuji (and others) may drag Leica kicking and screaming into the 21st century, they resist temptation and take a giant leap back toward the 60's.

Very few people will be willing to photograph exclusively in B&W, so it's a good thing that Leica bodies are priced so that most people can just buy two. One for color, one for B&W. Makes perfect since to me.

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