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We in the industry place our cameras in a protective housings, sometimes in conjunction with the use of a mirror. I don't know how the base would authorize anyone to place anything close to the launch pad.

The coating is deposit from very fine burned aluminum and combustion products from ammonium perchlorate and HTPB fuel used in the strap-on solid rocket motors.

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Prairie Pal: Nice work!! I love the ingenuity of DIY'ers! How about the Mamyia RB 6x7? There must be a few thousand of them sitting idle. With it's rack focusing, lens shutters, and revolving back, it may be an ideal body for an enterprising machinist to focus on.

If you mean just to use the RB lenses on a digital camera, Fotodiox makes adapters (with means of focusing) for around $150. I did a DIY adaptation 2 years ago before such a thing was available, and it was published in Flickr. I just hand ground the diameter of the T2/Nikon adapter mount, interference-fit it to the rear baffle tube of the RB lens, then mated it to a Nikon bellows. https://www.flickr.com/photos/9596859@N08/sets/72157628686916515/

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Francis Carver: Good news, folks. Some more 1/2.3-inch sensor garbage-cams in the throw-away category. Some of them can use the Sony Memory Sticks. Stick these you know where, Sony.

We already have what -- 999 current models of 1/2.3-inch sensor cameras that look the same and do the same. Why add these ones to that pile, Sony?

They are good cameras designed for million others who are less critical. Sony is one of the most innovative companies. Ever heard of the NEX and SLT cameras? And what do Nikon & Cannon offer? Actually, I am a fan of micro 4/3, CSC now. (I also have many other cameras like most of you here.)

Did a 2 week trip in southeast Asia using a Panasonic G3 and Sony HX5V. Didn't shoot RAW at all. Exposure, color, speed and focus were good. Strong supplementary features of the HX5V were: GPS, panorama, zoom range, low light perf and battery life. Both were excellent, reliable, light weight travel cameras. They met my (lowered) realistic expectation and purpose of posting them on SkyDrive. The photographer's skill will more than compensate for a little less capable camera or IQ.

Francis, for clarification, Sony lost billions of Yens, or millions of US $.

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