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Brad Bohland: Swiss Army knives killed the screwdriver and now they're coming for the pliers.

The difference is that people don't really carry Swiss army knives with them everyday. Certainly the people who I know don't. On the other hand, everyone has a phone with them...

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I agree with the article and I do believe that low level ILC's are in danger. I also agree that there are things that the smartphone camera cannot do well (a point made in the article that dissenters seem to have missed), but based on the advancement of the smartphone, I am confident that these issues will be addressed.

And for those who say their smartphone cameras produce photos that are not even close to those of their entry-level ILCs, I think the comparison should be made with the current generation of flagship smartphones. In the past year and a bit, there has been a massive leap in the quality of smartphone photos, with auto-HDR (without any noticeable lag) the norm. I was skeptical too, but my mind recently changed when I bought the HTC U11.

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mxx: "once smartphones can do a reasonably good imitation of things "

No thanks. Why would I want fake photographs?

But real bokeh is hardly real in any case. My eyes don't see blurry backgrounds behind people in real life (with my glasses on at least). When people take long-exposures and makes water and clouds blurry, that's hardly real too. When people take wildlife pics with their super-duper telephotos, that's hardly real too because our eyes only see these animals as small dots. As others have said above, I like to think of ooc photos as an interpretation of reality, rather than reality per se. So in this sense, I'm not philosophically opposed to the computational developments of smartphone cameras.

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Triplet Perar: 1. Lower price comes at a great cost.
2. Devices communicate wirelessly these days.
3. If I don't know my needs in advance, I am no pro and will upgrade like an amateur.
4. Clean screen free from finger prints is required for optimal and accurate work.
5. GPUs come and go. But software stability and support is essential.

1. ?
2. No they don't. How do you transfer your photos and video to your computer? Wirelessly?
3. Needs change over time, and the the performance of modern devices degrade over time. Having the option of upgrading components is better than to upgrade by buying a new machine outright.
4. You are correct. But it is not difficult to clean the screen. I've never heard a complaint about people opting for a non-touchscreen phone because they would need to clean fingerprints from it.
5. GPU performance and stability is critical. Software stability does not compensate for bad GPU or bad GPU drivers. Not that Windows is unstable.

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FLruckas: Sort of an exercise in silliness....

Languages evolve....

How many words are pronounced one way in their native language and way different in another....

Nikon is a great example.....

Nigh con .... Knee con .....

And if it's pronounced differently often enough the correct sound in the dictionary changes to the current version....

The vernacular becomes the accepted.....

That's how languages work...

Just like the meaning of words....

Ever heard of Kleenex, aspirin....?

So silly...

This article is two days early.....

It's not April 1 yet.....


I don't disagree with what you are saying, but I think "Nikon" is a bad example. There is in fact a definitive way to say Nikon. It is a Japanese company and it is only fair that the correct way to pronounce it is as the Japanese would

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yomasa: Nice write up, But you are comparing the GFX 50S to the strengths of Three other cameras, Where the GFX 50S encompasses those strengths in one body. The lenses will come with time.

I don't think those (faster) lenses will come for MF. Large aperture lenses for a larger format will simply be much larger and probably unweildy. I think that is the main reason that these faster lenses don't exist already for MF. It's not like lens-makers don't understand that a faster lens is more attractive...

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The gannet photo... really nice and my pick from the lot. But I can't help but think of the danger the photographer put himself in with all the gannets diving at full speed from above. Makes me all the more appreciative of this photo

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Love the rules:
1. Don't be a troll.
2. Don't be a troll.
3. Don't be a troll.

Yet the trolls amongst us won't be reading these rules.

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bullfinchphoto: MacBook Pro was actually made mainly for a Pro users (its price was higher comparing to MacBook), e.g. professional photographers, artists, and designers. Pro photographers used to have CF cards in their cameras, no use of SD card slot. So, what to complain about? And who is still using SD cards slot? Another point, when Apple removed FireWire port, any noise in social media? And CD-reader? Please stop complaining, there many other laptops on the market with SD slots and USBs you all love, who knows what they need will buy new MBPro without any grumbling.

"And who is still using SD cards slot?"
"Plenty of professionals will be using SD cards with Nikon D800's and the like."
"Don't really care about the Nikon users, they have already made their choice"

Interesting conversation...

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matthew saville: Further proof that no self-respecting landscape photographer should ever be caught dead with a Mefoto in the outdoors. Any company that sells a tripod with the center column permanently fixed in the extended position AND with a center column extender, ....I cringe when I see someone in the field with one...

