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Mariano Pacifico: Canon postponed the introduction of R3 after all oooohs and aaaahs of Nikon Z-fc hooha dies down?

Too bad every pundit and blogger and vlogger did not start off their discussions about the Zfc "While stock is low throughout the catalog and new lenses are delayed indefinitely, Nikon is releasing a 1000$, FM inspired, 20MP APS-C lifestyle model. Deliveries are now delayed till end of let's talk about the bobble."

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I have no problem with the disclosure requirements. I despise anything done which will not accurately reflect what the person looks like standing in front of me.

Fact is the law is better for business and for the folks who are the real deal wet out of the shower. Both men and women.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2105 comments in total)

I am not buying into Z 6, Z 7 etc because I refuse to buy a new set of 35mm lenses in a new mount. Seeing as the Z bodies are already smaller than DSLR I am not seeing why someone would desire an even smaller body, with a crop sensor in it, to use with their new Z lenses.

If this had been the design for the new D850 with a 61MP sensor that would have been a wow moment. Just in time to compete with a 50sll. The choice between a 61 MP FF35mm sensor DSLR with classic styling cues to use with decades of F mount lenses or a sleek modern 44:33 MF with 51 MP and a variety of purpose built , modern GF lenses to choose from.

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While I appreciate the nod to their future, the reality is something approaching 95% of Nikon's active customers are living in the past and it would be pragmatic to consider them and their wallets and modernize all the non AF-S F mount glass.

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I just need a dreamy camera... makes me happy... that I can feel all warm and cozy when I use it...makes me want to hug it on rainy days when we can't go out together.

Emotional investment. That is what is important.

I don't know which is more annoying. Those people or the "you (insert name here) owe me more" folks. More updates, more functionality, more slots , more FPS more more more...much more. Which all works out to the same thing . I am not shooting anything that holds up to scrutiny so the journey is all I have left.

These are tools. Buy one when you need one. Choose from what is available at the time, that gives you what you want the day you buy it. Then go shoot. You are not getting married or even committing to a timeshare. It's a camera.

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That's green alright.

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On article Are mechanical film cameras better than electronic? (376 comments in total)

"There’s something about the way a mechanical camera feels, that sensation of meshing gears and tightening springs that you can feel right in your fingers, which is just magical. To me, a camera that goes 'KA-CLACK!' will always be superior to one that goes 'bzzzt.'"

No meshing gears, no springing, no magic , no sexy, no sensuality, no ka-clack lol just a thunk. There is similar hyperbole surrounding 35mm cameras in general when in truth the images are tiny, often sadly soft, and the affection is due to selective memory not stunning 20x30 enlargements.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T4 review (241 comments in total)
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UllerellU: Fuji is better, Sony is better ... What difference does it make, if what you should do is learn to take photos. I look on Flickr and Instagram, I see terrible shots with Fuji XT30, XPro, Sony A7III, A7RIII ... No one ever asked me what I shoot with. Buy some photography book, sign up for an academy, I don't know ... Gear won't save those terrible compositions and that sense of aesthetics. I say this out of respect of course.

"Gear won't save those terrible compositions and that sense of aesthetics."...not to put too fine a point on it.

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I'm lucky I guess, because if there was a D6s variant... there would be 6500$ less stuffed in the mattress soon.

I would make that upgrade in a heartbeat. 61 MP, monobody with incorporated vertical grip... ISO 64 and five FPS, extended battery life, a bright optical 100% viewfinder and all that ballast to counter fast telephoto primes.

A ¾ size GFX-100. For a bit less.

Never happen. It would be too easy.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm Acros 100 II film sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)
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Carlitos Breton: When I read such comments... I wonder where the detractors are teaching their superior vision of photographic art... Eager to learn from

This is flat and unappealing and "superior vision" is not required to avoid results like this.

Another response suggests this is a "bad conversion" however seeing as this is B&W film it was not converted- scanned yes, but not converted.

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On challenge My best vehicle photo of 2019 (3 comments in total)

How does one vote unfairly? If I give the images I like the best 5 and the images I like the least 1 star how can I be unfair unless this is kindergarten and everyone starts with 3 just to be equitable?

Quite a few of the images are of the photo op variety which explains a lot of low votes.

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I wish others would do this. I know pentax did at one point in Japan. +10% for a Ghost D850 or two tone dark grey/mustard yellow . For those of us who like multiple matching bodies having different exteriors would be swell... the new assistant says which one and I can say the red one. instead of, no, the other black one. Lol.

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More ad $ for IG and no $ for influencers without a crowd to be followed by.

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I find the professional settings to be straightforward and quite usable. 67 pos and neg scan just fine with excellent detail and tonality. I do not use any software for artifact removal as it just throws a piece of saran wrap over the image. I do it manually. I almost never require sharpening and color correction is often a 5 or 10% stautation reduction. About 6 minutes per 55MP equivalent size scan. 600DPI at 11x14 target. The biggest problem with this scanner is not with the canner but with the originals being scanned. If they are not detailed and sharp they will not scan well- just as they would not print well on a cold head enlarger which by its very design added a bit of diffusion . I prefer the native Epson scan utility and then tweak and clean the TIF file in PS.

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With a smaller, lighter, sharp, 300 f4 prime available for 2 grand this would need to be really inexpensive to be a viable alternative.

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No image of a location I am very acquainted with has ever looked less like it does than this image does.

Then again realism may not have been a challenge parameter. Rules are rules, not for me to say.

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On article Leica Q2 review (1654 comments in total)

They are very nice but far too many of the sample images are ill suited to the 28mm lens. Obviously it's not just me for whom that focal length is not ideal.

Those are the kind of throwaway images I would traditionally take with the phone (which I believe is about that wide). This system is not viable for me at any price point but when you consider alternatives available it makes the Q2 outright foolish.

If you want to indulge yourself get a GFX 50R with a 45mm for 5200$. When you get tired of the focal length next year buy yourself a replacement lens and start anew. It even takes JPEGS.

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I use the newest versions of all my software and after the next OS update there will be new versions for Epson as well and no going back. Elements was glitching with Mojave. PS works perfectly. I see why some people want to use old software but their reasons just don't apply to me. No DNG and no apps or 3d party programs that do not shake hands with newer editions of PS.

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FrithjofA: What a magic. Sales psychology 101 with no effect. The store can charge 100$ the state charges (lets say 5% sales tax) 5$ and the store gives you a 5$ "tax rebate" (B&H way). Or the store charges 95.24$ the state charges 4.76$ sales tax and at the checkout you pay 100$ (european way).

Question: what do you play at the end? Exactly: 100$. In detail: the dealer price is enlarge by the implicit sales tax such that you can get the rebate and be happy for cheating the state although B&H complies with the law!

Sales taxes are used for roads, law enforcement, courts and infrastructure which make even a mail order store operating to begin with since without road, there is no shipping of the warehouse. People always misunderstand "taxes" as state robbery instead for appreciating what service is provided to the community.

Those taxes which sound so rational being collected and used for roads and street lights for everyone are also being used to promote a social agenda that many citizens disagree with i.e. providing free health services, legal services, housing , K-12 and collegiate educations to foreign nationals in the country illegally.

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