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Didn't think Sigma could make an uglier camera than the DP2 which I own. Its just a slippery box.

I was incorrect.

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dPreview.....What actions or changes to your work-flows might make a significant impact to improving the timeliness of your review?

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To replace the red Leica dot is almost $50 so I'm sure its not a typo.
$6,950 is a bargain for a Leica M product.


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First let me say, I've got a few Leicas, but to me the M is still falling short. The only good point is that they didn't set the price at $7k!

So my major beef is that....
...without an anti-shake sensor we're still not quite there.
Can you imagine what your videos and low light stills are going to look like?
I guess that leap in technology may have to wait for another couple of years, along with a facelift on an ageing body style.

Was there any discussion of the low light-high ISO performance? Hopefully, its a leap forward...

What we need is a full frame NEX-7 or full frame Ricoh GXR which have nice compact bodies to slap on the M glass and it'll be bye-bye Leica.

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Under certain conditions my DP2 produces breath taking images.

In many situtaions I get green tinging creeping into the photos, especially when there are parts of the back ground are light in color or white.

Will this iteration be any better.

Increased speed and more pixels is ok but stands far done my very short list of critical improvements. My list has only ONE item. Please get rid of that green tinging and I'd buy another Sigma in a blink of an eye!

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Did the manual focus wheel get deleted? :0(

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impressive, yes?

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On a photo in the Canon PowerShot G1 X Preview Samples sample gallery (5 comments in total)

impressive, yes?

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OMG Olympus has been purchased by McDonalds. New management's first move it to "super-size" the lens line-up. That's a new strategy, I guess.

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