Sorry I'm not too sure what you are trying to say from your post. I'm guessing you have a problem with the centre column in tripods being able to extend/contract. Not too sure what you mean by the centre column being permanently fixed in the extended position. I own the Mefoto Roadtrip, and the centre column does not extend/contract, as you imply, but the single column can be adjusted higher or lower. The default position of the centre column is 'extended', as it needs to be for the legs to fold up. If this is what you are referring to, I think it's unfair criticism of the tripod, but rather should be of the tripod-user who uses the tripod with the centre column at its highest position. In any case, I don't see anything wrong with being able to adjust the height of the centre column, given that there is always the option of using it at its lowest position.

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Can someone explain to me how the 'dot' metric works. 1400*1050 pixels = 1,470,000 pixels. How is this 4.41 million dots?

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andersf: So shooting raw+jpg and sending the jpg is ok, but shooting raw, applying a quick fix such as +1 EV and then sending the jpg is not? How would they even know this? It can be done in camera!

What's the difference between shooting the RAW to have a one stop margin, versus e.g shooting 3 jpgs directly in a +/-1 EV bracket?

It feels like a very roundabout way of saying "send us the pictures quick and don't edit too much".

To quote the DPR article:

"The list of acceptable adjustments includes cropping (as long as journalistic integrity is maintained), minor use of levels and curves adjustments, minor brightness and contrast adjustments, and downsizing photos to fit 3500 pixels longest edge."

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dwill23: You must not have ever shot pro sports work. I've shot 100s of NCAA football games all around the country and a little less than 50 NFL games. This by far doesn't make me a pro like other who've shot 1000s of NFL games, but it doesn't take that experience to know that the best shots have completely buttery out of focus background.

These shots look like what parents get at HS games. Distracting in focus backgrounds.

This is not to say if you put a 400 f2.8 on that thing it couldn't hold it's own, but until then you can't compare the two.

"it doesn't take that experience to know that the best shots have completely buttery out of focus background."

Surely you're talking more about the lens than the photographer? And who says you need buttery backgrounds to make good sports photos?

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trulandphoto: "a lot of pros may be wondering: 'if I ditch my DSLR for some of the advanced AF features the a7R II offers, will I be sacrificing low-light AF performance?'"

I sincerely doubt that. Only in DPReview world would such a question be asked.

How much is Amazon paying Sony?

Why should Amazon be paying Sony?

That aside, why do you doubt something that you have no reason to doubt? I've certainly not used an A7Rii, but when all the things said on the internet by various review sites and users stack up, maybe there's some merit there.

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On article Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras (447 comments in total)

This is hardly news for anyone who follows Sony. Sony's focus has been on full frame since the first A7(r) was released. It's not to say they got rid of their APS-C bodies altogether.

As a user of an APS-C E-mount body, am I concerned about their shift in focus? Not really, other than that it means my current APS-C lenses lose much more resale value than I would've liked.

Does it mean that there are fewer lenses to for me to use? NO. Remember (especially to those moaning about lenses) that FE lenses can still be used on APS-C bodies. And they work great. Love my newly acquired FE 28 and FE 70-200 on my NEX 5R.

Why are people so negative? Have no clue. Misinformed fanboys maybe?

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On article Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras (447 comments in total)
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Thorgrem: So APS-C e-mount is good as dead. The last APS-C lens came in 2013....

You probably know this already, but errrr... FE lenses can be used on APS-C bodies. I already use the FE 28 and FE 70-200 on my NEX 5R and it's nothing short of amazing. In a sense I'm actually glad Sony doesn't release any more APS-C lenses - there's no need to!

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (732 comments in total)
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Martinka: Why do you always stop for a while before taking the shot? This is not a typical usage of AF-C, so this test is more or less useless.

I agree with your point. I suppose he just needs a moment or two to get his framing right

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On article HTC introduces the RE digital camera (102 comments in total)
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Joseph Mama: Wait... what the actual hell IS this supposed to be for anyways?

How is this better than say.. a smartphone camera? Oh wait...its actually found a way to be WORSE due to fixed focus and dinky sensor. And no zoom.
All the disadvantages of a lower end smartphone, but you gain... um... ok what exactly DO you gain?

I'm guessing there is absolutely no need to focus. Small sensor and lens at 6.5mm FF equivalent indicates very deep DOF.

Link | Posted on Oct 9, 2014 at 22:39 UTC
On article Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers (152 comments in total)

While it doesn't seem like the main intention, I see this as a way around having mis-focused images, or having missed a shot because the autofocus was too slow. Being able to correct for focus after-the-fact does indeed make things much simpler and more convenient.

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (332 comments in total)
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instamatic: Insertable cartridges? Could it be that this camera will have replaceable sensor modules? Perhaps user-replaceable? That would be super nice and quite innovative.

mgblack... it's April 2 already where I am...

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