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For $5K I can get a Leica Q2 with a 28/1.7 Summilux on it. Or I could get a Leica SL2 body for the same $6K that mounts interchangeable lenses from three different manufacturers. I’m never paying that much for essentially a fancy point and shoot fixed lens camera.

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I’ve been a Leica user since 1969. In all that time I've seen Leica almost forced out of business at least twice by unwise product decisions. They ignored the shift to SLR cameras, and were very late to that game. Then they ignored digital, and were very late to THAT game. Both times they came up with product solutions that kinda worked, and just well enough to keep them in the game.

Now they release a camera that aspires to a stripped-down focus on the essentials. Would I use what looks like an advance lever as a thumb rest? No. Do I want to be forced to use an app on my phone to select raw vs JPEG, shutter delay, single-shot or burst mode shooting? No. Do I want to go back to not knowing if I got the shot or not until I return home? No. Some essentials are missing.

And there's no discount for all the missing functions. No, I think this camera is a money-wasting profit grab. The lenses give you the Leica look, but you work much harder to get there, for the same high price.

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That thing is huge.

I'll stick with my Canon EOS system. When I want to travel light, I'll keep using Leica M8, Fuji X-E2 with M-mount adapter, and M-lenses from 15mm to 135mm.

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