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  • Yep, the K100ds was my only dslr from 2007 to 2012, served me well. Nice shot btw:-)
  • Will look closer at this one,
  • Thanks for that, good to know about the Gorilla Pod, will look into other options.
  • Thanks, will check them out, most camera stores here carry Sirui
  • Thanks Mark for taking the time to respond, Did this trip some years ago and didn't take a tripod. When required I sat the camera and used the 2 sec timer which is why I am curious about the ...
  • firstly, thanks for taking the time to respond, quite like blue hour/ evening night shots not too long, realistic about results with regards to budget, Believe tripod better. With shake reduction ...
  • Created discussion thread Travel tripod suggestions
    Hi to all, Just a quick question regarding a travel tripod. Will be traveling through Europe soon and will be a family holiday first and any photography that I do will be secondary as time permits. ...
  • Replied in Oregon Sunset.
    Very nice :)
  • Maybe Pentax 645Z with the 28-45 lens? Note that this is the only lens that Pentax make with in lens stabilisation, and the 645Z does not have in body SR.
  • I would have voted Pentax.........
  • Makes sense, just like to clarify that 1/2 sec is purely a guesstimate on my behalf and may very well be shorter. Undoubtably IBIS has improved considerably over the last 4 years. Kind regards David.
  • 😂 😂 Tbh I have never really tried to see if it makes a difference with IS on during short bursts, just got into the habit of turning off if shooting sports, will give it a go next time. Kind regards,
  • Hi Albert, The camera I use is the Pentax K5iis (4 year old). With Pentax a hand will appear at the bottom of the viewfinder when the IBIS has set. The time it takes is just my observation with ...
  • Agree with the above. I believe that the IBIS takes about 1/2 sec to set itself. If I am shooting short bursts I will turn off the IBIS and keep the shutter speed up. My longest lens is 500mm and ...
  • Pentax has both APSC and FF bodies that do this. The added Benefit being the astrotracer function. David.
  • Agree completely, no security on your photos. Perhaps the low resolution an advantage for this reason? Kind regards, David.
  • Hi, for purely photo sharing and ease of people looking at your shots Instagram is probably one of the best. The only downside is that images are limited to 1080px wide and geared towards phones. ...
  • Very nice Valeriu.
  • Lots of great answers so far. One point that hasn't been raised is that the Sony aspect ratio is 2:3 and the Oly is 3:4. If printing 10 x 8's  or some other size needs to be taken into consideration. ...
  • Replied in Pentax ...
    Thanks for that, I fully understand what it means and I agree with you. With higher shutter speeds I will also turn off stabilisation as doesn't assist. My issue is with the premise that you need ...
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