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sh10453: "that's $11,000 off the original retail price."
This tells you how unreasonable the original price was, and how incompetent the Sales and Marketing departments are.
Pure greed.
This is still the price of TWO Pentax MF cameras, and some change.
This company cannot survive unless they rethink their pricing, and be reasonable.

You cannot survive if your customer base can be counted on your 10 fingers.
You need some mass-purchasing power.

I wish my car dealer would've dropped the original price of my SUV by $11,000.

Whole world is greedy!
Other companies also are greedy - selling their products offering us overpriced products.
They are mostly double or triple more of the real price.
For example - if Canon 1Dx Mark II costs 6000$, real price is 2000$
People in hotel business offering rooms for 300-400$ per night where real price is less than 50$ are even more greedy.
Thats how this world is. Or as my grandmother was saying: "No matter how you turn yourself - your ass will still be on backside". With other words - you are screwed anyhow, this or that way (no need of that N. Korea bomb, as someone mentioned down in the comments).

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SushiEater: Anybody wants to buy my wife so I can jump to a medium format?

It depends how does she look like :)

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Martin Datzinger: Many of my personal boxes ticked, congratulations! However, no on-sensor PDAF is a dealbreaker for me. I don't care about video AF, but if LV AF stays as useless as it is on my D810 (and before that the D600 and D7000), I won't upgrade. The nice tilting screen makes this omission only harder to tolerate, as it is an incentive to shoot at other perspectives than eye-level. Undoubtedly a great camera, just not an upgrade option for me.

Correct! Why all these famous brands embarrassing themselves?!
Why they can not do the things with style and offer everything in one model (at least in their best model in the line).
For example - Nikon does not have 4K full frame DSLR with 60fps
Canon best DSLR - 1dx mark 2 have huge files and crop factor as well no 2 super fast slots...
Then - why there is still NO any full frame DSLR splash resistant and sinking resistant?
Why NO DSLR operating on 60+ degrees as well on minus 50?
And so on...
But they want 15-20k dollars (bodies, lenses and other equipment) for their products.
With that price I can buy 3 room apartment in EU. Lol.
Such a shame!

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My results are:
Sony 29 (7 maximum scores)
Canon 22 (4 maximum scores)
Nikon 21 (1 maximum score)

Before the test, I was almost sure Nikon will be my winner, but I was surprised with the last place.

When it comes to the video - Nikon is terrible!
Canon has slightly better video quality than Sony Alpha 9.
If I need to buy one of these 3 today, I know which one I definitely not gonna buy - Nikon D5 :)

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JeanPierre Thibaudeau: Simple:
The ones with the warmest colour is Nikon
The ones with a slight greenish cast is Canon
The othera are obviously Sony

My result (blind pick before the above conclusion):
Sony: 29
Nikon: 22
Canon: 21

So Sony produce the best jpeg colours. Too bad there wasn't an Olympus camera as a fourth choice...

My result is almost the same with yours :)
Sony 29 (7 maximum scores)
Canon 22 (4 maximum scores)
Nikon 21 (1 maximum score)

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