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Jefftan: Hi, reviewer
I wish dpreview will answer the age old question of whether one should buy an Enthusiast Compact or mirrorless with kit lens (NEX-F3,E-PL5...etc)

They are about the same price and what will give you better IQ?

I was deciding between a compact and a mirrorless, and I chose the Sony RX100, mainly because for me, nothing beats the ease of not having to change lenses, and the RX100 seemed to have similar quality with a fixed lens. I'm extremely happy with my choice so far.

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QuarryCat: Sony and Canon are built like a piece of soap - no good to hold. Most of the lenses are very slow at the tele-position. The only winner for me, with the best viewfinder from all small and mirrorless cameras: Panasonic LX7 - easy choise.

Buy the Franiec grip and there's no longer a contest.

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Lanski: Excellent - really enjoyed reading this. I'm choosing between the RX100 and the LX7. I primarily want the camera for underwater use (yes, with a housing...), but I also want a pocketable camera for when I don't want to bring my Canon 7D. With housings (Ikelite), they both end up at a similar price (the LX7 housing is more expensive due to the ergonomics).

Advantages of the RX100:
- Awesome light gathering at the wide angle (it's the wide angle i need underwater)
- 20MP
- Great DR and noise control
- Good AF, I think...
- Truly pocketable for non underwater use
- I've fallen in love with the spec sheet - sorry!

Advantages of LX7:
- Wider wide angle
- Superfast shooting (is this RAW?)
- Camera will be the cheaper part of the underwater setup (useful in case i fail to seal the housing properly.

They both look like great cameras. I'm probably leaning towards the RX100 (could you tell?) but was wondering if anyone had any useful info or opinions to share.


Thanks for the Ikelite rec - am taking my RX100 to the Galapagos in April, and now it looks like I'll get to take it underwater, too.

I adore the RX100. I was an avid Canon fan for many years and really didn't want to like the Sony, but it's just about everything I'd want it to be: small but substantial, fast, versatile, and really quite a lot of fun, at least for someone with small hands. I'd strongly recommend getting Alexander White's guide to the RX100 unless you enjoy camera manuals: it helped me familiarize myself with the camera tremendously.

Also, if you're not crazy about the no-grip style, Richard Franiec made a gorgeous, light, metal alloy grip for this camera that costs $34.95 plus shipping. I should be getting it soon, and I think it will make a big difference in my confidence handling the camera.

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toto435: I have a question for the RX100 owners :

If you have the genuine Sony leather case, does it procure a better/suffisant grip with the half case on ? I Like this case...

Because the Richard Franiec grip don't fit in it. So I have to choose one of the two...

I bought Franiec's grip but haven't received it yet. Good to hear that the case helps with grip, since it would also help with dropping the camera, which I fear I'm likely to do...

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Arsen: I am actually very excited for RIM.. I have been a blackberry user for many years and still own one. I was thinking of upgrading to Iphone or Samsung Galaxy, but when this was announced today.. I am seriously going to consider the new phone and OS.. Competition for all of us is good , keeps costs low and forces big companies to come up with better products for the consumer. Go Blackberry..

I feel the same way. No one has the push e-mail system that BB does, and I'm curious to see this new iteration.

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Have had the BB 9930 for over a year, and before that, the Tour. If Verizon had come out with the Torch, I think you'd have had to have pried that phone from my cold, dead hands: I want the full screen AND a QWERTY keyboard, on Verizon and with RIM's e-mail push system. Will wait and see whether my next phone is another Blackberry, or something new.

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