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  • The RRS BH40 has a similar problem. RRS got around this by allowing you to pull the locking lever out which disengages it, and lets you reposition the lever so it can be tightened without hitting ...
  • The Manfrotto MS050M4-Q2 should work with your camera and your Manfrotto fluid head. The downside is that this is a universal L bracket, not custom fitted to your camera. This means that there are ...
  • It has tiny motors and stabilising sensors so, yes, you hand hold it. It’s for video use replacing the old steadicam/counterbalance systems filmmakers used to use.
  • Their fabric/material is outstanding (I have a 10 year-old fibrenyte bag with leather straps/edging). Both the leather and the fibrenyte are of satisfyingly high quality, functional, and very hard ...
  • No, it’s not a good idea. https://billingham.co.uk/pages/cleaning-care (1) DON'T put your Billingham into a washing machine; the detergent will almost certainly ruin the leather.
  • That was my first thought too, but then it occurred to me that Manfrotto are probably a lot more dominant in the pro video tripod than the stills tripod market, and it made a bit more sense.

  • I bought one of those about 30 years ago. Still have it. Never use it. Mine is slightly different. It has an all plastic quick release clamp/mount, but the rest of the shoulder pod is identical. Yo ...
  • 40 photos and your battery’s dead?
    Time for a new phone.

  • For over twenty years I found myself buying new bags every couple of years or so. They didn’t wear out, they just weren’t quite fit for purpose for one reason or another. My bag specific GAS was ...
  • https://www.amazon.com/Military-Tactical-Travel-Outdoor-Activities/dp/B01CQOQS8A?th=1 Not quite 10” (9.4”), and you’d probably have to provide your own padding.
  • It sounds like you’ve seen the Peak Design Capture Clip and want something similar that will work with a basic Arca Swiss style plate like the one on your Meike MK-XT1G. The problem is that the ...
  • Replied in Pixel Oppilas
    That would be because it’s not an Olympus part. The dealer probably threw it in as a freebie. The XTWRUNI (catchy name🙃) is a third party ‘universal remote’. On the basis of these negative reviews....
  • DPReview is owned by Amazon.
  • It is, but a lot of (most?) MOLLE stuff uses alternate spacing for attachment straps. My pouch has an 1 3/4” space between the two 1” fixing straps. That fits my Billingham f2.8 perfectly I would ...
  • I have a ‘tactical’ style Pouch which fits perfectly. Any number of similar MOLLE-compatible stuff would also work. However, a lot of the decent quality pouches aren’t much cheaper than ...
  • If the load is well balanced over the centre of the ballhead, it will be fine. RRS ballheads are made from decent quality components, and you’re only really using the panning base of the ballhead. ...
  • Replied in probably not
    Really? What about liquids? Surely these would explode in an unpressurized cargo hold. Maybe in some smaller aircraft you might have an unpressurized cargo hold, but I doubt the rule is ‘no ...
  • ...the luggage handlers playing basketball with your luggage might not be ideal. I’d remove the head and take it as a carry on just to be on the safe side.
  • Replied in probably not
    What’s the ‘freezing hold’? If you mean the regular cargo hold of an aircraft, apparently temperatures rarely drop below 7 degrees C. Your fluid head is good for -20 degrees according to manfrotto.
  • Sounds like you’re asking for a lot from a £170 tripod. A second-hand aluminium tripod (Manfrotto 055 or similar) with a Sirui K20x ( K40x would be better) ballhead might get you what you want for ...
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